Diapered and sissified

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Her husband Danny has been made redundant from his job and is failing to take responsibility for either himself or the house. She feels her relationship is failing until her sister suggests an unorthodox approach to taking back control of her man and her life. Danny's scheming sister-in-law convinces his wife that he is no longer deserving to be the man of the house and that he would be far happier as her obedient little sissy baby girl. Danny then finds himself subjected to forced sissification and babyhood, a most unexpected fate that Diapered and sissified change his life forever.

My Husband is now my Sissy Baby Girl 2 - Sissy School Following Christine's decision to forcibly dress her moping and lazy husband Danny as a baby girl under the influence of her scheming sister-in-law. Danny finds himself being transported away from his home wearing a diaper and dressed in the prettiest of baby girl clothes to begin his new life as Danielle, to be carefully supervised by the formidable Ms Thorndyke and her nieces.

Danny soon finds himself strapped into a crib at Ms Thorndyke's home and subjected to the most humiliating of babification treatments in order to break him of his will and create a most submissive and obedient sissy baby girl for his wife to possess. Realising that his mind is being slowly but inexorably bent to their will, Danny fights to retain what there is of his manhood but it soon feels like a losing battle.

My Husband is now my Sissy Baby Girl - Sissy's Return Danny's sissy training has come to an end and he's now destined to return home to his wife and new mommy. Three months of being diapered and sissified by Ms Thorndyke and her nieces has turned him from an uncooperative layabout into an obedient sissy baby girl. Despite this he still wonders at what his wife has planned upon his return. Under her sister's influence, Christine has happily adjusted to the idea Diapered and sissified having Danny back, not as her husband but as her sissy baby girl.

Her life has moved on but she has a well defined place for her new baby girl upon his return. Her main challenge will be in testing his reaction to the new man in her life, the man that will also be destined to become Danny's new daddy. What will Christine have in store for Danny's return, diapered and sissified as he now is? What will Danny's reaction be to his new Daddy?

And what will be his new role as the sissy baby of the family? Follow Danny's homecoming as he finds himself subjected to even more extreme sissification treatments as he is shown how to please his new mommy and daddy in ways that only a true sissy can.

Diapered and sissified

They decide to enrol the young tearaway into the mysterious Bantling School for Girls as a way to rid them of her bad behaviours. Elizabeth is convinced that she is about to attend a finishing school that will provide her with room and board, and the ability to continue living free of any responsibilities.

It becomes clear once she arrives that this is not exactly what she was expecting. Within minutes of her arrival she finds herself diapered and dressed in the prettiest of baby girl clothes, lying in a crib and sucking on a baby bottle.

Diapered and sissified

If that wasn't shocking enough, it soon becomes clear that they will be finding her a new daddy to take care of her in the future. This is the story of Diapered and sissified a bad girl can be turned into the cutest of baby girls for her new daddy's pleasure.

These are explicit tales of forced regression, sissification and diapering and are deed strictly for adults. Rebecca Sterne is a bestselling transgender author of erotic fiction. Her books regularly occupy the Top Transgender Erotica list on Amazon with most of her books becoming one bestsellers. She lives in the UK and is passionate about being an author. Now a full time writer she enjoys nothing more than exploring the world of transgender fiction and erotica, bringing her own unique brand to both the Transgender and ABDL worlds.

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Diapered and sissified Diapered and sissified

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Becoming Her Diapered Cuckold 3: Sissified by Her Bull