Kick in the balls self defense

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Lol your daughters must be lucky I ne er heard someone with balls teaching others how to make it hurt worse. We need you to come to the school. There are way too many women out here who are afraid to verbally and physically defend themselves from men who end up becoming victims. Do you have a video? I did not understand it. First you kick normally with the instep and second you pull the foot back pressing above. Hold your foot out and rotate your toes in a circular motion inward. Stop about 45 degrees inward. Yeah this is better if you see it.

Basically you do the kick then that inward toe rotation swiftly.

Kick in the balls self defense

Your kicking the balls and then your adding extra damage by jerking them away from his body. I regret having his blood on my hands, or rather, knee. But I do not regret defending myself. Yes, he did. And when his girlfriend found out how he got injured, she dumped him.

Kick in the balls self defense

What do you mean, to "open" with that? You're saying that like you were having a fight, when you actually just assaulted them. Breaking a collar bone, pulling his ear off, pulling any jewelry out of his nose or ears. All 3 of those things are insanely easy to do. And I really don't want to go to prison. Aah yes but in belgium the system is broken lol with a sentense under 3 years you don't have to go to prison. Agape93 there's no good reason to make a guy feel such a pain. So if a guy is trying to rape her, she should still avoid kicking him in the nuts? You said there is no good reason to kick a guy in the nuts.

Answer the question. Agape93 I got kicked before so yes even in that case you shouldn't do it. Agape93 I'm just trying to make you anderstand how much pain it feels. I understand it hurts. But you seem to not care about a girl being raped, but more about the rapist if he was kicked in the balls.

Agape93 you're right, I apologize, a girl getting raped is way worse than a rapist getting his balls kicked. Agape93 I'd kick a man or woman in their privates that tried raping me. Rapists deserve being kicked and don't deserve their genitals: man or woman. Then, as an official member of society of dicks, I hereby give you a pardon! The dude was a jerk and he deserved what was coming to him. Share Facebook.

Kick in the balls self defense

Would you kick a guy in the balls for self-defense? Did you do it before? Add Opinion. I feel strange for being curious about this now Dongtai opinions shared on Other topic. Really get up in there. Also if it was completely unwarranted. Feel bad. Make him think twice about doing whatever he did again.

But it absolutely must be self-defense. When your toes make contact, turn your foot as swiftly as you can. The RUN!! Show All Show Less. AuroraRoseat Guru. If he's trying to do something to me, yes I would.

Kick in the balls self defense

It's the easiest way to hinder him. I've done it accidentally rough-playing and felt horribly about it. But if it's a drunk guy copping a feel when I don't want to, I wouldn't do it. It depends on the severity of his actions. Yes, I was at a party and he didn't take no for an answer. He was a lot bigger and stronger than me, so I played along for a while before taking him by surprise with a knee. He was a friend's friend and I found out later he had to have one removed at the hospital.

Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls? How is hitting a girl any worse than kicking a guy in the balls? Why do girls have no Kick in the balls self defense admitting that they have kicked a guy in the balls for nonreasons? Kicking a guy in the balls? Sort Girls First Guys First. MyLastRemnant Xper 5. I will accidentally have my ankle slip and gently tap my balls and that will hurt to where it feels like I want to throw up for a straight minute. So kicking a guy in the balls should only be done if it's something really bad, if he really is a scumbag go ahead.

Ladies, if your life is in danger, do whatever the heck you have to do and never feel bad for it. However, hitting the balls is not always the most effective way to stop a man and might make some men all the more determined to hurt you. It will stop most, but some men CAN resist that pain, especially if they have any formal training that increases their mental fortitude to make them ignore pain or if they are on drugs. Some better tactics are to punch his Adam's apple, gouge the eyes, kick the back of the leg hard to make his knee bend the way it normally would so he falls or smack the back of his head where the small part of the spine ends and connects the neck and head HARD.

GuyWannaHelp opinions shared on Other topic. As a guy, I don't think I'll get in the situation where this will be necessary, but I think you did nothing wrong. If that drunk guy was a threat to you and he wouldn't stop after you told him too, kicking him in the balls is justified in my book. Yes and I've done it before when I was He tried knocking me off a trampoline when I was about to come eat supper.

My neck was literally 3 inches from being poked by a sharp tree limb that could have killed me. I don't play that stuff. If a man try attacking me, I'm aiming for the aims. No excuse for a college pal to horseplay like that and kept messing with me when I said to stop. I was 5'3. It was my only defense when he tried bullying me because he was jealous of a woman I was seeing because it was his sister. If you kicked him in self defense, there is not reason to feel bad about it, except that you feel bad for having to do it. Daniel opinions shared on Other topic. Xper 6.

If he was harassing you then don't feel bad. Some guys don't no for an answer so need something with more impact to get the message. If I felt like I was actually in a lot of danger, then yes. In a regular fight, no. I've gotten kicked in the nuts a lot in sparring. If theyr not too amped its effective but if theyre game forget it, it won't phase them. I'd rather get shot in the leg then getting kicked in the nuts. The pain is temporary but seriously fucked. OhmIsTyping Xper 5. If he was harrasing you, good job! It's a very common Kick in the balls self defense to kick people in the balls so I would say don't be sad, raise a drink.

On the receiving end its some thing like this. IMainHanzo Xper 5. If you are in immediate danger. Yes its acceptable. If you are doing it for kicks. May god have mercy on your soul. ChronicThinker Guru. I have when some guy at a bar literally tried to drag me into the men's washroom a few months ago. I kicked him really hard and I don't think he's having. That's a legit time to kick his balls.

Would you like to find out his balls doesn't work anymore? GhettoGirl Yoda. Think I've crotch clocked three fools didn't expect me to open with that. God it sounds horrible that umpph not unlike a thud, I can't imagine what that feels like but its obvious they dont like it. WTFever Xper 7. No, there are better ways to put a guy down without resorting to that.

U could just full force uppercut your handpalm on his nose?

Kick in the balls self defense

By self defense I imagined an extreme scenario of being kidnapped or something. Yes, of course I would. I would kill to defend myself, kicking a guy in the balls is a much less drastic option. ImagineSketchy opinions shared on Other topic. I aim for the throat. Because if they decided to fight me, they were prepared to fight for their life. Animal kingdom rules. Don't start anything, and there won't be anything.

Kick in the balls self defense

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Kick in the balls self defense

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