Girl wetting pull ups story

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Girl wetting pull ups story

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This happened pretty quickly in the first couple of months of school. As everyone knows this is the first time being in classes from other elementary schools in the district.

Girl wetting pull ups story

Sarah had no self-esteem issues like many girls do starting middle school. She held a sleep over for her friends from elementary that stayed friends with her and some of her new friends that she has made. I was one of those new friends invited. Her family had a name in the community but was not the most well to do family in the community.

Once everyone who was invited arrived Mom Girl wetting pull ups story over life guard while he started the grill for supper. Hot dogs and cheese burgers were on the menu, yum. We all took turns shower after supper and changed into our pajamas for the night. Once everyone was settled in for some games and a movie the time was quarter to twelve and the parents were going to shut the party down for the night.

As everyone was sharing the down stairs bathroom to brush our teeth and use the bathroom I was not able to hold it any longer due to the pop we drank earlier. I heard about a bathroom upstairs so I went searching for it. A minute earlier Sarah was called upstairs to brush her teeth which were code just a few moments later. Just as I was walking in she was pulling up a Pull-up on.

Immediately turned my head towards her dresser not to watch. At that moment noticed a diaper genie and a package of Pull-ups next to her dresser. She saw my face as I noticed this. All I could say was your secret is safe with me while instantly walking out to the bathroom next door. We all crawled into our sleeping bags to gossip. While we were all gossiping my Girl wetting pull ups story started to wonder about how it would feel to wear diapers again.

We finally called it a night. About an hour before we were going to be waken for breakfast, woke up with the urge of needing the bathroom. I looked around and everyone was still asleep so I just went in my sleeping bag to see what it felt like. While doing so heard her parents footsteps upstairs. She asked if I had an accident. The only thing I could think of was that the bathroom downstairs was being used and it must have been all of the pop I drank. Megan instructed me to go take a shower and she would bring my bag up with my clothes.

After my shower I walked downstairs where the rest of the girls were waking up. Not surprising but Sarah was already missing. I also noticed my sleeping bag was missing as well. Megan grabbed my pajamas and sleeping bag to wash them. Spent the whole day swimming and out on the pontoon boat. Later that evening the same routine happened where we watch movies and played games. About the same time Megan walked downstairs to let everyone know that we needed to wrap things up.

Sarah instantly walked upstairs to do her nightly routine. By the time she was at the top step Megan called my name as well. Thinking that was strange that she was calling my name. I ran up the stairs to see what she wanted. Sarah was just about to her room by that time. Instantly excited, said in a cool manner that might be a good idea. Megan bent down to grab one of hers and turned to me and said put this on. Only thing to do was follow instructions. It was strange but comforting while pulling the pull-up on. Megan handed me my sleeping bag.

We headed down stairs I could hear the crinkle of the pull-up as I walked. The next morning I was startled awake by Megan waking Sarah and I up before she woke the rest up. She said grab your things to shower not even realizing how wet I was. Stood up from the sleeping bag when feeling the pull-up tugged down on my hips. Megan showed me how to discard the pull-up and off I went to take a shower.

After breakfast the parents started to stream in to pick up their girls. My parents of course were last like usual. ESPF Est. Messages 3, Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. Cool start. Very good start, I hope you continue with more. Off and on Saturday the thought of purposely wetting the bed to see if the same would happen.

The difficult part is my eight year old sister sleeps underneath of the bunk bed. Amy has been potty trained for a full year now at night as she had bed wetting issues as well. Saturday night I knew Mom would wake us up for church in the morning and I was usually awoken first.

The time was now or never! In the middle of the night I had to go to the bathroom but decided to wet instead.

Girl wetting pull ups story

I fell asleep right afterwards without even waking up the rest of the night. Mom walked in already smelling the pee smell but figured it was Amy. She woke her up first to change her sheets but to her surprise she was dry. Once Amy was in the tub she woke me up. I crawled down the bunkbed stairs feeling the cool dampness of the nightgown wrapping around my body. All Mom could say was oh honey. By the time I was back in the room Girl wetting pull ups story beds were stripped and being washed. After church Mom had to run to the grocery store for a few items and made me tag along.

On the car ride she asked about my night time incident. She left the subject at that. Mom knows middle school years are a stressful on top of dealing with puberty. That did not happen. The next morning Mom woke us up for school and the same thing I was wet. This time anyone could tell she was a little frustrated since we were running a little behind schedule. After school Mom and I went for a walk in order to see if she could find a root cause of this bedwetting.

I just told her I was good and everything was fine at school. Tuesday morning I was dry since there was no urge of needing a bathroom through the night. Mom looked relieved at the sight of dry pajamas. Wednesday morning I woke wet but this time was not self-induced.

Mom placed some groceries on the table with the pull-ups that were in a transparent plastic bag on the counter. Amy saw this before I did which resulted in the immediate question what they were for.

Girl wetting pull ups story

Right before Mom could answer I walked down stairs towards the kitchen. She looked at me, then Amy. She said they are for your sister. She has been having some issues lately and also not to tease me since not too long ago you were wetting the bed. Mom looked at me with a stern look saying that this was a better option then trying to wash sheets in the morning. That night the package of Goodnites Pull-Ups were next to my dresser with a small garbage can.

Mom instructed both of us to change into our pajamas before we played games. It was a little embarrassing that I was putting on a pull-up in front of my younger sister but the thought left quickly. Obviously the family knew but there was no way in hiding it. Before going up to bed Mom patted my bottom to make sure I was wearing protection. She looked at me and said that this will pass soon.

Girl wetting pull ups story

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