Jessica chobot pregnant

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Jessica chobot pregnant

Her Expedition X co-star, scientist Phil Torres, is often the voice of skepticism when it comes to this kind of spookiness, but even he couldn't explain what Chobot described as "easily one of the most Calling in Torres to look at what was doing on, she recalled, "You could see on his face the wheels turning behind his eyes as he was trying to make sense of it and the smoke coming out of his ears. Also on their road trip across the United States investigating the country's strangest myths and mysteries as part of explorer Josh Gates' teamTorres and Chobot Jessica chobot pregnant to hunt the legendary Beast of Bray Road across rural Wisconsin, explore the waters surrounding "UFO Island" in California, and even chase down the legend of a seven-foot humanoid creature hiding in Ape Canyon.

On a more personal note, during an investigation that took them to Gettysburg, Chobot learned about one of her own family members who had survived the Civil War battle and got to visit the memorial dedicated to his unit.

In Expedition X"not only do you have this great kind of physical experience of trying to find these urban myths or the seed of truths in these situations … you get this background that you wouldn't necessarily know," she explained of the show's educational and entertainment balance.

Jessica chobot pregnant

With the help of local experts, eyewitnesses and some cutting-edge technology, Chobot and Torres are confident they can shed new light on mysteries that have fascinated people for generations. Start the Conversation.

Jessica chobot pregnant Jessica chobot pregnant

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