Guys taking baths

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Guys taking baths

How are you navigating being a man in our changing world? What is the biggest challenge facing gender equality in ? How can we—as a society—raise boys into men who view women as equal? What in your life has had a profound impact on the way you behave today? How do you speak to other men in your life about women? Listening to the women in my life.

Guys taking baths

I have a lot of female friends who are really incredible. So just listening to women, and not necessarily about feminist issues but just listening to them, in general. I used to say I was straight but I try to avoid that. I really feel strongly that the future is pretty genderless. I think trans culture is going to be a huge part of pushing things forward. I feel like those voices are super important because they have an incredible perspective that no one could possibly understand.

The danger of getting into the semantics.

Guys taking baths

I think a lot of places are facing election years and there are real dangers in some of the ways that politics are looking at LGBTQ people, women, and trans folk. What do you think when you hear the term "toxic masculinity"? We need to make it about naming men. I would have the same logic around the word feminism, that a historically subjugated group should be finding a collective identity and looking for power in that collective identity, and I think naming that collective world view is part of that.

Is awareness a form of advocacy? To an extent. How can women include men in the feminist movement? This question of men not being included really boils down to a patriarchal system. There is an immense amount of self-critique and work that has to be done as a society to re-understand the way we understand society.

Until that happens, there is going to be a lot of anger and defensiveness, and primarily a lot of fear, from all parties. Part of this question about gender really relates back to capitalism. It relates back to Guys taking baths plight of the individual. What can equality look like?

I think that the irony of us needing to come together is that it requires going deeply inside yourself. The first thing that comes to mind is the government. If you really think about it and look into LGBTQ history, especially when it comes to trans, drag queens and cross-dressers, back into even the s, there is a repetition.

As soon as the trans and non-binary community starts finding their strength, their motivation, their voice, and the support that gives them a platform, the government steps in to take us down from the knees and shut us all up. There is nothing allowed outside the boundary of male and female. When I say the government is the biggest challenge, there are examples. What in your life has had a profound impact on the way you behave?

Accepting me. Loving me. I came out as a lesbian when I was He was the only person close to me at the time. When I was 26, I finally went to my mom and she said she always thought I was trans. Then I just came flying out like a fucking butterfly! In these last three years I have gone through a series of transitions, and not just as Guys taking baths biological female to a male, but also seeing me, loving me, and allowing me to express myself in any way I fucking please. I love my body. I express it in every way. Just be open to you.

I think toxic masculinity highlights the inherent Guys taking baths that men have regardless of whether they want it or not. From that platform of entitlement, it can be hard to see the plight of others. I say this as an openly gay man who doesn't really get pegged as traditionally feminine. Would it be different if it were called toxic entitlement or does it need to be called Guys taking baths masculinity?

Masculinity opens the door to entitlement so it goes hand-in-hand. I personally think that regardless of the name it would still mean the same thing. I am finding solace in being by myself. Men have to start treating women properly and respecting shit that they say. Women are smarter than men. Without women, where the fuck would we be? There are some slimy-no-good-piece-of-shit-trash-ass-people on this planet but there is a difference between slimy, repeat offenders and somebody who did something wrong and corrected their shit and have done the work to rehabilitate themselves and put themselves out there again in a positive way.

We need people to bridge the gaps. Where is the bridge? We have to be able to talk and come up with solutions together. Nothing gets done otherwise. We have to fill up a bathtub and have conversations because it matters a lot when we listen to each other.

Society is not a good place. But hold up—hold the fuck up—we need to talk about this. How long does it take to cancel someone? No time. How long does it take to think critically? To learn? It takes time. How much longer are we going to keep doing this shit? We have to do our job. Canceling people is not the job. We have to be able to have disagreements without disrespect.

I think that sentence is super triggering. So how we get unified on anything is more the challenge. One of those being fear and the other being imposter syndrome. What does it look like to be the man? That statement is completely fucked.

How can you be inclusive when the systems are not set up for it? There are so many ways to identify yourself now. And I get that sometimes you just want all-female energy, but I think the more we get men involved in the dialogue, the more it will help the situation. How do speak to other men in your life about women? There is a new artist named TOBi who just released his album. I try to be really cognizant of it now. When you look at porn, the woman is the object and the man is imposing. The scene ends and there is still more after that. Not all people see the same thing. A think a lot of the noise comes from the loudest people.

I think the majority of the world is on the same. They understand there needs to be progress and acceptance for different ways of life. It all starts with a conversation. I feel obligated to help in any way I can to advocate for equal respect. But Ronda Rousey was able to rise up and people started to understand the worth of her as a fighter and athlete. The cream can rise to the top regardless of gender.

I won The Ultimate Fighter and was the first Canadian to do that. After a fight, I was icing myself in two different directions and my girlfriend was icing me, and we fell asleep attached to the hip, icing my body. When I have a bad night, she has a bad night. Being a better partner is also my way of understanding women. Communication is very important. Why did you say yes to this? On my worst day, I could be flatlined in a fist fight or I could get my hand raised and have this huge weight off my shoulders in terms of all the doubt and questions that definitely happen as a human and as a professional prizefighter.

Guys taking baths

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