Female masturbation in islam

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Female masturbation in islam

Filtered by:. 1 2 3 template Next. Ok, so heres the thing, im a 21 year old uni student living away from home. Just recently, I have been having sexual urges, which I never had before. Im a virgin and have never had sex, I believe myself to be a good practicing muslim, InsAllah. But I was wondering, is masturbation ok? Ive been reading up on it and i still havent made up my mind, but the way I see it, isnt it better to masturbate, if u might have a chance of doing zina.

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Astaghfirullah Reward: Ayahtul-Kursi []. Reward: When you recite this verse before you go to sleep, Allah sends a guardian to you and no shaytan will come to you until morning. Those who read this after each Female masturbation in islam shall enter Paradise. Comment Post Cancel. Re: female masturbation. Originally posted by Grotbags View Post. Re: female masturbation no its not ok. Re: female masturbation A female will lose her virginity if she does it, gets deflowered etc?

So think about it. Originally posted by ohdear View Post. A female will lose her virginity if she does it, gets deflowered etc? Re: female masturbation tranquillity is right Fast and take cold showers inshaAllah. Same advice as for a man InshaAllah find the right brother, you can still study after marriage inshaAllah, just marry a brother who is happy for you to continue studying inshaAllah.

Re: female masturbation how can one not lose one's virginity if an object was inserted into one's vagina? Originally posted by nurzi View Post. Re: female masturbation I'm an arab woman who is also a medical student. I don't know if masturbation is haram.

Some women do not have a hymen and it is a very large percentage, not a minority. This site might help you know better.

Female masturbation in islam

Religious answers should not come from ignorants who write in these forums. They should be answered by people who you trust and really know very much about ISLAM and who have studied the religion.

Female masturbation in islam

As for biological and medical questions, they should be answered by biologists or doctors like me or by experts in these fields. As for masturbation, if you're scared of breaking your hymen in case you have one, then don't insert anything to the inside. Re: female masturbation never knew that females even masturbate!! Originally posted by salam View Post. All rights reserved.

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Female masturbation in islam

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