Anime girl jumping in the air

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The act of jumping with impossible feats. A subtrope of Not Quite Flight. It's also apparently a power you can get through martial arts - see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for theatrical tree-hopping not to mention balancing on the tips of branches that couldn't support a squirrel. This trope is based on an actual technique for jumping higher employed in some martial arts, although not to the extent usually shown in media.

Basically, you attach weights to your legs, get used to jumping to your current normal height with the weights, then take the weights off. This tends to appear less in modern times; superpowered characters who want to, say, surmount Tall Buildings are more likely to be capable of true flight. However, in the earlier ages of Comic Books and even some new characters often feature high jumping as opposed to flight.

Superman himself was a jumper before flying became an iconic feature of his. If you're an anime character, however, you'll be able to do this effortlessley without any trainingmost of the time. Also related to, and may be used to attain the high ground. Contrast with Le Parkourwhich relies on a combination of climbing and running to achieve the sameand Stepping Stones in the Sky. DCU :. Marvel Universe :. Asura is able to launch himself with the inertia of his own attacks. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

Anime girl jumping in the air

You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Aku: You can fly?! Jack: No. Jump good.

Anime girl jumping in the air

Anime and Manga. From Beyblade we have Mystel who appears to flow in the air when he jumps. Also Kai is called out by Kenny in the manga because of his crazy jumping ability. Somewhat weird example Pinoco from Black Jack has frequently demonstrated the ability to leap more than 3 times her own height - which is, of course, necessary for her to properly Glomp the titular character. It gets stranger when you remember that her body is mostly artificial, making her a good deal heavier than a normal person to the point where she sinks like a rock in waterand while being partially cybernetic would generally be a justificationBlack Jack generally treats replacement limbs with a decent degree of realism.

Considering Pinoco's uber-squicky origin, however, nobody really wants to dig into her physical capabilities too much When she was spoilered for squick a teratomashe was telepathic. Maybe it just changed forms. In Blue Exorcist the resident Anti-Antichrist Rin appears to be fond of using this, going off like a rocket. It most likely is a family trait, since his half-brother and full demon Amaimon has been shown doing crazy jumps himself. In Brave10all the Ninja characters can leap massive distances using tiny perching points in between. In Cardcaptor Sakura Anime girl jumping in the air, the titular heroine is able to do this thanks to the Jump Card.

Li Xiaolang is also shown to do this often, albeit without much explanation other than vague martial arts skills. And, to be fair, he also has magical abilities. A Certain Magical Index : Accelerator can do this, either by amplifying his vertical motion vector He can fly too, but jumping really high is a lot simpler flight involves mini-tornadoes and lots of complex wind vector calculations.

Ellis from Anime girl jumping in the air Cazador de la Bruja does this a lot, usually leaving her bodyguard, Nadie, in the dust. The titular warriors from Claymore can jump really, really high. Clare, who's supposedly the weakest of all, can do some serious Roof Hoppingwhereas Teresa, supposedly the strongest, can jump several kilometers in one leap.

They can also, inexplicably, have extended conversations while hanging in the air. In the Darker Than Black manga adaptation, one contractor gets super strong legs. She immediately demonstrates this trope. She also can kick people apart. DearSjustified in that the DearS have gravity-manipulation abilities. This sort of thing was commonplace in Dragon Ball before they introduced actual flying to the series. A particularly good example is during the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai, where Goku and Namu attack each other while falling from the sky after jumping so high.

Even Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't avert this trope. It's especially apparent with the Xingese characters. Fushigi Yuugi exhibits this trope, from Tamahome who leaps up to the top of a very high palace wall and even leaps over cars in heavy trafficto Tasuki who chases the person they first believed to be Chiriko but is really the Seiryuu Seishi Amiboshi in disguise across the city from roof to roof with Tamahometo Kutou spies. The Twilight of Gangsta. The dogs from Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin have jumped over plenty of gorges, usually succeeding with one leap.

Just see how stunned they looked when they see a puppy fly over the gorge! Gin's son Weed does this too in Ginga Densetsu Weed. Old Man Smith almost fails this, but he gets saved by Ken and Kagetora just in time. The girls from Gunslinger Girl can jump very high, as exemplified by both Henrietta and Triela. Henrietta actually performs this feat most impressively to chase someone on a scooter after he steals her purse. In the first episode of Heroic AgeBelcross jumps from the ground into orbit to attack a Bronze tribe hive ship. In a nod to the physics that would actually be involved in something like this, Belcross kicks a crater probably a kilometer wide into the ground when he jumps.

Neferpitou instead uses her insanely powerful leg strength to launch herself to where she wants to be. In both shows, many characters hop onto a roof like it's no big deal. The title character of Inuyasha makes huge jumps that rise and fall so slowly he appears to be lifted by an updraft and gliding down which would explain the gust of wind whenever he does this.

Justified for InuYasha in that he is a Half-Human Hybrid who's the son of a dog youkai who was capable of flight. It's observed in-universe that he runs like he's flying. In other words, he's not so much jumping as gliding because gliding is a way of being half-way between running or jumping and flying.

Anime girl jumping in the air

In JoJo's Bizarre AdventureJotaro sometimes uses the leg power of his Stand to propel himself into the air, which works almost as well as flight. Fate of Lyrical Nanoha. As revealed in a dodgeball game in the second season's supplementary mangaher "normal", non-magical jump reaches many times her height and has excellent hang-time.

Unfortunately, all of that made her an airborne sitting duck for Suzuka's return throw. My Hero Academia : All Might is regularly seen employing huge jumps to get around. This naturally means that, Izuku Midoriya, who inherited his Quirk, One For Allis also capable of this, although he can't jump as far since he's still working his way up to being able to handle One for All's full power. In addition because the Super Strength power of One For All is strong enough to create powerful blasts of windboth of them are able to achieve Not Quite Flight by punching or kicking while in the air and allowing the momentum of the blast to propel them in the opposite direction.

Tsuyu Asui is a frog girl thanks to her Quirk, and she naturally has the trope as part of her abilities. Kazuho Haneyama in the spinoff series My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has this as her quirk, being able to leap great distances as long as she has a solid surface to jump off of.

In Narutothis is especially noticeable when Anime girl jumping in the air are leaping through the treetops. As this is usually a prime opportunity for exposition, a character can remain airbound in a mostly horizontal leap for upwards of ten seconds before touching down on another branch. Seen here in Negima! Magister Negi Magi combined with Roof Hopping. Setsuna taught Asuna how to do it sometime before the School Festival.

It can apparently reach levels similar to Flight. Neon Genesis Evangelionwhere the Eva units make some mighty impressive leaps. Example: Eva Unit 2 jumping from ship to ship. Just try the Evangelion mod for UT, I dare you. Specifically, the "Racing" power mode. NinkuAicho is the sky captain but often has to use his amazing leap talents for ferrying people on his back when they need to cover major ground. One Piece : An honorable mention must go to Action Girl Nami, who does a series of long jumps over city building to reach to her captain, who is stuck between two buildings, while a storm is impending.

A more true example is Brook. Having died once and come back as a skeletonBrook has all of Anime girl jumping in the air strength he did before, but without the mass of those pesky muscles, organs, and skin weighing him down; this in him having amazing speedthe ability to run on water and, more importantly for this trope, the ability to jump distances that are impressive even by One Piece standards. One of his earlier scenes has him getting thrown from near the top of a fairly tall building, only to jump right back up to play Big Damn Heroes to Robin and Franky.

Pedro and Carrot, two members of the Mink tribe are able to jump huge distances; Carrot can even change her direction mid-jump, almost to the point of gliding. Pedro in particular earned his Red Baron "Pedro of the Treetops" thanks to the trope, as he often perches himself in tall places to scout the area. One-Punch Man : Saitama might not be able to fly, but his preposterous Super Strength allows him jumps that more than make up for it.

Like the time he literally got punched to the Moon, and just jumped back to Earth. The weird part is the character of the day had a Metagross that had to help him down with telekinesis. Why didn't they just have it toss him up there in the first place? To varying extents in Pretty Cure. Pretty Cure 5 actually established that the Cures on that show, at least, have an upper limit, and need assistance to get any higher.

Speaking of Pretty Curethere's also the yearly Running Gag tradition of the lead Cure having no idea that they can jump incredibly high and getting shocked at how high she can actually jump in Cure form shortly after their first transformation. In The Red Ranger Becomes an Adventurer in Another WorldRed can leap 30 meters as Kizuna Redand can leap even further and faster with the help of his Turbo Engine, covering a half day's travel by wyvern in two hours.

During this time, he's moving so fast that he doesn't even notice that he flew right through three giant flying monsters, covering Idola in their guts. Rurouni Kenshin : Kenshin - and many other characters in the series - can jump so high in a single bound they leave the vision of mere mortals. At least once Kenshin saves a character from falling off a cliff by jumping down after them, overtaking themgrabbing them and leaping back up from the bottom of the cliff.

Sailor Moon : Yep, occasionally you can see the Sailor Senshi do this. Minako is particularly notable, as she once pulled it without transformingwith Usagi's Dull Surprise implying it's a somewhat common occurrence.

In Samurai 7the samurai express improbable leaping prowess necessary to enable them to take down Nobuserai the size of houses. A of characters in Senki Zesshou Symphogear are improbably athletic, but Hibiki stands out a bit in that her jumps are mechanically assisted. When she needs to jump higher or further, her Symphogear can grow a set of boot-mounted pistons that send her flying with much greater force.

The Tokyo Mew Mew anime takes it to ridiculous extents. Besides incredible jumping abilities, sometimes the girls are actually given hovering powers so they can keep up with their flight-capable enemies. This makes one wonder where this leaves Mew Mint, the only member of the team that is supposed to be able to fly. Yona of the Dawn : Whoever holds the power of the Green Dragon will have a scaly, green, right leg with incredible strength that allows them to jump vast distances and almost appear to be flying. They also can apparently enlarge their legs, however it has never been shownbut in battle Green Dragons typically use their power to kick their enemies, traverse the battlefield or jump onto their opponents.

The current Dragon, Jae-ha, frequently uses this power in combination with throwing knives to rain blades from the sky. Unfortunately, in the past, the Green Dragon village was attacked by people seeking the power, so to prevent the knowledge from spreading, Green Dragons were chained up and the Dragons would be tasked with preventing their successors from escaping.

This was not good for them emotionally due to the nature of their power. Jae-ha was even abused by his predecessor for the majority of his childhood until he finally escaped. Comic Books. Technically, any character with Super Strength should have this as a bonus, assuming the surface they launch from doesn't crumble under the sudden downward force.

Anime girl jumping in the air

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