How do male strippers stay hard

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What's new New posts Latest activity. Live Chat. Shop MoS. Log in Register. Search titles only. Latest activity. Log in. How do male strippers keep their penis hard while stripping??? Thread starter dirtmcgirt Start date Apr 20, ed Mar 18, Messages Girth Hammer Active member. ed Jun 13, Messages 1, ALOT of them use something as a clamp at the base of their penis. Some of them may have very impressive length, that's why they have the balls to be a male stripper. I seen recently on TV on a real old "real sex" from the early 90s. For them this can be dangerous due to the fact you can not adjust it if you are in front of the crowd so if its to tight they have to keep dancing until they go back to the dressing room.

Is this a random question or are you trying to create that? I have attemped to do this but my penis returns to normal flaccid size no matter what I do. Last edited: Apr 20, MassiveVageMan Member. ed Mar 8, Messages Cock Ring. Not masturbating for a week. Among other things.

How do male strippers stay hard

Agree Yohimbe is a killer. When I took that I had erections the same size as my penis with a clamp on with a normal erection. But even if you take it in the morning you have the jitters and it messes with your sleep quality but if that doesn't bother you, the erections are scary big. ed Jun 3, Messages 24, Stay away from Yohimbe its a potent stimulant that can make your heart go into a tachycardia, plus if you have undiagnosed problems with the heart you could be dead.

Strippers use stuff like elastic bands and shoe lace, probably pop a pill beforehand and even pump. DLD doublelongdaddy. ed Jun 3, MessagesCock rings. How well do cock rings work? Will they help me keep my semi erect size? Girth Hammer; said:.

How do male strippers stay hard

I will be making a trip to the sex shop today. ed Jun 18, Messages Good questioin. I wouldn't need a cock ring because being around all those girls would make me automatically have a semi but a question I would have is how do they stay in control and not be dripping with precum. I got some cock rings last night for a good price. There made to be used with a pump so now my sessions will be even better. I How do male strippers stay hard the two lady clerks about Penis Enlargement.

It slipped out when I told one of them I was going to use the cock ring after my session. She said "sessions? After I said that she actually gave me advice on which one would be better for that. I told them if they had boyfriends, lovers, or just guys their are open with tell them about it cause we get plenty of guys who fell they need surgery, they have no hope with there size and its good to help them. They said they will look at it and tell their male friends.

Runs off to order some Yohimbe. ed Jun 15, Messages Are cock rings dangerous like clamping is? How long do you have it on? Cock rings are pretty safe. I would say more than clamping. But with everything, its only as dangerous as you make it. I have clamped close to 2 years and been using cock rings daily for the last month or more. I love the cock rings. I may buy some different ones that I could wear all day.

Stayed about 60 pecent erect. But my cock ring sits on my balls while standing and makes my penis stuck out so it was kind of obvious a had something going on down there. Got a ton looks mainly by married woman whores.

How do male strippers stay hard

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How do male strippers stay hard

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