Curly haired male model

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A pronounced swoop and a tousled head of hair make this hairstyle stand out from the rest.

Curly haired male model

The curls take center stage, flowing downward to give this style a sense of motion. This hairstyle accentuates the natural corkscrew nature of curly hair and lets it loose. Fluff up your hair and grow it long for this daring look. Check out this combination: a short quiff in the front and messy hair in the back. A great casual look for having fun. The curls are cut short and close to the head, and the result resembles short spikes that give the hair a ton of texture.

Try this clean and tidy hairstyle. Tying all your hair up into a man bun is an easy and fashionable way of taming curly hair. We especially like this combo because the curly hair gives the hairstyle a unique texture and appearance. This extreme style pushes the boundaries of the disconnected undercut. The hair on the sides is almost nonexistent, emphasizing the flowing hair on top of the head. Mess up your curly hair for this angular style.

This hairstyle mixes a fade on the sides and back with an overflowing head of hair, giving this hairstyle a firm presence and a lot of volume. The drop fade works especially well to accentuate the curly nature of Curly haired male model hair while the sides stay nice and neat. Vincent Cassel takes a unique approach to his thin, curly hair by sweeping it back on the sides and letting the top retain its natural look.

The layering of the hair gives it extra volume, and the long top and short sides provide a nice contrast. Even more dramatic than the drop fade, this skin fade variation leaves the hair on top and all but eliminates the hair on the back and sides. If you want to emphasize your curls and nothing else, check this out. The hair is grown out long and styled to create this vibrant style. This extra-short style turns the curls a unified tousled look. The curls give the quiff extra volume, making this a neat yet exciting style. Be stylish without going over the top with this asymmetrical curly fringe.

A few curls drape over one side while the rest is disheveled. The face is the focal point, while the hair is kept curly in the back and on the sides. If you like keeping your curls together for texture, this shorter style is an excellent choice. The curls are bunched up together for a rounded, rippling appearance. The curls get twisted and packed together to give the hair presence and Curly haired male model. With a little bit of styling, loose curly hair can take on a wavy appearance.

For this look, trim the sides of your hair shorter than the top. This is a great way to fix morning bed head. Use a generous amount of your favorite styling product and run it through your hair until it looks the way you want. Avoid a lot of product; simply run your fingers through your hair to brush it without damaging the curls.

This is a relaxed look that requires little time and effort. Just let your curls do their thing or hold them in place with some product to look more polished. This fade is more involved and eye-catching with the addition of the curve. Trim your curls in the back and let them grow longer in the front. Keep your curls voluminous and bouncy to get a bigger contrast between them and the fade. For this look, brush your curls out to relax them. Then, add some texturing product to make them stay in place. Let your curls grow long, then trim up the sides.

This is a great look if you have thin hair. Adding product to your curls will help them look fuller and healthier. If you have loose curls or even wavy hair, consider this look. This fade is less dramatic and more gradual than others, but it still emphasizes your curls. This look is trendy but still classy.

This version of the undercut fade showcases loose curls or waves. Use a holding product to amp up the volume. Regardless of texture or tightness of curl, anyone can rock this look. Use hairspray or gel to hold everything in place. This look is great if you have tight curls and want to let them grow longer. This is another style that will look great even if your hair is a little messy. The undercut is neat, so you will still look trendy and professional.

Curly haired male model

The sharp lines of the undercut contrast well with the voluminous curls, making this style bold and attention-getting. For even more impact, consider dying the tips of your curls a funky color like blue or light blond.

Curly haired male model

Achieve this crown of curls by brushing them out. Not only will your hair be soft, this will add all the volume you need to create this look. For this style, let your curls sit on top and trim your hair shorter as you move down your face. Let your sideburns and beard grow out but be sure to keep them trimmed to the same length. Changing your part can make a huge difference in your look. A deep side part draws attention to your eyes and contrasts nicely with large curls. Simply let your curls grow long all over! For this style, get a gradual fade and let it naturally lead to your curls.

Then, style your curls so they stay in place. Let your curls sit on top and ask your barber for a fade on your head and on your beard. Skinny sideburns tie this look together. Tousle the curls with your fingers large curls are best for this look and keep it together with a light hold mousse or spray.

Curly haired male model

This shows a perfect example of a haircut done right for the hair type, in this case curly. To flaunt the curly texture on you hair, you can go for a classic scissor crop like Mika here. It works so well because the hair has been moisturized and left with a soft look that allows movement. We love it! Strike the perfect balance between the longer curly look and a tapered fade de. To achieve this look, go for a mid to high-fade.

Tousle the curls at the top of your head and use a light hold wax to keep everything in place! Now you are ready to step outside! Look effortlessly cool with this rugged look. Rather than going for the slicked-back style, try this out for a more laid-back approach. Just go for a chin-length shag and let the curls loose!

Curly haired male model

Want the preppy look without all the prep? Opt for this side-swept curly hairstyle that is easy but elevates your look. Start with semi-wet hair, then use a hydrator and a volume product to ensure proper hold. Use a comb to sweep curly hair to one side! Leave the top wavy, then comb the sides backward for a distinct look, ideally the back of the head should be left curly.

Try this surfer look with a short haircut! This look is good for thicker, wavy hair. Use the weight of your hair and let your curls lie down for this sleek, no-fuss look! This look accentuates strong features, like a jawline. Works well with thicker, tighter curls. Playing on the lighter version of a fade, this is a versatile look you can take anywhere! Bringing back that tapered look, except this time with a scissor crop.

Curly haired male model

The look allows you to play with a more textured style. The slight taper brings the look together seamlessly! Great if you have voluminous curls, let them out and style it with a side-swept look. This look is definitely for the bold and fashion-forward! Get this sexy, playful look with a fade and some dyed curls! Keep the color only to the curls atop the head and try a light brown highlight. Take the curls and fade into a whole new world with this look. Good for people with oval-shaped faces, but of course perfect for anyone, anywhere!

Leave the curls a bit longer on top for this playful look. Play on the fade with a sharp low fade ending just beneath the curls. This is perfect for a later man bun or top-knot when the curls get in the way!

Curly haired male model

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