D&d barmaid

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Is there an officially published background for bartender or something like it in any of the current books?

D&d barmaid

No, there is no bartender background that has been officially published. I would suggest looking at the rules in the Player's Handbook for creating custom backgrounds. Always happy to help and willing to answer questions or at least try. Establish boundaries. And if anyone crosses them, speak up. Maybe the guild also owns the bar. It would be pretty easy to homebrew. For skills, PersuasionPerformanceor Insight might work well. For tools, brewer's supplies would be an obvious one. Cook's utensils would also work well.

D&d barmaid

Maybe they could get another language, for social interaction. The feature could be anything that makes sense to you and adds to social interaction. Most are minor abilities with mainly RP utility.

D&d barmaid

Please check out my homebrew and give me feedback! A feature that comes to mind is actually one of the traits of Mark of Hospitality Halflings from Eberron Ever Hospitable. When you make a Charisma Persuasion check or an ability check involving brewer's supplies or cook's utensilsyou can roll a d4 and add the rolled to the ability check.

And now you too can play with the amazing art and assets we use in Roll20 for our campaign at Hazel's Emporium. Bar Tender back ground should have something combat related. Real life bartenders have a higher death by violence rate than a cop. As a bartender in real life I would say that you would need to have high Perception and Insight since you have to know when someone is laying about their age, how drunk they are, if they are on drugs and be on the D&d barmaid for people who steal tips.

You want to have Performance and Slight of hand for flaring bottle joggling and you also want some high Charisma since you will need to be able to sometimes have conversations with your guests and you will get to know secrets and people from all over since people tend to speak about D&d barmaid to a person serving them alcohol.

We tend to drink quite a lot and eat cold and sometimes old food too so some high Constitution would be quite fitting. Something most people tend to forget is that we tend to work very long hours hour days are not uncommon and we have to be on our feet and run around a bunch so the Athletic skill might be fitting too.

D&d barmaid most cities bartenders and other restaurant staff all know of each other and most cities have bars where most of the guests are from the industry where we gossip and keep each other updated on everything from recipes to bad bosses and awful guests so Ear to the ground is not a bad idea.

Most of us don't know more than the theory on how to brew beer and cider but since this is a fantasy setting Brewing kit might be fitting too. Face the terrors of the Mists here! In Free Up. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. I would put Intimidation on his list of skills, and possibly even Perception. Find your own truth, choose your enemies carefully, and never deal with a dragon. Last edited by TheDreamingGoat : Apr 23, There once lived a goat in Oslo, who loved to the all the beer flow. He loved, ale, lagers and stout, and drank till he passed out.

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D&d barmaid

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D&d barmaid

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