Brothers sleeping in the same bed

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Children's sleep is a huge topic among the parenting community, and as a parent you've likely received your fair share of unsolicited advice about your child's bedtime routine. If you co-sleep you're accused of endangering your child, yet if you put them down in their crib you're depriving them of your affection. Rocking your child to sleep is the right thing to do according to some, while others accuse you of spoiling.

Brothers sleeping in the same bed

This tug-of-war between opinions makes it feel impossible to win as a parent. It's no wonder that when the topic of siblings sharing a room comes up, many parents are unsure how to feel. Is it okay? What do others think? Take comfort in knowing you're not alone.

We're all just flying blind and doing the best we can for the tiny humans we created and who we love more than anything.

Brothers sleeping in the same bed

To help you out, we've compiled a list of pros and cons to help you decide if you're comfortable having your children share a bed. In some non-Western cultures, bed-sharing is actually a common practice. However, U. Cribs are specifically made to ensure an infant can sleep safely.

If they are placed in a toddler or adult bed, additions such as blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals increase the likelihood of suffocation. Additionally, there is the chance that your older child might roll onto them, and your infant would not be able to move or alert their sibling that they were in trouble. These are just a few examples of the many safety risks that bed-sharing with an infant poses. According to Healthlineit is generally considered safe to begin bed-sharing once your child has reached one year of age.

As they get older, the risk continues to decrease. It's important to make sure your child can easily move, roll over, and free themselves from restraint without assistance. If your child is over a year old but has a condition that may cause them to struggle with any of these movements, it may still be unsafe for them to bed-share with a sibling.

Brothers sleeping in the same bed

If you have any doubt about safety, always consult with your child's pediatrician. There is not much literature available on the effects of siblings sharing the same bed. There is, however, a large body of research surrounding the topic of co-sleeping in general, including parents who share with one child as well as those who share with multiple children.

We've taken some grace in introducing this as a potential con, as it comes up frequently as a concern with parents who bed-share with their children. Lynelle Schneeberg, Psy. She cautions that families who share a bed often see negative bedtime behaviors as a result.

According to Schneeberg, children who are used to having an adult around at bedtime can create a sleep crutch. It seems possible that children who are used to sleeping with their sibling might develop a similar association, requiring that sibling in order to fall asleep. Additionally, children may expect and need certain interactions to fall asleep. If they are used to their sibling holding their hand or talking to them as they drift to sleep, it will be hard for them to doze off on their own without these rituals.

Brothers sleeping in the same bed

When the time comes for the siblings to sleep apart, you may find that their ability to do so independently has been impacted by their bed-sharing. If you have more than one child, you are certainly aware that no two children are created equally. You can raise them exactly the same way, but they enter this world as their own person. Some children are great sleepers from the get-go, while others amaze us with how little sleep they need to function.

It is wonderful that your children get along and want to sleep in the same bed, but consider their sleeping habits. Is one child a restless sleeper? Does the other tend to sprawl out and hog the bed? Make sure that allowing your children to bed-share won't lead to poor sleep quality and early wake times.

Brothers sleeping in the same bed

The Los Angeles Times wrote a piece on children sleeping alonequestioning why this has become the norm when historically bed-sharing was a very common practice. In his article, Reiss cites anthropologists Carol Worthman and Ryan Brown, for their argument in favor of co-sleeping societies. According to Worthman and Brown, families who co-sleep tend to be closer-knit and experience less intergenerational conflict. Additionally, while bed-sharing will likely require some compromises - who gets what side of the bed, nightlight on or off, etc.

Brothers sleeping in the same bed

There is comfort in not facing the dark alone. In having a companion to whisper to before drifting off to sleep. Bed-sharing can also be a huge source of comfort for children who feel anxious before bedtime. At a glance, there appear to be many cons and only one pro. However, take a look at each of them before making up your mind. The safety thing is, of course, non-negotiable. If it isn't safe for your children to bed-share for any reason, then you certainly shouldn't allow it.

But, everything else boils down to the individual family. Some families might value and want to encourage independence from an early age, while others trust Brothers sleeping in the same bed their children will learn independence naturally as they grow and navigate the world. Some families might have restless sleepers with a tendency to give a few hard kicks during the night, while others consist of siblings who both sleep peacefully without disturbing one another.

It is ultimately up to you to decide what works for your family. As long as it is safe, your children are happy, and you feel comfortable with your decision, that is ultimately what matters. Disclaimer: This article is not intended to act as a substitution for medical advice.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety of your child's sleeping arrangements, always reach out to a d medical professional. Sources: kidshealth. Megan is a freelance writer with a BA in English. When she isn't chasing after her one-year-old daughter, she enjoys reading, a warm cup of coffee, and staying up much later than she should to binge watch Netflix. Via Pexels. Share Share Tweet. Related Topics Parenting. Megan Marquet 53 Articles Published. Read Next in parents. What Is Chicken Blood Parenting?

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Brothers sleeping in the same bed

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