Holding pee stories

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I swear this was gonna be posted last week, but I caught whiff of the ban, and that basically killed my mood. Still is kinda killed, but I felt like writing, so….

Holding pee stories

I was cuddling Angie I was still feeling a bit on edge that night, Holding pee stories I basically climbed on top of her, wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep into her chestand felt her trembling. It clicked in my mind that she needed the bathroom, but was trying her damn hardest to let me sleep. She squeaked, and then moaned. It sounded stifled, as if she was trying to keep quiet still. She wormed her other leg in between mine, wrapping both around my thigh for pressure. She started trembling again, and the tracing became more sporadic and feverish after a few minutes.

Eventually she wormed a hand underneath me, trying to grab herself. I also felt her leak against my leg, as well as her grinding against it as if she was trying to cum. Now, to keep my game going, I pretended to finally wake up.

I yawned and lifted my head, stretching and deliberately putting more pressure on her bladder. I nod, wrapping my arms even tighter against her. She only turned redder, and forced a sheepish grin. I raised my eyebrow to her, silently questioning her movement.

Also, at this point in time she knew about my omo kink, but was still entirely shy about bringing it up around me or showing me that she needed to go she admittedly told me when she surprised me when I came home from work before the move that it took her several days and many attempts to hold before to finally muster the courage.

So for her, me knowing that she desperately needed to piss is utterly humiliating, which makes it so much more fun. She moved her legs, and I sat up to a straddling position, putting just enough pressure on her bladder to make her a bit more desperate.

She inhaled sharply, then I felt her fanning her legs a bit before remembering I was fully awake now. I could see the panic in her eyes. I was floored at the moment. She was really trying to hide her need to convince me of mine. A sinister thought came to mind, and I decided to follow along. I moaned softly, slipping a hand between my legs and clutching Holding pee stories. She nodded, trying to gently nudge me in the direction of the bathroom.

I moved slowly, as if any moment could cause a leak. I pretended to stumble to the door, and the moment I was out of sight I paused against the wall to listen. She moaned loudly, and I heard her climb to her feet, shuffling about. I managed to grab a cup from the kitchen before doing so, and poured water into it. Letting it dump slowly into the toilet, I made damn sure to let her know how good it felt. By this point, Angie was standing at the door of the bathroom, and I can see her hopping from foot to foot.

The doorknob starts jiggling, and I can hear her leaning her body on the door. Wrapping up in a towel, I open the door. She was on her knees, both of her hands clutching at her crotch and her head bowed. She climbed to her feet, Holding pee stories her hands immediately were shaking hard in the air, while she shuffled very, very slightly from foot to foot. I chuckled, leaning against the door frame. She opened her mouth to retort, but buckled down, one hand flying to her crotch while the other attempted to push me aside.

She shook hers too. I wrapped my arms around her and spun us around, so that she was pinned against the wall. She whimpered, and a few moments later her face turned redder while she sighed in relief as a cascade poured over my leg, pattering to the floor. It lasted about a minute, and I had to hold her up because she almost fell a couple times. Tips for being a mommy not mine.

Having a little with anxiety not mine. Tips for new caregivers not mine.

Holding pee stories

Long Distance Relationship helpful Holding pee stories not mine. For caregivers and littles LDR not mine. SFW Resource list for caregivers includes tips for: caretaking, activities, recipies not mine. Bedtime tips LDR not mine. Rewards for littles. Routines for littles LDR. More routines not mine. Bedtime stories for littles not mine. Keep a little in little space not mine. This was my first time, I never thought I would do this to myself. I feel dirty after I do it. You find yourself getting super quiet and Holding pee stories little squirmy, trying to figure out what to do while you hope the growing urge to pee will just magically go away until you can get to a potty on your own.

Suddenly, a strong wave of desperation hits you and you have to physically react arch your back, cross your legs briefly, press your thighs together, etc… to keep from having an accident in your pull-up on the spot like a little toddler. You continue to stay quiet, fighting the urge to suck your thumb in an attempt to comfort yourself or hold yourself like a barely toilet trained toddler.

Why is it that all it feels like you can do is be super shy while trying to do the most sneaky potty dance you can do to keep yourself from becoming a little potty pants. Another urge to pee washes over you and you brace yourself as subtly as possible, but another leak spills into your pull-up. You brace yourself to keep holding. Another leak escapes, you manage to stop it, but just as you think the urge has passed and you can relax, another spurt immediately starts. I gotta go potty right now! You desperately try to force yourself to hold on a little longer, but every time you manage to stop the leak, it immediately starts again.

Soon the little start-and-stop trickle turns into longer squirts that feel almost impossible to stop. Your cheeks flush a little as you feel your pull-up growing wetter and warmer, and swelling up between your legs inspite of your efforts to stop your accident before it gets any worse. To make things worse, your wet pull-up is only making it harder to hold your pee in.

What should you do now??

Holding pee stories

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Holding pee stories

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