Gay vore stories

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Vore story. After a few minutes, Drake pulled Tanner away roughly, grinning down at him as the smaller guy panted and gazed up with pleading eyes. His eyes darkened hungrily and he licked his lips, giving his saliva-slicked belly a wet slap. People thought it would happen one of these days, but I always told them no, that ridiculous.

Gay vore stories

Flash forward to today. He starts intimidating the cashier when she asked him to put on a mask and just everything put together kinda made me snap. I slipped down my mask and pushed him head first into my mouth. Now here I am. Actually I feel great. Any volunteers? And there is was, that knowing smirk slipped back in place. His eyes followed her, narrowing slightly as she quickly averted her gaze to the door.

Gay vore stories

A twitch of a vein throbbed in his neck. He was waiting for her to make the first move.

Gay vore stories

Maris clenched her teeth. She was trapped. If she made a single move, there was no doubt that he would catch her. But if she stayed…. She slowly looked back and was met with his icy gaze. Fear snaked in her chest, she could hear the roar of blood in her ears. Vic froze in place for a split second, looking genuinely shocked before he quickly composed himself.

She fumbled with the door, heart Gay vore stories with trepidation as his footsteps neared. Maris tore her eyes off the door handle, frustrated tears blurred her vision as she blindly twists at the doorknob. She needs to turn it, the moment she turns it, she can get out of there. Even if it was supposed to be a short visit. She jiggles the knob some more and Vic stared at her incredulously. His hand still firmly wrapped around on her wrist, but he moves his free hand to fumble with something in his pocket.

Relief floods her chest, finally. She yanks her arm away. Instead, his fingers pull out of his pocket and right when Maris sets to run, he wastes no time digging a needle into her exposed upper arm. Maris lets out a surprised yelp, where had he gotten a syringe? I just need to get there before I— her thought process suddenly stops as it felt like her head was tightening into her skull. Everything changed. She could feel her bones constrict and compress while her internal organs twisted.

It felt like someone was throttling her and then placed her inside a giant shake-and-bake while shaking the bag vigorously. What the hell did he inject me with? Am I dead? It was as if a million needles ran through her veins, jabbing at every bit of flesh; both internally and externally. Why was pain trailing her in the afterlife? Maris rolled over, clutching at her sides. Well, why would Gay vore stories think that would help? She thought bitterly as the biting pain d. Out of the corner of her eye, Maris noticed a shifty figure in the background.

They were preoccupied with reading some sort of novel and already too large for her to recognize. The minuscule blonde shuffled quietly; she had to find a way to escape. Dream or not, she had a bad feeling about the figure before her and the apparent lack of Vic sent chills up her spine.

Gay vore stories

Luckily, she was foolishly placed out in the open on a marble table. Disregarding the dull ache in her chest, she carefully made her way to the edge of the table; stepping over bits of paper and pens to get to her destination. Why do I have to be small of all things?

Maris inched towards the high edge table, better jump than stay. She held her breath and began to run forward to gain momentum, her lips curved, soon she would be free. Or at least she thought. An oversized bit of fabric came out of nowhere and covered her means of exit; miffed, Maris paused. Maris looked up, finally noticing that the figure was none other than Victor. Except, this time rather than having only a few inches on her, he rivaled the height of a tower. Vic hummed, picking her up by the collar of her shirt and setting her down on his palm.

Maris winced as his gigantic grey eyes honed in on her. There was nowhere to hide from him. She needed to say something, anything. But she found herself at a loss for words. They were just friends, if that. She helped him with an ex-girlfriend who had been harassing him, that was the furthest their relationship had gone. A twisted smirk stretched his lips as his eyes thoughtfully shifted to the side, before zeroing back in on her.

Maris paused, where was he going with this? The complete change of scenery made Maris freeze. She was in a mouth. She was in a human mouth! An amused chuckle rose from the back of his throat and Maris was knocked flat down on his tongue from the vibrations. Vic quickly tipped his head, feeling her tiny body struggle against the back of his tongue, but it was no use; she lost her grip and fell down. Down to an early grave. The crushing rings of flesh sent her down with relative ease as she tried grabbing onto the slippery folds of flesh to pull herself back up. Despite her efforts, his muscles forced her down with ease.

Maris shrieked out of frustration and dug her heels into his slick throat, but a more forceful swallow sends her down her merry way to her final destination. She shivered, finding herself unable to fight back as the gurgles from his stomach became louder and louder with each swallow. Time ticked painfully slow as her legs slipped into a more open space, followed by the rest of her body. Immediately, she tensed from the strong gastric scent in the air. Bile rose from her throat, and almost out of impulse, she quickly screwed her eyes shut.

The walls hugged her, Gay vore stories suffocatingly, and then convulsed, sloshing her around his belly, almost as if trying to figure out what to do with her. She jerked away from the nearest wall, but his belly shoved her back into the slimy walls, drowning out her cries for release with a cacophony of gurgles. Please, Vic, just let me go! There had to be some way to harm him from the inside.

He was enjoying it?! She bit her bottom lip as her heart raced against her ribcage; he was taunting her. Right before Maris was about to inflict another full-body slam to the walls, a deep vibration shook the chamber.

It was too loud and muffled to make out any of the words, but from tone alone, he had to be mocking her. She knew the answer. Vic always knew how to read her perfectly. Once he had his mind on something, he would go at any length to get it. She just happened to be the unlucky object of his affections this time around. Once saying it aloud, her heart dropped. Maris hugs her knees Gay vore stories her chest and makes herself as small as possible, sobbing quietly. She hoped her would grant her the small mercy of being knocked unconscious before the acids kicked in, but knowing Vic, even the automatic functions of his body would ensure that she would endure a slow, painful death.

The sounds of birds chirping rang in her ears. Her pillow was coated with sweat and her heart threatened to break out of her ribcage. It felt too real. She was dead, this was just her mind coping with her untimely death. She stared down at Gay vore stories hands, no s of burns she thought would have marred them ly. His brows knit together as he sat himself down at the edge of her bed. I thought you cut ties with that guy! Maris pursed her lips, but stayed silent.

Was her brain addled by the drinks last night? She sighed. His annoyance and worry quickly melted to concern.

Gay vore stories

A notification from an unknown contact popped up:. This was all I could think of for coffee.

Gay vore stories

I just wanted to write some fluff. Techno had been up all last night.

Gay vore stories

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