Girls who wear chokers meme

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People are not suggesting anything by wearing clothes. Well of course. He respects that I can wear what I want. Hedoesnt like crop tops but I wear them anyways and he respects it. It symbolizes something sexual ya know?

It's a fashion thing. It was trendy when I was 13 and no one ever thought of it as a sexual symbol. It can mean anything to anyone.

Girls who wear chokers meme

And don't forget that this is exactly what they said about mini skirts, bikini and probably every new Girls who wear chokers meme item when it appeared. Hahaha yeah its a tight thing around your neck, if I ever see a girl wearing these I immediately think she likes to b choked during sex and that ain't something to advertise for non- sluts.

So if I wear an earing I like to be held by my ears during sex? If I have a nose pierce I like to be held by my nose? And basically what you're saying is that she's asking for it, whatever you think she asks for Go back to woman's studies im wasting my time. A choker chokes. Choking is a sexual act. Fyi I also think earings are stupid Have a good day. I was thinking the same! Nor will others care. Nor can you inform the whole world all that stuff. Wow you literally did what I did to get that info lol and exactly! Both classy collars and friends.

Some girls wear dog collars to show their boyfriend is thier master. Like a bracelet! If that makes sense. Does it actually feel its choking you a bit or do they just call it that "choker". Clearly not just you. But why? I don't know, I didn't come up with it. Even if it's wrong and unfounded, if that's the common belief isn't that reason enough? As another example, imagine you really liked rainbows and pink triangles, but weren't gay. Don't you suppose you might be sending a certain message by wearing those commonly associated symbols? He wants others to see me as respectful.

If I was in a similar situation where I wore something that made my girlfriend think people wouldn't respect me I'd probably take the advice and wear something better or not wear the item at all. It started when Queen Alexandria wore it and later became a trend which later became something slutty and once again a trend. He says I could wear what I want but if I wore a choker, it basically meant that I disregarded what he said.

He says there is a time and place to wear it. Share Facebook. What are your thoughts on choker necklaces and why? Add Opinion. Xper 7.

Girls who wear chokers meme

How are a thing you put around your neck slutty? LMAO that boy seems a bit too much tbh. I hate the metal feeling of it touching your skin. It looks cool, and I can imagine being attitude to your look which is always a plus. He has no right to tell you what to wear. Your body your choice! My thoughts on choker necklaces is that it always made me feel like being choked, but looks great.

If you like it go ahead! The question is if you feel comfortable in it and what it symbolizes for you. Show All Show Less.

Girls who wear chokers meme

Look, I know you know that you can wear whatever you want and your boyfriend has to respect your choices and I understand his point but the most important thing is: people WILL think what they WANT to think. If you're wearing a cute skirt that is in no way slutty, some people might think it is and judge you either way, and this applies to every piece of clothing you wear. So if you like it and your boyfriend respects your decision which he shouldyou should wear them without caring what others will think of you.

ManFrom Xper 6. Yeah, it's not how the world works.

Girls who wear chokers meme

Kind of like you can't just say whatever you want or do whatever you want or post whatever you want in public without other people having opinions about it. It's almost like if there are other people around, you can't control their thoughts at all or something and you just have to adapt to that and deal with it or something.

Or, you know, get bitter and resentful about it. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. What is your first thought when you see a woman in a choker collar or necklace? Sort Girls First Guys First. First off, I've seen plenty chokers that have been worn with elegant attire just as much as I've seen some with more revealing attire if that's what he sees as "slutty. Collars are BDSM related and represent being owned by someone or a certain lifestyle you live. Chokers are just necklaces and fashion.

Either or, the woman herself shows whether or not she's a so-called slut. Her fucking jewelry doesn't. Unless it literally says slut on the necklace or something like that. I personally think these are cute. As well as the simple black chokers. I like them, they can look cute but also sexy, depending on how you wear it and with what It's by the way the only necklace I wear To you, if you want to wear one fucking do it!

Don't let Girls who wear chokers meme tell you what to do or don't. Joshua22 Xper 5. Well I can see where he's coming from as their is a rather loose group of women in modern day that wear them to indicate things I'm not saying all women who wear them do! Hold your horses! But none the less that group of young girls does exist, further more in the old days when they were fashionable they were used in whore houses or brothels if you will to add to the skimpy attire of the women working there however it's odd how it started being seen in a sluttish light considering the trend was once started off by a British queen in the UK once in the year I think?

So yeah it's a bit odd but I don't know really I think it's up to you but this is quite the touchy question as some people will try to drive this question into the feminist Nazi zone with a woman can wear whatever she wishes! Which she can without a doubt but people still will judge because that's the sad reality of real life so people will p things anywayyy back to the question I I don't know still honestly just do what you thinks best. I don't think it's slutty, it's your body. We love to wear what we want.

We don't think like boys. Get a 2nd opinion from your father, uncle or brother. Just ask what do they think about the item for going on a date and wanted to know what men generally think. A father will be honest in a sensitive way most of the Girls who wear chokers meme. If he sounds harsh its so you don't end up with a wolf vampire. A brother will tell you by brining up what another girl has on similar to the what you want to wear but not say my sister want to wear this with his friends around then you can hear what they say then you get another side of how fuys think.

Wich is so far from you wearing a choker. An uncle might just say don't wear it around boys, they are stupid. The boyfriend has no power to choose for you what to wear. When you are not aware he can see the attention it draws to you or hear the stupid shit they say. He doesn't want to have to kick a few asses that disrespect you and I can understand that only because in the past many of my clothing choices cause my Ex's to fist fight in public on dates.

Medication Xper 2. Let me personally answer this for you, I talked to my girlfriends, and my actual girlfriends about chokers, I totally love chokers ; what I love most about chokers is that they are fashionable and they can be one of a kind neck jewelry with handcrafted diamonds cut out just for who you want to that specific choker.

To be honest with you, do you like how chokers look? Maybe the fashion behind them?

Girls who wear chokers meme

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"Until recently, I had no idea chokers had a secret meaning for men."