Coc pure pearl

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Kitteh released this Jun 8, Kitteh released this Sep 26, Kitteh released this Jun 14, Kitteh released this Jun 2, Kitteh released this Nov 8, Kitteh released this Sep 22, Kitteh released this Mar 15, Kitteh released this Mar 12, Kitteh released this Dec 30, Kitteh released this Nov 15, Releases Tags. Latest release. CoC 1. This version focuses on polishing and tweaking the game.

This counts as a failure in getting Phylla. Tidied up the abomination that is Sophie's menus. Implemented grayed-out buttons. Also cleaned up and modernized Marble main menus. Aiko scenes are now labelled as mod content. Lethice suicide bad end is also labelled as mod content.

Coc pure pearl

Grimdark background button in background selection menu is now hidden as Grimdark Mode is not even finished. Addictions are now enabled by default when starting up the game for the first time. Player now properly experiences orgasm when choosing to keep both if you had to choose between Shouldra and Exgartuan.

Fix for Town Ruins that have been completely stripped bare instead of the 'ponder which structure to salvage' Some fixes with multiple enemies. Fixed some grammar and typos at character creation. Level up pane now respects themes and as such, text is now readable in dark mode. Fixed Grimdark background when entering Grimdark Mode. Aiko has been removed from normal gameplay and thus can no longer be encountered in Deepwoods or from Places.

She can now be found in the Beta Zone. Reason being unsure of quality. Assets 3. Source code zip. Source code tar. Interface have been wholly overhauled to be prettier! Comes with a fancy toast whenever you earn an achievement. Multiple toast support! Added the following achievements: Gourmand: This has been Coc pure pearl limbo for years and is now available!

Refill your hunger 10 times for that. Pure Marble: Complete Marble purification quest. Ghost Host: Allow Shouldra to use you as host. Shark Tale: Move Izma into your camp. This achievement fills the gap between 30 days and days. Kobold codex entry has been added. This is unlocked once you encounter Ember's egg.

Coc pure pearl

This is also retroactively unlocked. Due to the return of main menu texts, the version text has been lowered a bit to match. Urta's True Lover now only requires the completion of Urta's Infertility quest. Cleansing Palm can now be made permanent on ascension. You can make cabin permanent! It'll be carried over to subsequent ascensions so you don't have to build it again. You are no longer stripped of weapons at the end of Ingnam prologue. While using debug, you can now run away while under the effect of rut and sealed.

s can now display as going over the maximum value for experience bar, once again. All backgrounds no longer have built-in text background. So you can now have different backgrounds. Just make sure to tweak BG for readability! Changed the Coc pure pearl interfaces are loaded, so they are loaded from the beginning.

This should reduce the possible lag on entering interfaces. This applies to settings, achievements, and level up. Laid the second batch of groundwork for Dragon City.

Coc pure pearl

This is still not yet accessible normally, but you could test the fights in Beta Zone. Nerfed the encounter rate of Demon Soldiers to be brought in line with other encounters. Fixed text background settings and rendering for all screens. It should be corrected, hopefully. Fixed an issue where attribute selection screen can get stuck. Fixed monster target text error in tail slam attack. Fixed double pronoun at Arian in one scene. Fixed a grammatical error when you land heavy damage with regular attack mutilate.

Selecting Low Stock should now properly advance.

Coc pure pearl

Turns out there's a check if flag is exactly 0 and it was set to 0. This is now fixed. Possible fox for Benoit rambling about basilisk womb recipes by tweaking conditions required. Getting the Pacifist run achievement should now be possible and Stone Statue can be destroyed without ruining pacifist, due to him being HP victory only. Same goes for Lethice as she had lust shield. Fixed permanent Toughness loss and Sensitivity gain from Lizan Rogue. Turns out those stats changes were applied twice.

Coc pure pearl

Fixed Indefatigable perk oversights, courtesy of ElsaTheHobo. Finally fixed the blank mountain text. It took a lot of chasing but the bug has been slain. Fixed canine cock description. Fixed Priscilla sex options for hermaphrodite players. Grammatical fix for a character creationspecifically when the character doesn't have pre-defined history. Under-the-hood: More code optimization and reduced amount of duplicate code in combat, especially target selection. It should now be 1 line for each check, such lines refer to a dedicated function.

The chest should now work again. Added a failsafe code if, for some reason, you have no slot despite having chests in key items. Fixed character appearance sprite not appearing. The new home of Behemoth and Ghoul. Explore unfinished dungeons. Some fourth wall breaks! New encounter: Demon Soldiers! Random gender and appearance. Levels Presently, they all have equal gender chances. Currently, there's only one victory scene. However, there are two loss scenes that depend on the gender of the demon! Possibility in the future: Make them persistent, via asing a random seed.

Such seed decides appearance. Improved Vision perk has been added, courtesy of Stadler The perk comes in three ranks, at levels 12, 18, and Like with other NPCs using such system, this can go up to and they'll get tougher! Coc pure pearl special attacks will bypass your Resolute perk half of the time.

Coc pure pearl

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