Chelsea wolfe sexy

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Follow Billboard. All rights reserved. Call her goth, metal or doom pop. Just don't call her pedestrian.

Chelsea wolfe sexy

California-based musician and songwriter Chelsea wolfe sexy Wolfe naturally defies categorization, siphoning influences as varied as NeurosisSmashing PumpkinsNine Inch Nails and Tricky into her brooding new album Hiss Spun.

The music spans distorted dirges, electronic ephemera and folksy tranquility, with her siren soprano vocals contrasting with the grittiness of the music, creating a striking contrast that has helped define her sound for many years. When Wolfe spoke with Billboardshe was in the midst of heavy rehearsals for her next U. The touring lineup includes Wolfe, drummer Jess Gowrie, bassist Ben Chisholm and a guitarist filling in for Bryan Tulao, who has been pulled away by family commitments.

Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, who guests on the new album, will them for a couple of Southern California shows. Despite creating highly personal, rather uncommercial music that embraces a dark aesthetic, Chelsea Wolfe has received some high profile recognition lately.

Chelsea wolfe sexy

And the title of said song was inspired by an essential oil scent she created for herself and wore and sold on tour a few years ago, which was a prelude for her two new products Ash and Ember Eye Soot and Enchanted Lip Sheeravailable now through Rituel de Filles.

First and foremost is the music itself. Wolfe calls her sixth studio release, Hiss Spunher rock album, even though some people have immediately deemed it metal. Goth is another tag she gets labeled with even though, visual imagery aside, she does not identify with that scene. People have come up with new tags to describe her music, such as doom pop or doom folk.

Hiss Spun was recorded by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou.

Chelsea wolfe sexy

The two met when she was asked last year to the Massachusetts metal band onstage for a few European shows to perform reworked Converge songs under the group name Blood Moon, for which she sang and played some acoustic guitar. The set up with an apartment above the studio appealed to Wolfe and reminded her of home. Wolfe considers Chisholm her co-producer because they worked closely while demoing and fleshing out the material before the studio sessions and she jammed with him and Gowrie, which is not her typical approach. Some interesting sonic bits were injected into the album. While the group was visiting her former canyon home north of L.

It's nice to create new sounds that people haven't used before. The musical and lyrical fodder for Hiss Spun arose from two reunions; one with her friend and former bandmate, drummer Jess Gowrie, and the other with her hometown of Sacramento, Chelsea wolfe sexy she lives near again. Close friends Gowrie and Wolfe were in the band Red Host a decade ago, and the drummer taught Wolfe a lot about music and helped her gain confidence as a frontwoman.

But then Wolfe departed to launch her solo project, which she says was a difficult decision to make, and the two friends did not speak for seven years. But a meeting on New Year's Eve was the catalyst to renew their friendship and rekindle their strong musical chemistry. Another personal reconnection came about when Wolfe relocated outside of Sacramento last year.

Chelsea wolfe sexy

Part of what gives Wolfe her mystique is her intensely private nature. She keeps personal matters close to the vest, although in a recent Revolver interview she opened up about a patriarchal family figure with disturbing sexual predilections who harmed the female side of her family. Wolfe was surprised by how personal her Hiss Spun lyrics became.

Chelsea wolfe sexy

She says her early, pre-studio music tackled more common concepts like breakup songs. There is something about looking back at your own life rather than writing about it as it happens that makes a little more sense to me. Many of the album's lyrics address personal views without being overt about their origins. Wolfe's last studio release, Abysshit the Top at No. As she notes, she is not getting played on the radio or being asked to do late night shows, but word of mouth is helping build her fanbase, which has resulted in Chelsea wolfe sexy slow growth that she feels comfortable with.

Because I'm doing it my own way and not adhering to one specific genre, it does make it a little bit more difficult to move forward. But I think I've done some really cool things so I'm happy. But she is not sure she could write a really good pop song. The musician needs to have that crunchiness in her tunes. Search term. Billboard Pro Subscribe In. Top Artists. Top Charts. Hot Songs. Billboard Top Videos. Top Articles. By Bryan Reesman. Copied to clipboard. Click to copy.

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Chelsea wolfe sexy

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Chelsea Wolfe on New Album 'Hiss Spun' & Tearing a Hole Through Perfection