El paso dreams cabaret

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Furniture is torn, so is the stage. A lot of entertainment for a friday night, causing some to be aggressive. All the entertainment though was beautiful though. Mary Jane has a very sweet personality, but Foxy owns the place. She is a wonderful person, a great entertainer. Worth every penny. Those two ladies push the place to five star, but the owners lack of attention to the environment is what brings it down. First and foremost I would like to extend my deepest thanks to security the person at the door and my wonderful and gorgeous hostess.

As a disabled combat veteran I find it difficult to bring my service animal with me due to ignorance on most businesses behalf. Not only did this business go above and beyond to accommodate me from the restroom attendant giving him a bowl of water to even my hostess who ensured I was comfortable.

El paso dreams cabaret

Security was more concerned with the strobe lights and the music affecting my service animals performance and I greatly appreciate his concern fir my best friend. Thank you with all of my heart. Xoxo Prince. By far, this club is the best in town. Just be aware of your cellphone and wallet because i lost my cellphone. I was so turn up! Negative online and in person theyre too apt to kick somebody off for absolutely no reason as well as overall terrible customer service over the phone. The spot to be with the squad to bring in this ! I absolutely love the atmosphere.

El paso dreams cabaret

Great staff and beautiful ladies. A big shout out to Marley. We will most definitely be back. Decided to stop by and see some gorgeous ladies. Shawna was absolutely fantastic. Great dancer. First time visiting El Paso strip club by far the best and well-kept. All the dancers are amazing, my favorite personally was Santana.

She was very bubbly very personal and did an amazing job with VIP. The girls were hot as hell and Yvonka was extremely sexy and gave the best dances! Literally got charged for private dances I didnt have I got 3 dances and was charged for 7. I came to see what dreams was all about and there was this girl name Faith, Man did she grab my attention ill definitely be back to see her Had a blast at Dreams last weekend with all my girls.

Shout out to Lucy for showing us a good time! Especially harmonyshe took care of me all night. Came out here with my girlfriends and gir the best dancer Roxxy. She was so hot and such a sweetheart. Definitely leave her a big tip. Great dancers. The management was really cool about a problem that happened. Im looking forward to going back. Beautiful women, also very honest, will tell you how many songs your in El paso dreams cabaret in VIP, its not like jaguars where three songs play and they tell you its six.

She brought her friends to the VIP and we had fun all night. Definitely will be going back soon. My man and I went in last week and it was a great experience. Best club in El Paso. Jade was super welcoming and treated us like royalty.

Loved all the sexy dances. I came in on Friday night and had a blast. They would poke and irritate the body. They also give up the image of a run down facility. If anything, place them in a corner or next to a wall. Overall, it was fun, I was entertained, and the women were beautiful.

My brother and I went to this bar and we had an amazing El paso dreams cabaret. Staff was very friendly amd attentive and the girls were beautiful and super nice with us. Also prices are good. Definitely recommend. I had such a great time here! I absolutely fell in love with a dancer named Lizzie! She knew just the way to put me under her spell! I attempted to call the phone listed on Google eight times, to no avail.

There is no manager available, the automated system does not allow someone to find a person of authority, or anyone at all, I would love it if someone would answer my phone call or fix this failed automated system. Came here Wednesday with my husband, it was a decent crowd for a Wednesday night. The girls were nice and beautiful, the waitress was cool as well. My favorite was London! My boyfriend and I were at dreams and Hurricane was amazing!! Definitely keep an eye out for her!

Recently went out to this club, had a very good experience. Very nice staff and beautiful girls. Good atmosphere. Definitely will be coming here more often. Went with a couple of friends on a Tuesday and it was great. Great prices with nice and beautiful girls. Got dances from Star. Will definitely be back to see her and the beautiful ladies. Went out with my girls last night and met Princess. I came in with my girlfriends and we all loved Lilith and Rossilyn, perfect pair and great dancers.

Me and my boyfriend Josh went into dreams yesterday and omg we got the best dance from analicia she was super nice and so hot. My girls and I came here ladies night we saw Ariana she had the hottest body and gave awesome dances. I had a great experience one of the girls stage name with stacey girl had a a nice body and also had a great personality Omg I came in and saw this dancer named ladii and she dances so good.

She was super nice and showed me and my man equal attention. I will definitely go back to visit her and the other girls as well. Their low prices, great service, and sexy girls keep me coming every week. They also have a very good taste in music. I highly recommend. Came into dreams last weekend and had an amazing time.

The club was lit and the girls were beautiful. Made it rain on Malibu. Went there last weekend with my friends. Very nice ambiance and very good looking girls. My favorite had to be London. Reasonable priced dances.

Byob which made it that much better.

El paso dreams cabaret

This Saturday night was pretty busy, good servicepretty good prices. Beautiful women, really. Todays was a good day Went there on Saturday and i had a blast. As soon as i got there i was greeted and was asked if i needed a table. The girls were beautiful and sexy. Staff at the door were nice unlike other clubs. VIP dances are awesome and well worth it.

Definately recommend. Bouncer there took a streamlight from me, when I went to leave and asked for it back he threatened to charge ME with theft. Im pressing charges, be wary of the large bald man. I went to dreams last night and dance with Suzie and she charge me I was at dreams on Sunday.

Kitty had the best bodyvery sensual good dancer. Me and my friend will definitely come back again soon. I was on dreams on Monday and Luna was amazing. Her dances were the bomb and the bartender was super sweet. Music was always good and El paso dreams cabaret staff was very attentive. Best nude club in El Paso. Platinum had me mesmerized. Absolutely loved this place during my time in the military.

Great stress relief, girls are awesome, music is awesome this was my weekend home! My husband and I went to Dreams for his birthday and we had the best time ever! The dancers were all so nice and beautiful, and the club was updated from the last time we were there. Were going back for my birthday. Went to Dreams last night with friends. Definitely recommend getting dances from Olivia shes great. I saw about 7 Beautiful girls with great bodies. The rest of the roster was still beautiful girls that were in good shape.

Its just a little expensive but, the quality of women kinda justify prices for everything. If I didnt have to pay 20 at the door and another 10 for VIP area I would have given it a 5 star review. This place literally blew my mind. Was traveling through Texas and decided to stop by.

El paso dreams cabaret

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