Left 4 dead hunter and witch

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The Left 4 Dead series is largely considered the zombie game that started it all and few games have been able to eclipse the simplicity of gameplay, the complexity of teamwork, and sheer fun these games bring.

Left 4 dead hunter and witch

Left 4 Dead 2 has given us a wide range of zombie types that have stalked players and while every one of them is a welcome addition to the ranks, some are better than others. Updated on August 21, by Ben Baker: Given how problematic these zombies can be in any given game it seemed appropriate to give some helpful advice on how to handle them.

A well-placed bullet is almost always a good idea, but some zombies have some strange quirks and abilities that make them more dangerous than others. In one case it may actually be a bad idea to try and cause any kind of damage whatsoever. To give a better understanding of why these zombies are so terrifying and what to do about it this list has been updated to include some brief tips on what to do when you encounter one of these undead horrors.

Found wandering the ruins of society individually or charging in massive hordes, these zombies can quickly overwhelm even the most professional players if caught unprepared. One of the worst feelings in the game is accidentally triggering a car alarm and hearing the screeches and howls of a horde making its way towards the sound. If dealing with a handful of common infected than literally any weapon will be sufficient to bring them down. A high rate of fire, explosive, or fire can dispatch a horde easily enough, worst-case scenario firing through a hole in a closed-door can buy precious seconds to dispatch the worst of a horde.

Unique to Left 4 Dead 2 was the introduction of Uncommon Infected. These are zombies who possess unique abilities obtained after the manner in which they died as humans.

Left 4 dead hunter and witch

For example, the CEDA Worker type are zombies stuck inside of hazmat suits that are resistant to fire from moltovs. Riot Infected wear bulletproof armor, Workers are immune to the siren call of pipebombs, Mud Men are sneaky and camouflaged, and the pants-wetting Clowns can draw other zombies with their squeaky shoes. There are also more rare types like the Fallen Survivor which has lots of health, is immune to fire, and has a bulletproof helmet, but bringing him down yields very useful items for survival.

Left 4 dead hunter and witch other rare zombie is Jimmy Gibbs Junior, a race car driver turned zombie who has a very rare spawn rate, is fireproof, and blinds you with motor oil. There are six uncommon infected that are similar to common infected, but have a few quirks in how they must be defeated:.

The Boomer is one of the grosser zombies on the list. Lore states that the virus has caused a massive production of bile and gasses inside the host's body causing it to bloat. The Boomer can projectile vomit this bile on survivors blinding them and drawing in hordes. Worst case scenario if they tag you or a teammate a well-placed pipe bomb will eradicate the summoned horde. This can be particularly annoying as a clever Jockey can trigger Tank fights before your team is prepared, awaken witches, and even trigger car alarms. As soon as a Jockey latches on you need to start resisting by moving against where the Jockey is taking you.

This buys time for someone to shoot it away. Smokers are zombies with ridiculously long tongues they use to snag and drag their prey away from the group and upon death, they emit a cloud of smoke that blinds survivors and causes damage on modified servers. The tongue can be broken with enough damage and the Smoker himself is relatively weak. The Charger, or Tank-lite as some prefer to call it, can be an alarming zombie to face off against, especially if he can get the drop on you.

This massive zombie will bulldoze through a group of survivors and send them flying. The Charger is not a particularly original concept, its appearance is a little bizarre with one massive arm and the other atrophied to uselessness. But this behemoth is a game-changer in the fight for survival and one of the more fun zombies to play as. The Charger will make a loud howling noise before charging forward to grab someone. Making sure to be on the move and avoiding this charge is key to avoid capture and taking damage.

Perhaps the most popular zombie to play as, the Hunter is a special brand of infected whose former life as a parkour enthusiast has given it the ability to leap tremendous distances and quickly scale tall buildings. With a simple growl, this zombie can cause an entire group of players to stop in their tracks and immediately find cover.

Left 4 dead hunter and witch

Many of the more popular YouTube videos about the Left 4 Dead series demonstrate how to perform incredible leaps from vast heights and crazy locations that require immense skill and even more luck. On modified servers where the cap on height damage is removed some of these impressive leaps can insta-kill players. The Hunter is fast and frequently attacks from high places above the survivors. You should learn to avoid walking too close to high areas or learn to move in erratic patterns when traveling in the open.

The most alien looking zombie of Left 4 Dead 2 this zombie type has mutated stomach juices that have warped the body and a gaping jaw that allow her to spit acid at enemies leaving behind pools of the corrosive substance. Again, her attacks can be avoided, but for a group of players pinned down or someone under the effects of a Jockey, her spit can be lethal.

The Tank is the awful realization of what would happen if the Hulk ever became infected with the zombie virus. This Left 4 dead hunter and witch zombie has the most health of any infected and packs a powerful wallop with his giant fists. Its most devastating ability is being able to knock around large objects like cars or dumpsters that can drop groups of players instantly.

A well-coordinated team with enough ammo, distance, and supplies can take down a tank easily enough. But throw in a horde of commons, Boomer bile, Spitter acid, Smoker tongues, Hunter pounces, Charger rushes, and Jockey hijacking, and it can wipe out a team with ease. While you can avoid random encounters, the game creates moments that require you to face off against waves of tanks before you can proceed, which makes the end game a horrible experience for those low on health and supplies.

The Tank is one of the most dangerous Left 4 Dead zombies up close due to its punches. Being at a distance is moderately safer if you can avoid the chunks of concrete he throws. Once a Tank is found you want to avoid dumpsters, cars, and other movable objects as he can knock them around to take out entire teams.

The best tactic is to set it on fire and use explosives to stun him momentarily while putting as many bullets into its body as possible. Arguably the scariest zombie in the franchise, the Witch is a lithe zombie who will either lie passively on the ground or Left 4 dead hunter and witch the map. The Witch will remain passive unless startled by a player due to proximity, gunfire, or explosions.

After being activated she becomes a screeching juggernaut intent on killing the one who woke her, which she can easily do in a single hit on higher difficulties. The stationary witch can be provoked by light, gunfire, or survivors getting too close. The best way to deal with her is to avoid her entirely. The wandering witch is provoked by damage or coming into physical contact with you or your teammates. Again the best strategy is to avoid her as she is one of the most dangerous Left 4 Dead zombies in the game. Failing that setting the Witch aflame can help and hehots with the sniper rifle or explosions will cause her to stumble.

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Left 4 dead hunter and witch

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