Exotica erotica ball

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There was once a time when the hottest, most coveted golden ticket to a Halloween party in San Francisco was to something called the Exotic Erotic Balla combination of swinger party, fetish ball, and porn convention that had a thirty-year run as an internationally notorious Halloween attraction.

But the Exotic Erotic Ball is probably best remembered for its spectacular flameout, the year the ball was canceled the day before the eventleaving a trail of furious ticket holders, lawsuits, and eventually, a jail sentencing. The website of the Exotic Erotic Ball still existsand a screenshot is seen above. SFist did not receive a reply to our request for comment from Mann, and phone s provided by his associates were no longer in service. A tradition in San Francisco and newly launched in New York, the Ball draws those interested in role play.

Exotica erotica ball

Image: Getty Images. That notion was seconded by Paul Nathan, creator of Dark Kabaret and host, emcee, and entertainment director of the Exotic Erotic Ball for more than 20 years. They knew there were sex positive parties and events but had no entry into that world. The ball served was a meeting point, a place to learn. A judge dismissed that lawsuit.

Adult film legend Nina Hartley recounts her experience of attending during the 80s. Groping every four steps. My then-partner was a nervous wreck trying to protect me. Larger Events at the Concourse Exhibition Center s Nina Hartley would return to host stage shows when the event grew even larger and changed location to the Exotica erotica ball Exhibition Center.

When civilians who have not done a lot of personal work on their desires, fears, prejudices, etc. The 90s would see acts like Grace Jones and Motorhead headlining at the ball.

Exotica erotica ball

Gavin Newsom would issue a similar proclamation inonly to rescind it. The event needed a new venue, and organizers wanted to make a splash. We decided that the freedom to love and play was what we were about and that we should go forward. This was about an hour or so before doors [opened], before 20, patrons arrived. Everything was fine and it turned out to be false, but it was a heavy feeling. Inthey added a sort of adult industry trade show aspect called the Exotic Erotic Expo that stretched the event to two days and filled the cavernous Cow Palace with acres of vending booths.

Exotica erotica ball

These Exotic Erotic Balls in other cities were not Exotica erotica ball attended, lost fantastic amounts of money, and created the financial fiascoes from which the ball would never eventually recover. A tradition in San Francisco and newly launched in New York, the Ball draws those interested in erotica and role play.

Getty Images. The Fall of the Ball Those of Exotica erotica ball who remember the Exotic Erotic Ball blame its demise on the calamitous event canceled the day before. The ball moved to Treasure Island forand did draw 7, people. Throughout the night, the transportation situation only got worse.

One unlucky reader tells how she crammed onto the upper deck of a bus on the way over, only to be forced to catch a cab home or wait 80 minutes for a shuttle. This was becoming a pattern with Mauskopf, one that Paul Nathan experienced personally. So by the time you got to this year, all that money was gone. The Crane Pavilion was booked.

Yachts were rented for VIP service. Performers had been scheduled, and service providers were promised advance payments. Screenshot: Yelp. Behind-the-scenes debacles could no longer be contained from public view. The event was canceled less than 24 hours before it was scheduled to begin. Ticket holders were refunded, but hotel bookings for the Richmond party were not. Promoter Howard Mauskopf would face felony theft charges over the bad checks to Missing Persons. That was the nail in the coffin for the Exotic Erotic Ball. But despite the shady business practices of lead promoters, many of the other staff have few regrets about what the event accomplished.

We worked very hard on that. The Exotic Erotic Ball still leaves a ificant legacy. For one thing, multiple events in other cities still steal its name to this day. But the ball also predated the Folsom Street Fairand is a huge contributing factor to why San Francisco is considered a major Halloween party destination. Stay up to date! Share this.

Exotica erotica ball

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Exotica Erotica Ball