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EMlL E. Pei-tics, Lapaz, Ind. Filed May 22,Ser. Therefore, it is the primary object of this invent-ion to provide an automatic self-propelled devicewhich will harvest berries [from bushes with rapidity and a high percent-agewof collection without substantial injury to the berries, and with minimum requirement for manual labor.

A further object is to provide a device of this character which has novel means [for icking berries irom a bush and discharging them upon a collecting mechanism for delivery to a collection receptacle. A further object is to provide a device of this character having novel means for shaking a berry-containing bush as it passes the bush, and novel means for retrieving discharged berries and directing them to a collection receptacle.

A :further object is to provide a device of this character consisting of a self-propelled vehicle adapted to straddle bushes in a row and having freely rotatable finger-bearing members which are subject to vibration and which contact the branches of a bush as it moves therepast in such a way as to impart to the bush vibration to release berries from the bush without damaging the bush by breaking of branches therefrom. A further object is to provide a device of this character having a novel berry-collecting mechanism wherein two sets of pivoted collection pans are mounted at a low level to engage the lower portion of a bush below the branches thereof and to receive thereon berries discharged from the bush, said collection receptacles directing berries collected thereon to a berry-collecting conveyor and being successively sh-iftable as they contact a bush to avoid injury to the bush, while maintaining minim-um free space through which berries may pass to the ground.

Other objects will be apparent from the rfollowing specification. Referring to the drawings, and particularly to FIGS. The front of the chassis 22 is supported by a dirigible wheeled structure. As here shown, this structure includes a-pair of laterally spaced tubular members 30 projecting downwardly from the chassis Berry picker as fuck and having journaled therein elongated vertical shafts 32 at whose iower ends are mounted fork members Berry picker as fuck which journal and support from wheels The front wheels have spring suspension, here shown as a coil spring 38 encircling each shaft 32 and bearing at its lower end upon the upper end orf the associated fork member and at its upper end engaging the lower end of the tubular member The chassis mounts an engine 40, an opera-tors seat 42, and various drive mechanisms actuated by controls 44 adjacent to the operators seat.

The engine 40 operates the pump 58 which supplies pressure to the iiquid in the reservoir The engine also actuates 1 drive "transmission means 60 of any suitable character adapted to actuate an axle 62 journ-aled in an axle housing 64 and in bearings 66 carried by opposite sides of the chassis Adjacent each end the axle 62 mounts a sprocket upon which is trained a drive chain Each chain 68 is in turn trained around a sprocket carried by the adjacxent rear axle member 26 and preferably positioned between the two rear wheels 28, as seen in FIG.

A pair of laterally spaced front vertical adjustable members 70 are positioned adjacent to the front steering wheels 36 at opposite sides of the device and are preferably supported as best illustrated in FIG. One adjusting mechanism is illustrated in FIG. A secondv arm 78 of Berry picker as fuck bellcrank has pivotally connected thereto at 80 a power member, such as the end of a piston rod 82 of a double-acting hydraulic power member 84 which in turn is pivoted at 86 to another member 23 of the chassis.

The upper end of each adjustor member 70 is provided with a suitable guide 88 carried by chassis frame part Each front upright member supports the front end of an elongated conveyor frame which preferably includes spaced longitudinal frame members 92 and end members Rollers 96 are journaled at the opposite ends of the conveyor frame 90 and have a conveyor belt 98 trained therearound. The conveyor frames 90 are located inwardly of the wheels, as best seen in FIG. Any suitable means may be provided to operate the conveyors and, as illustrated in FIGS.

The rear portion of the conveyor frame 90 is supported from an inner rear frame part 25 on which is vertically adjustably mounted a vertical support member carrying a lateral arm upon which is pivoted a transverse tube fixed to the rear of the conveyor frame 96 to accommodate vertical adjustment of the conveyor frame 90 incident to change in the elevation of the front conveyor support member At its rear end the carrier mounts an outwardly projecting low level container or receptacle support for a receptacle not shown and the conveyor frame also mounts deflecting members adjacent to the receptacle support for diverting berries at the rear end of the belt laterally to chute members extending to a position above the receptacle support Each conveyor frame 90 serves as a means to support a guard Each guard consists of an elongated plate anchored at its front end to the front of a frame 90 and projecting thereabove.

Berry picker as fuck

The front of the guard at is curved outwardly to extend around the upper portion of the adjacent steering wheel The guard passes outwardly of the front and rear wheels, and its rear part is bent inwardly around the rear wheels 28 to be anchored to the conveyor frame 90 forwardly of the receptacle support It will be seen that the guards serve as means to deflect branches of bushes in adjacent rows as the device travels along in a path straddling the bushes in an intervening row.

Thus the guards minimize damage to adjacent bushes, while at the same time leaving open the space above the conveyor and between the wheels 36 for purposes to be described. The inner longitudinal member 92 of each frame also mounts a longitudinal guard or bumper bar spaced from member 92 and adapted to extend for selected part of the length of the conveyor frame 92 at the front end thereof for the purpose of contacting and deflecting the branches of a bush from which berries are being picked, that is, from the bush which is being straddled by the device.

The conveyor frame may also support one or Berry picker as fuck bushdeflector bars bent upwardly and inwardly from the front part of the conveyor frame and extending for a selected portion of the length of the frame. At the front of each conveyor frame is preferably mounted an inclined tray projecting forwardly of the frame with its rear overlying the front of the conveyor belt 98 so that the berries which fall adjacent the front of the conveyor frame may be collected and directed to the conveyor belt.

The inner longitudinal frame member 92 of each conveyor frame 90 at longitudinally spaced intervals at the front portion thereof mounts a plurality of inclined journal tubes The tubes incline downwardly and rearwardly at a small angle, as best seen in FIG. The collector plates project inwardly from the conveyor frame bumper bar, as seen in FIG. The collector plates are preferably provided with upturned marginal flanges of substantially U- shape form and plan, as seen in FIG. The collector plates are tilted at a slight angle forwardly and downwardly thereof with respect to the direction of travel of the device, and also outwardly and downwardly thereof so as to cause berries, which Berry picker as fuck thereon, to be diverted thereby to roll onto the conveyor belt This arrangement permits the partial overlapping arrangement of the platesas illustrated in FIGS.

Also, it will be seen that the amount of deflection of the plates is limited to that required by the shape of each individual bush, and that the rounded up-turned flange minimizes the possibility of injury or damage of the branches of the bush by the edges of the plate which engage it. Each conveyor frame 90 at the outer portion thereof preferably mounts a vertical frame structureas illustrated in FIG. The frame preferably mounts a plurality of vertically spaced longitudinally extending downwardly and inwardly inclined deflector plates which are spaced apart and also spaced preferably from the frame parts 98 and The vertical side structurespreferably include upper and lower brackets substantially mid-length of the vertical frame and serving to journal the upper and lower ends of a shaft which is inclined downwardly and inwardly as best seen in FIG.

Each shaft is journaled in the supports and is power driven. Thus at the upper end of each shaft may be mounted a pulley around which is trained a drive belt in turn driven by a pulley on a motorsuch as a hydraulic motor, which is operated under the control of a valve At a plurality of vertically spaced points along the length thereof each shaft mounts a bearing which may include an outer race upon which is secured at its lower end :a plate which in turn serves to secure a deflector plate or disk having a rounded downturned marginal portionas best seen in FIG.

Each of the deflector plates is thus free to rotate or to remain stationary, depending upon the condition of an object, such as a branch of a bush which it engages. Further, it will be seen that any berries which may fall thereon are deflected outwardly thereby so as to fall free of the mechanism to be described, which is positioned immediately below each deflector plate. Each deflector plate will preferably be located above one of the inclined deflector plates on the frame so that any berries falling therefrom at the outer portion of the mechanism, that is outwardly of the conveyor frame, will be deflected inwardly toward the conveyor frame by the plates for ultimate collection upon the conveyor Free rotating or idler vibratory bush-shaking units or assemblies are located immediately below the respective deflector disks and are of the construction best seen in FIGS.

Each of the vibrator units is characterized by an eccentrically mounted cam disk fixed to the shaft in spaced relation below a deflector disk as by means of a set screw Immediately above Berry picker as fuck cam disk is mounted the inner race of one or more bearings whose outer races carry a disk or plate The plate mounts a plurality of depending members in equispaced relation to each other adjacent the circumference of the platesuch means preferably constituting a cap screw whose head bears upon the plate and whose shank projects downwardly therefrom.

Each cap screw has a lower portion which journals a carrier which is preferably in the nature of a segment of a circular member. Each carrier preferably includes a journal sleeve and is retained in place by a releasable retainersuch as a nut threaded on the shank of the cap screw Each carrier has an inwardly projecting narrow arm portion extending adjacent to the cam disk and mounting a pivot membersuch as a cap screw projecting upwardly from arm and journaling a roller engaging cam disk and serving as a cam follower.

Each carrier has an abutment projecting upwardly therefrom, and each carrier arm has an abutment projecting upwardly therefrom. An expansion coil spring is interposed between abutments and The springs are so oriented, as best seen in FIG. Each of the carriers preferably includes a plurality of spaced outwardly diverging clamp memberssuch as elongated sleeves which are preferably positioned substantially radially with respect to the shaft Each carrier clamp may include lock means, such as set screwsfor firmly but detachably mounting therein the inner end portion of an elongated vibrator bush-contacting arm The vibrator arms are preferably elongated spring metal bars 'whose tips preferably extend outwardly beyond the circumference of the deflector disks a predetermined distance.

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In the preferred arrangement the arms will be of a length so that those of the lower sets will have their tips spaced only, a slight distance, as seen in FIG. It will be apparent that as the device traverses a row of bushes. The supporting means for the finger carriers is journaled freely relative to the shaft so that it is notrotated thereby through any direct means and may either rotate therewith or be held against rotation. Thus as the device moves to bring the fingered rotary idling units into contact with the opposite sides of a bush and the branches thereof, the fingers may be turned or swung by the branches so as to fit into or project into the bush.

This in minimum injury to the bush with respect to breakage of the branches of the bush and also with respect to scaling, cutting or tearing of the bark or sheath of each branch contacted. At the same time, it permits the fingers to come into intimate contact with the branches at spaced points and at several elevations. This intimate multiple point contact is important by virtue of the transmission to the branches of vibratory motion which is imparted to the fingers by the finger carriers by reason of the engagement of the rollers with the cam disk by the pressure exerted by the springs Consequently, the rotor fingers transmit vibration to substantial portions of the bush at different elevations and at both sides thereof.

Fingers freely change their position or orientation relative to the bush as required by the traveling movement of the device and as permitted by the free rotation of the individual finger groups upon the respective shafts The arrangement permits effective shaking of all portions of each of the two Berry picker as fuck of a bush so as to cause a high percentage of the.

Berry picker as fuck

If desired, one or more rotary vibration transmitting units may be mounted upon the chassis 22 in a manner to engage the upper portions of bushes. Such an arrangement is illustrated in FIGS. Shaft carries one or more disksas ly described, with which are associated rockably carriers for vibrating projecting fingers I prefer to utilize two such sets of vibrating rotors, as illustrated in FIG.

In some instances it may be desired to provide bush deflecting means for assuring that all portions of a bush are brought close to the vibrating sets of fingers, and. This construction entails the mounting of rigid longitudinally spaced depending supports upon the chassis 22 with the front support member extending forwardly relative to the adjacent sets of fingers and with the rear member preferably positioned rearwardly of the shafts and therebetween.

A bush divider or deflector may includea leading part of triangular shape in side elevation and preferably formed by a pair of inclined triangular plates projecting forwardly from the front support and inclined at a downwardly diverging angle to each other.

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The lower margin of the deflector spreader may preferably be headed or rolled inwardly to avoid sharp edges along the lower margin of the deflector. The rear deflector portion preferably flares rearwardly from the rear of the front portion and may be formed by a pair of plates extending at an angle to each other and interconnected by a bottom plateas shown in FIG.

The arrangement is such that the spreaders andwhose elevation may be adjusted at will by any means found suitable but not shown will be caused to enter the upper portions of the bushes in the row being traversed by the device, so as to spread the upper portion of the bushes and-deflect each laterally, as seen in FIG.

In the event it is desired to increase the protection to the lower parts ofthe bushes which are engaged by the collector platesa construction such as illustrated in FIGS. In this construction, the collect-or plates ' areof substantially the same construction as the plates ly described and are mounted upon carriers to swing Berry picker as fuck inclined journalsas ly described. The central portion of each plate is preferably reinforced by a member at its of a rotary member having radiating spokes and a smooth circular rim The rim is preferably of a diameter such that it projects slightly beyond or outwardly of the upturned marginal flange ' of the collector plate ', and the rim is positioned adjacent to the flange ', that is, slightly thereabove.

The arrangement is such that the rotor rim is free to turn as it contacts the lower portion of a bush and thus avoids rubbing contact of the marginal portions of the collector plates with the bush. In the use of the device one man can operate the equip ment with the assistance of one or two men who can handle the containers or receptacles by removing filled receptacles from the support and replacing them with empty receptacles, and with the further assistance of helpers to collect the filled receptacles.

Alternatively, small trailers may be used trailing the equipment at each side thereof onto which filled receptacles can be placed and from which a supply of empty receptacles can be taken by workers. The rapidity with which the machine travels will far exceed the rapidity Berry picker as fuck which crews of hand pickers may strip bushes of fruit or berries by present methods, and the thoroughness of the picking will usually substantiallly exceed the thoroughness with which hand pickers function.

In this connection, in blueberry cultivation. The recruitment of such workers, their maintenance during limited harvest periods, and their lack of concern for or sense of responsibility to avoid injury to bushes are all avoided when this device is utilized. It will be apparent that the operator of the device, when mounted upon the seat 42, has a clear view of the row of bushes which the machine traverses, so that he can steer the equipment accurately to accomplish the berry-picking operation with minimum prospect of injury to the bushes.

The provision of guardsand minimizes engagement and breakage of plants or bushes. The deflection means with the swinging collector platesthe deflectors and the belt conveyors 98 accomplish a high precentage of retention of berries which are released from the bushes by the operation of the device, and are so positioned as to insure minimum damage to the product and to the bushes. The freely rotatable radial vibrating arms enter into a bush at multiple points so as to effectively vibrate the bush and minimize injury to the bush while accommodating the position of the vibrating element to the limb or branch arrangement in the bush and to the speed of advance of the vehicle.

All of these features result in a device of superior utility for its intended purpose, Berry picker as fuck economical and rapid performance of a harvesting operation. Because of the speed at which the apparatus can operate, the user is able to pick the fruit in a short period of time while the fruit is in optimum marketing condition and the user is thus freed from the problem of labor recruitment and maintenance and the uncertainties of weather as they affect the product as it approaches the picking stage.

While the preferred embodiment of the invention has been illustrated, it will be understood that changes in the construction may be made within the scope of the appended claims without departing from the spirit of the invention. A berry harvester, comprising a vehicle having an elevated frame adapted to straddle a bush.

A device as defined in claim 6, wherein spring means are interposed between adjacent carriers to normally spring urge a part of each carrier into contact with said ecentric disk. A vibratory bush-shaking unit adapted to be carried by a traveling berry picker and comprising a power driven rotatable shaft.

A vibratory bush-contacting unit adapted to be carried by a traveling berry picker and comprising a power driven rotatable shaft. A berry harvester as defined in claim 2, wherein said collecting means includes a plurality of tilted collector plates arranged in a row lengthwise of said vehicle in partially overlapping relation. A berry harvester as defined in claim 1, and 7 means carried by said vehicle at opposite sides thereof laterally outwardly of said vibrating units for de- 10 fleeting laterally inwardly toward said collecting means the berries dropping from said bush.

A vibratory bush-shaking unit as defined in claim 9 wherein a plurality of vibration transmitting members are pivoted on said support in substantially equi-spaced relation, each vibration transmitting member being elongated and pivoted intermediate its ends to said support with its bush-contacting means projecting outwardly from said support.

Berry picker as fuck

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Berry picker as fuck

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