Club discretion phoenix arizona

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The Red Couch. Some people like it sleazy. Some people like it classy. Nothing wrong with either. While visiting Phoenix, AZ this past week we decided to hit up a local notorious swingers club in Phoenix Arizona called Club Discretions. We were warned by lifestyle connections in Arizona not to waste our time with Club Discretions. So we decided to give Club Discretions the benefit of the doubt and visit ourselves to see first hand what it was like.

We only had a couple mid-week evenings available for fun time, so we decided to try it out on a Wednesday. They advertised on their website that couples were free on Wednesday with a membership, so we figured it might be ok. Honestly, we expected it to be hit or miss attendance wise.

More on that later….

Club discretion phoenix arizona

When we did call, a female answered the phone and told us about the membership fee and the free Wednesday night special. We asked about BYOB and she informed us that alcohol was not allowed into the club, but that we could go in and out as often as we wanted. We had never been to a city where a swingers club was open 7 days a week.

We thought this was interesting and, from experience, probably hard to manage. Not sure this is a plus or negative for either the club or those visiting, but worth mentioning. We turned around and saw a basic with an arrow pointing towards the back ally. This was just the beginning of the sketchiness. Definitely was cautious the moment we pulled into the back. Was not well lit and no one was there to greet us outside the club. Except… a herd of cats. Yes, you heard us right. Someone apparently takes it upon themselves to feed the local stray cats by putting food out.

There must have been at least cats that scurried outside Club Discretions when we pulled up. We honestly were worried they would jump up into our car and want us to take them home. We would have turned around and went home, but there were several cars in the parking Club discretion phoenix arizona so we decided to go inside.

This was a bit uncomfortable for us. We paid our cash only membership fee and they provided us with a laminated membership card, good for a year if we decided to come back. The fresh smell of popcorn filled the air like a circus carnival. The venue was dark, with cheesy glow-in-the-dark artwork of sex positions painted throughout the club. The furniture was clearly acquired on clearance from a local business office closure. The main dance floor consisted of a stripper pole, a few couches and a pretty decent lighting setup. Did we mention a smoke machine? Yes, they had a smoke machine going.

No one was there, but there was a smoke machine. A handful of guys were sitting at the juice bar as we passed by to get a view of the back playrooms. It appeared as if these rooms doubled as rented rooms for the local homeless on an as needed basis.

Club discretion phoenix arizona

It was too dark to really tell if anything was clean. We leaned towards the side of caution by not touching anything.

Club discretion phoenix arizona

Needless to say, there was no way my wife was going to fuck anyone [including ME! We always give the club, party a chance to heat up so we give it at least 30 mins to hang out and see if anything happens. So we grabbed a table and sat by the DJ booth. Nothing that would have made us get up and shake our ass though. Not even the single men. There was another female assistant at the bar that served up soda and CBD drinks.

We thought this should definitely be included in the entrance fee. He mentioned the club had been around for about 23 years and that Phoenix had around 6 clubs a few years ago, but the city shut them down. Club Discretions and Club Encounters were the only ones left. We are of the opinion that people should know what they are getting into when visiting a swingers club.

Club discretion phoenix arizona

Especially newbies. Unfortunately, based on the racist comment alone, we would not recommend Club Discretions on your visit to Phoenix. If you like sleazy or are a cat lover, then by all means, Club Discretions is your place. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. There are some good groups that do meetups and takeovers from what we heard. But yea, these two clubs are a no go. Your completely wrong about this club.

Most people come back a few times before making a judgement. This is now the only club in Phoenix! When a club like discrestions has been in business over 25 years that says something! Thanks for your comments here. Our reviews are there to give people a he up on what to expect on your first time visit. In fact, in our experience the longer the club has been around, the lazier they tend to be because they live in some type of delusion that they should be given a gold star pass Club discretion phoenix arizona longevity.

As for the racist remark sad that you would let that keep you from checking it out. Thanks for your comment. I think you need to go re-read about the racist remark. The individual at Club Discretions is the one that made the racist remark. That alone would not bring us back to Club Discretions.

Club discretion phoenix arizona

I think you need to check out Encounters on their Friday afternoon party. The fun starts at 1pm. Glad you provided this write up. We have never been and heard mixed reviews. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Search for:. If you like mirrors. Fucked Up Communication in The Lifestyle. Thanks guys! Great meeting you two recently. Looking forward to more adventures!

Club discretion phoenix arizona

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