Cum milking stories

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On that first day, the uncertainty of it all was bearing down on my mind. I entered the building that day with my eyes all full of stars, hopeful that a satisfying release would be around the corner for me. But instead I was strapped to the table, and milked by a machine for hours. Every 30 minutes the machine would come down and pull wetly on my shaft until it extracted that white seed that the population so desperately needed. The nurse told me that the machine would be on for only 12 hours a day, from 9 in the morning to 9 at night.

At 9 when the machine went back for the last time I was sore and worn, my testicles could not produce any more even if I wanted them too. I was spent.

Cum milking stories

The unfortunate thing was that there was no additional sound, no chime to let me know that my torture for the day Cum milking stories done. In the days afterward I learned to keep count of exactly how many times the machine came, so that I may know how much longer I would have to endure.

My head could clear, and I could take full stock of my situation. I felt like calling for help again, but my body and mind was completely spent. I closed my eyes…. My dreams were of the milker, coming down from the ceiling with its machinery turned into human lips. It began sucking and licking at my member, giggling gleefully the whole time. I realized it was the voice of the nurse who had fed me my lunch and bounced herself on my dick for her own pleasure. As the sensation began welling up, I started to remember how good the joy of orgasm could feel.

The pressure building, the pleasure growing, I began to arch my back in the dream as a wave of plasure started to grow throughout my whole body. Every nerve in my body was a floodgate, holding back a raging stream of pelasure. The pleasure struck a crescendo in my cock as I unleashed the torrents of hot cum into the now mechanical mouth of the Milker, sucking away with a rigid indifference. It felt as if every bit of moisture in my body was getting served to the machine, all of Cum milking stories being sucked out of my dick.

These were definitely a product of the machines relentless sucking. For two minutes after my orgasm the Milker kept up its cycle, unrelentingly emptying my sore prick. After its full 10 minute cycle had concluded, the machine lifted its way back up into the ceiling.

Cum milking stories

I lay there sweating, winded and wide awake. It was going to be another full day of this. And a full day it was, with the machine coming and attempting to milk me a total of 6 times before a nurse came in to feed me lunch. She had a smile that could fill a room with laughter and eyes which would keep you locked in her gaze until you were convinced you were the only two there. She carried with her a tray with the similarly brown mushy food the curvy nurse from yesterday had served me.

Cum milking stories

I thought about asking her to let me go, but my heart already knew what the answer would be. Still I was so starved for real human affection at this point that I just asked about anything I could to get her talking to me. I ate it right away, the hunger was getting to me. Eating only took about five minutes before the meal was gone, and I could feel some strength returning to me and my partner.

She put the tray down, grabbed her curly hair and began tying it in a ponytail with a scrunchie she kept on her wrist. Before I could answer she made her way clinically up to my dick, finished tying her ponytail, grabbed the base, and began licking the whole thing all over. It was a rehearsed movement, but still the lightness of her touch sent shivers up my spine. Only for a bit though, she was already wet when she pulled her fingers away 20 seconds later.

She placed her left hand gently on the lowest part of my dick, where the distinction between dick and balls becomes fuzzy. Her right hand, still glistening with her juices pressed down on the underside of my head, just lightly enough to make the tip touch my bellybutton. Her tongue covered the whole surface area quickly, an excellent pressure applied as she began lubing the whole thing with her saliva. Her tongue would reach down and gently graze one of my balls, only to immediately make its way back Cum milking stories the entire length and apply a sweet rub of pleasure to my frenulum.

Back and forth this went in rapid succession, the pressure applied was firm but fair, and the sensations were astounding. After so much vigorous milking, this new gentleness was much appreciated by my cock, which began to thank her by pulsing with impending release. Immediately and with almost cruel timing, she takes her tongue off my dick and turns to me.

Right as she asked a slow steady stream of cum whiffled out of my tip onto my stomach, with a gentle pressure applied by her two hands holding it down, but with no other stimulation applied to the shaft. Like a professional, she used her right hand to prop herself up on the table right above my cock and drop down the length in one fell swoop. As she dropped down and began her grinding, I could feel that empty feeling on my shaft finally get the attention it deserved.

Her entire pussy squeezed down on my whole dick at once, and the light movement of her hips and ass caused that ruined feeling to burst forth into a full orgasm. I immediately spasmed upwards. Even though my cock was completely sheathed inside of her, I wanted more motion. The blast of that second orgasm was immense, I could see and feel cum spilling out of the lips currently wrapped around the very last inch of my prick. After a short while, she pulled herself off and wiped herself down before cleaning her plaything as well.

The Milker visited me not too long after. She did come back for me later that night after the milking was done for the day, but I had so little energy I must have passed out. I recall her riding me vigorously, but not much else after that.

Because these nurses really just take the liberty to use my cock when they come in. During that first week, there was a new nurse every day feeding me and then riding my dick until I expelled everything left in my balls into their pussies. A few second Cum milking stories lubricating foreplay followed by just a few minutes of intense riding.

Riding is too good a Cum milking stories for what that one did to me in particular, milking would be the correct term. They all do it without care for me or my well-being, even though they might still talk to me during or mention how much fun they were having. At that point in the day, their compliments just turned to pain.

Two, I think. The first was that one time with the nurse who came in late at night, and the other was a few days after about 2 hours after lunch. Another nurse had milked me personally that lunchtime as well, and she had gone a little overboard.

She milked me twice herself and started jerking me for a third, tired time when the milker begun to lurch from its home in the ceiling. She Cum milking stories just giggled and held my cock straight up so that it got swallowed wholesale by the milker. A few minutes later I passed out from the sensation of it all. I woke up again during that night. But that night was full of rest, at least. It must have been about 6 days in when they came into my room for the first time. I only assume it was 6 because up till that point I had been fed 6 times by 6 different nurses.

Every time they used my dick for their own personal pleasure, except on this day. The nurse that day had the most perfect cleavage, enticing my gaze towards her bosom the entire time. Not you too? While the interaction was certainly strange, I was just glad to get that full hour of break at lunch.

Cum milking stories

Just that small amount of time to recuperate made the rest of that day almost pleasant. The Milker ended its rounds at 9 PM as it always did, and I finally had some time to rest. But something was different tonight. There was some strange vibration in the air. For one thing, I got hard again after about 30 minutes of nothing happening. Almost like my dick was conditioned to a pavlovian response to just harden every half hour.

But it went even further than that.

Cum milking stories

While it started as a normal erection, I could feel a pressure building in my stiffening shaft. Not all at once, very slowly. About an hour after the Milker had finished its business for the day, the erection was so strong that it began to hurt, but that good kind of hurt, like when you stretch just a little too much in the morning.

After an hour and a half, The pressure built to a point where a small amount of pre-cum began drizzling out of my tip. I had tried clawing, reaching for my dick to give it some Cum milking stories of relief, but failed again and again.

I haphazardly thrust myself over and over into the air, hoping that maybe the wind would just gently kiss me down there, but the air was stale and noncompliant. At 2 hours in, the stream had thickened just a tiny bit. A slow moving stream of cum dribbled down my length, now rigid as iron and ready to blow at any moment. Suddenly, I could hear some noises coming from down the hall.

Cum milking stories

It was a group of nurses, 6 of them. Look at all that! Without touching it, she got very close to examine the stream gently flowing out of my pained member. The other nurses soon followed, closely examining and welling up with joy at it. One of the nurses, a young looking thin girl with straight black hair, grabbed her phone and took her picture with her tongue sticking out nearby it, no doubt a trophy for her social media. Basically every nurse here works in a group, we are the B group. And the groups get cycled between floors to service the 6 patients on that floor for the week.

When our week ends we always vote between us who had the most fun cock to ride and we fuck him a ton. And lucky you, you get your turn within your first week. There was suprisingly little shock to me, I suppose being in this place for a week had kind of made me expect these kinds of things.

A couple more girls had posed themselves in front of my dick and taken a few dozen pictures. Like a lot of them. But as I thought on it more, my cum IS a rare delicacy. There are only a few thousand men left on Earth, if that. For a lot of people, cum is something you would rarely even see in your entire lifetime. You ready to go, girls? The cute nurse with the big eyes placed her head right above mine, though from my view she looked upside down. She would ask me for permission to kiss but milk me dry without hesitation? But still, the need for human affection outweighed my anger and confusion, and the ever building pressure in my shaft made the decision a simple one.

The softness of her lips and the gentleness of her touch reminded me of her milking, Cum milking stories that made me relax. Everything but my increasingly sturdy cock, ready to blow at any minute like a volcano oozing magma. As she let go I was Cum milking stories a small stunned daze, it was my first kiss in years, and my first feeling of real human contact in a week. She quickly went over and grabbed a small stool that the Cum milking stories had brought in.

She brought hers to the left side, near my knee, and knelt on it so that she was the perfect height to rest her elbows gently on the table. There were two other nurses on my left side. The one closest to me wearing glasses with bright orange hair, the one who had overzealously milked me 3 times before feeding me to the machine, and the one in the front row seat to my cock concerto was the younger one who had taken a picture with my dick earlier. To my right knelt the curvy nurse, right next to my cock and rubbing her hands with lube scented with fruity smells and probably tastes.

Closer to me was the nurse with the perfect breasts, giving me a front row view of her beauty. A couple of the girls were touching me excitedly. The curvy nurse finally finished rubbing her hands together, looked at them, judged them appropriately slippery, and began to speak. The dam was ready to burst. In a swift second, the curvy nurse placed one fist on top of the other, precisely placed them suckling down on the very last centimeter of my throbbing dick, and swept down her hands in one solid, tight pump. All the way down, pushing into the pliability of my skin, and then one more swift tight stroke, with one cheeky twist of the hands thrown in halfway through for good measure.

Like a wine keg, she had opened up the barrel and from whence the wine shall flow. The immediate release of pressure came in one huge thundering muscular push, forcing a solid stream of thick, voluminous cum to stream out as if I were urinating, though the pleasure coursing through my body was unmistakably orgasmic. Even though my cock was held straight up by the curvy nurses hand at the base, the stream still shot quite a few inches into the air like a water fountain. I was only able to see this stream for a just a few seconds, enough time for the young one to take a picture with her phone, when the curvy nurse placed her mouth perfectly over my engorged head and began sucking on me like a straw.

She sucked and gulped four times total, each suck drawing just a bit more pleasure out my now 15 second long shockwave. Curvy nurse slid her lips off of the spigot, which d its flow without even a small stilt in its volume. She gulped one last time and gently pointed my still erupting dick toward the younger girl on my left.

Cum milking stories

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Cum Milking Stories