Lois griffin in real life

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There is no metric on the planet by which Lois Griffin can be measured and come out as the greatest mom on the planet, as she just isn't. But what she may be is the most interesting mom on the planet. The gorgeous cartoon "everymom" has been entertaining us for decades with her quirkiness, well-timed one-liners, and, as much as it may be made to laugh at, her personal demons. She is a laugh riot and one of the many highlights of an already legendary television program. She may not be the world's best parent, but there is no doubt that by all metrics she is an entertaining mom and an absolute iconic TV legend whose family hijinks have been entertaining us for years.

But while it feels like we may know everything there is to know about her buffoonish husband Peter, their middling kids Chris and Meg, and the series' most interesting character Stewie, we just don't know all that much about the mysterious Lois Griffin. In a show that is so fond of using the flashback as a device, Lois' flashbacks are some of the most interesting and often show a completely different side of Quahog's favorite matriarch.

Anyone who has been following the show for a while knows there are many sides of Lois.

Lois griffin in real life

However, those flashbacks aren't always explained and in many aspects Lois Griffin remains a mother shrouded in mystery. With that in mind and with the intention of shedding some light on her life, here are 25 Little Known Facts about Lois Griffin. Like Archie and Edith Bunker before them, to start off every episode we see Lois and Peter hunched over the piano sharing a few dulcet tones with the audience before diving into the meat of the episode. Another trait Family Guy seemingly borrowed from Archie is their tendency to push the envelope when it comes to tasteful humor.

While it is true that MacFarlane tends to attack social issues with a bit more of a nuanced approach than his predecessors, he has still found himself in hot water plenty of times while producing his landmark TV show. Since the show first launched, Alex Borstein, the voice of Lois, has added plenty of her own ature flair to the character. Another huge influence on the character, and stop me if this is too obvious, is Marge Simpson.

Lois griffin in real life

The woman with the huge blue afro is known the world over as the benchmark for TV cartoon moms and she is also one of the influences for Lois Griffin, who has become somewhat of the benchmark for TV moms in her own right. Watching early episodes of the notorious cartoon can sometimes feel like watching a completely different show altogether. But as much as Seth MacFarlane has changed about his iconic brainchild television show, there is at least one thing about his fictional Rhode Island Universe that has remained static, Alex Borstein as the voice of Lois Griffin.

Since even before the beginning of the Family Guy series, Seth MacFarlane has always had the former MADtv writer pegged as the voice of his outlandish cartoon mom. Borstein's nasally banter has become an iconic staple of not just Quahog and the series, but really of network television altogether. Through thick and thin, through cancellations and made for TV movies, Alex Borstein has been the stalwart woman behind one of television's most prominent women.

Lois Griffin reinvents herself so often that it can seem like she is a completely different character from episode to episode. That may seem like a fairly daunting task to some, but for a veteran comic like Borstein, taking on four distinct characters with different personalities and voices behind the microphone is no sweat. In fact, she does such a good job of it that she has been nominated for several awards for working Family Guy and is granted a tremendous amount of creative freedom from MacFarlane and the team to decide the character's arch and direction. There is no denying that Seth MacFarlane made Family Guy the juggernaut that it is, but the Lois Griffin character, and other Quahogians that Borstein voices, were really brought to life once Borstein was given the opportunity to put her own personal stamp on their personalities.

Alex Borstein, the voice of Lois, experienced a similar work-related tick when preparing to name her firstborn. She and her husband Jackson Douglas wound up thinking Lois griffin in real life of naming their child after the cartoon infant and decided to go with Barnaby Borstein Douglas instead. Maybe Borstein Lois griffin in real life didn't want her child to have such lofty diabolical booties to fill if she went forward with the same name as her cartoon baby. Or maybe it was all just clever ploy to begin with.

Borstein thought that adding some color to the wealthy redhead would better separate her from the scores of TV moms throughout history and, as it turns out, Borstein was absolutely right. Adding all of the wild child aspects to Lois Griffin has given the character far more depth than any cartoon TV mom that has come before her and her character depth even rivals that of some well-conceived live action matriarchs. Seth MacFarlane seemingly had a very set way of what he thought Lois Griffin should be like, but the character never really caught on like wildfire until Borstein was given the opportunity to play with the red-haired bombshell.

Since Borstein was given some creative control over Lois ,she has developed from the indistinguishable every mom she was, into one of the deepest and most complex mom characters American TV has ever seen. Another aspect of Lois which Alex Borstein took complete ownership of is the well-known, almost Fran Drescher-like, nasally Long Island accent that Lois, a native of Connecticut, inexplicably has.

According to Borstein, the voice was born out of an imitation of her cousin from Long Island she once used in her past as a stage actor. Well, maybe not all that, but she at least deserves a shout out on the DVD commentary for her contributions to the show's legendary run. Her slow talking was slowing down the entire tempo of the show, which relied heavily on comedic timing to get over with the audience. Something like talking speed may seem like a trivial detail to the casual comedy watcher, but any big fan of the genre knows that when it comes to making people laugh, it is all about the timing.

So Borstein put a little pep in her verbal step and sped up her speech patterns to make sure Lois could fit in with the rest of the fast talkers in Quahog. She may not quite be Ronald Reagan with the word but she is definitely a great orator. Another influence on that angelic nasally voiced redhead is 80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper and the similarities go much deeper than voice. I mean what girl likes to have more fun than the one who took her teenage daughter to Daytona Beach for spring break and upstaged a year-old at the ripe age of 43? She was conceived to represent the everywoman, someone we can all relate to.

Even the least observant fan of Family Guy realizes that Lois Griffin's maiden name is Pewterschmidt.

Lois griffin in real life

I know that might not seem like a big deal since they're just dogs, but they're honestly a little more human than animal on Family Guy. Lois coming from a wealthy family made her father hate Peter, as he's not even close to as well off as he is and his job isn't gonna make him wealthy anytime soon.

Here's a little known fact about Mrs. Griffin, but the redhead from Quahog is a former First Lady. While going over some property records to get permission from the city of Quahog to build a pool, Peter found out that his property was not part of the continental United States.

In fact, he found out this his little piece of land on Spooner Street was not a part of any country. So what did Peter do? Start his own country. So what did Peter do Lois griffin in real life response? He invited every dictator and despot in the world over for a pool party and barbecue. The whole episode, of course, ended with Peter surrendering his country back to the United States, but we did get Lois doing her best Jackie O. Lois Griffin has become pretty well known for being somewhat promiscuous and that came to the forefront of Family Guy lore when Mrs.

Griffin decided to cheat on Peter with Mr. For instance, the current President has been the recipient of a Stone Cold Stunner. Not too shabby for being middle aged woman with three kids … and being a cartoon character! Lois has knowingly, and unknowingly, used her feminine wares to wriggle out of all sorts of situations in the universe of the show and her devilish charm seems to be seeping through the televisions and into the real world.

The voice of Meg, Mila Kunis, ed her fictional mother, coming in at a scorching three on the very same list. Hard to believe a buffoon like Peter Griffin could have so many gorgeous women in his home. However, the real secret sibling is Kate Pewterschmidt. Kate is a monstrous version of Lois, who Carter and Babs keep locked up in a cage in a basement and feed raw meat.

I mean who but her real parents would put up with a daughter that everyone hates so much. However, he said that Brian did, to which Brian let loose the mysterious name of Stanley Thompson. Meg was unable to hear this revelation at the time due to her being listening to music through headphones at the time, but it happened nonetheless.

Lois griffin in real life

Was Stanley Thompson a different long-term partner before Peter? Or did Lois cheat on her husband before their first child was even born? It seems odd that two people, one with red hair and one with brown, procreated and came up with a blonde child, but such is the case with Chris Griffin.

The real reason why Chris is a blonde is that originally the show producers had wanted Lois to have blonde hair and sport a pink shirt. In fact, in her first appearances in The Life of Larry and Larry and Steve, that is precisely what she looked like. The Emmy nominated voice actor and MADtv writer has seen the character through nearly every phase and every season.

Lois griffin in real life

However, there was one scene in one episode where someone besides Borstein stepped in into the red shoes of the middle-class Connecticut housewife. In one of the universes that Stewie and Brian transport the family to, everything about Quahog became Japanese, including the language of the characters.

Excluding this isolated instance, Alex Borstein has provided the voice of Lois in every single appearance of Mrs. Griffin regardless of medium. Followers of Family Guy have seen Lois go through too many phases to count and one of those was her phase as a black belt in Tae-Jitsu in season three episode " Lethal Weapons. Lois took to the training like Peter takes to a Pawtucket Ale after a hard day of work and quickly attained the rank of black belt. Lois found herself so drunk with power in the episode that when her and Peter spent some time in bed, he was terrified of his wife.

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Lois griffin in real life

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