Kim possible x ron stoppable

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Love and panic are in the air when a mood-altering microchip make Kim see Ron in a whole new way. Kim : [under "Moodulator" mind control] Now, about that favour Ron : Actually, KP, I Kim : [pouting] You see, Tonight's the night of the big Middleton Days festival, and I don't have a date. Ron : Date! Kim : [overjoyed] Oh, I thought you'd never ask!

Kim possible x ron stoppable

Ron : Wait! But, I Wade : Hey, guys, I Wade : Ah! Kim : [giggles] Guess what the sitch is, Wade? Wade : Um I just wanted to tell you, I got a link to the Kimmunicator, and Kim : [gazing into Ron's eyes] Great, Wade! Ron : [dreamily] Whatever you say Kim : I'm going to get ready for tonight.

Wade : Whoa! What's going on? Wade : This isn't normal! In. Kim Possible. Animation Action Adventure. Director Steve Loter. Top credits Director Steve Loter. Photos 2. Add image. Top cast Edit. Nancy Cartwright Rufus as Rufus voice. Gary Cole Dr. James Timothy Possible as Dr. James Timothy Possible voice. Jean Smart Dr. Ann Possible as Dr. Ann Possible voice. Enrico Colantoni Dr. Cyrus Bortel as Dr. Cyrus Bortel voice.

John DiMaggio Dr. Drakken as Dr. Drakken voice. Nicole Sullivan Shego as Shego voice. Patrick Warburton Mr. Steve Barkin as Mr. Steve Barkin voice. Steve Loter.

Kim possible x ron stoppable

Storyline Edit. Drakken and Shego break into the lab of Dr. Cyrus Bortel to steal one of his devices.

Kim possible x ron stoppable

Bortel's latest invention, the moodulator, a device controlled with a remote that forces the wearer to experience specific emotions. During the fight, Kim drops her Kimunicator and Ron picks up the control for the moodulators, thinking it was the former, and gives it to Kim. Back home, Kim possible x ron stoppable gives it back to Ron, telling him it's the wrong device. Thinking it's a video game, he starts playing with it, causing Kim and Shego to go through an emotional roller-coaster. He stops playing when it's set on love, and Kim then crushes on Ron, and Shego on Dr.

Meanwhile, Drakken is trying to finish his plan, using Dr. Bortel's invention he stole. At the Middleton Fair, they all meet, and Drakken realizes what's happening to Kim. He takes the moodulator's control and boosts its power. Instead he fries it and freezes the emotion setting at anger. But Ron finally talks through the moodulator's effect on Kim, and she breaks free.

Unfortunately for Drakken, he can't make the same connection with Shego, and she chases him out of town. Add content advisory. Did you know Edit. Trivia In a poll conducted on the "Kim Possible" website inviewers selected this as the best episode of the series.

Quotes Kim : [under "Moodulator" mind control] Now, about that favour Crazy credits Dr. User reviews 2 Review. Top review. I finally see the appeal behind everyone's most favorite Kim Possible episode! Kim Possible had a similar poll in as well, and this was the winner. It plays with your emotions as much as the moodulator plays with Kim and Shego's emotions.

It's even funnier in hindsight when you realize how much ammo it gives Kim x Ron shippers and Drakken x Shego shippers. The best part has to be when Kim's love for Ron overpowered the fried moodulator that locked her and Shego into a fit of rage. Details Edit. Release date October 15, United States. United States. Disney Television Animation. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 21min. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content.

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Kim possible x ron stoppable

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