Made him wear a bra

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I recently posted a thread about how I measured my husband's bra size just for fun and came to the result of 36B. Just for fun, I got him a bra. We never considered him to have serious breasts or anything. It turned out the bra was a blessing and made him much more comfortable and gave him lots of support he never knew he was missing out on. He's now a believer and wants to continue wearing bras regularly. So my question is, do you think most men would benefit from a bra? My husband doesn't have 'boobs' but the bra is great.

Made him wear a bra

I think this could apply to most if not all men. I know there's a taboo about men wearing bras, but I'm hoping that can be pushed past. I know most men might not need as much support as someone with large breasts, but certainly all men would get at least some comfort and support from a bra. Should all men? Not even all women should wear a bra. Some don't like to, some don't want to, and some don't need to. It's a matter of personal choice. As for whether it'd be beneficial for more men to wear bras, I don't know. I know my husband, as a morbidly obese man, has breasts that are larger than some women.

But a bra would only draw attention to that fact, as most bras lift. A sports bra might be okay. Buy as it stands, his breasts don't cause him pain or discomfort, so there's no reason for him to go through something that would be embarrassing for him. I'm glad that your husband finds it comfortable, and if more people want to wear bras, I wish them the best. But no, I don't think most men should wear bras. It shouldn't be a requirement for anyone, regardless of gender. It depends on what each individual man considers a "benefit. I'm a guy and have never thought about needing support for my chest or wished I was more comfortable.

Even now, having read your other thread, I have a hard time believing wearing a bra would be comfortable for me. I think you would be hard pressed to convince most guys that they would benefit from support for their chest. I think this Made him wear a bra depend on your body type as well. Some men do not need any kind of support. Somebody like my father would have such a negligible difference between his bust and underbust it would basically be a chest-hat. Same for my partner. If you don't think they're comfortable or don't think you'd need one that's cool. But I don't think it's at all out of the realm of possibility that some guys might find relief wearing a bra or bra type piece of clothing.

I have read all of your comments and I am 99 percent sure that you are a man who has a fetish for wearing bras. There are some dead giveaways here. You are asking people to pick bras for your "husband"- at Victoria's Secret no less, which you would know, if you had spent any time here, has a very limited size range. You keep rephrasing the same question over and over in your responses.

There was a fellow who did this awhile back, who kept asking people over and over about having sex while wearing a bra. Like you, he kept rephrasing the same question over and over. If that's what you're into, good on you. But don't waste anybody's time by being coy or asking leading questions. This forum is deed to help people who want to find a bra that fits. I think they should have a opportunity to try f they wish to. This could be something that makes them more comfortable for sports or the like and even a bra with a mesh could make them feel more supported if it has the right size and is under wired and comfortable and still let them feel like they are a man.

But the point is that society shouldn't deem who is allowed to do this or not. Men should be able to do the things we do without question Made him wear a bra we as women should be able to do what men do without question. I think that true equality would be good for our world but I also know that there are too many people out there who will not let it happen.

I think the stigma needs to go away so that guys who want to can. I think there are a lot of guys who could use support, but it would never occur to them as an option. But even it was normal for men to wear bras, some men still wouldn't, just like some women don't wear them now. Men are also less likely to need support, but there are plenty who do, and they should be able to get it without fear of ridicule.

Made him wear a bra

I have gynecomastia. I have 38Cs and wear a bra. The reason I wear a bra is to stop my nipples from being tormented by rubbing against my shirt the entire day. The second reason is to stop the bounce. A bra is nothing more than an article of clothing to support breasts.

It has no sex just as a pair of pants. Society has labeled it feminine. If they want to, they can But my SO is shaped like an ironing board. Being the age we are early 20s he is tall and skinny, there's no two ways about it. I don't know how he measures around his chest but the difference between his "bust" and his chest will be less than important. So what would be the point for him? I also doubt bras would be useful for overweight men all the time.

Maybe while exercising if a bouncing chest is a problem? The thing is, even for men with a notable chest, they still won't have ificant amounts of breast tissue, which is denser and heavier than fat so men probably don't experience the same sort of bouncing discomfort as women do. I'm thrilled your husband enjoys his bra, and I know there's a least one other man on ABTFs who wears a bra, but I don't think it's something for the masses.

Made him wear a bra

Yeah, there's the whole 'gender policing' issue, from judgemental assholes, but my feelings are that is someone finds something that they like wearing or doingit's frankly none of my fucking business. I think clothing manufacturers would love it if all men started wearing bras, but I think it's totally unnecessary for most men and for a lot of women. It's not even really necessary for me and I have a large cup size. My take is that, if there is a man who wants to wear a bra, then by all means, he should do so. But for it to become a standard is not really desirable.

It is an added wardrobe expense, an added layer in warm weather, an added hassle to fit, and an added obstacle to self-esteem in a lot of cases--why go through it if it isn't necessary? I'm all for removing boundaries between sex- and gender-specific clothing and behaviors, but I think standardizing the wearing of bras is actually a move in the opposite direction--rather than making it more acceptable for women to give up culturally-imposed rigors, we would be reinforcing them for women, while imposing them on men, too.

Why would we want to do that? If nothing else, it would shed light on whether it's true that more men than women can wear a size in the matrix 32AD. It certainly seems likely to me. I am a guy who does wear a bra on occasion. Do I need to? That depends. I've recently gained some weight that has resulted in man boobs, that I Made him wear a bra uncomfortable when running or going up and down stairs.

Made him wear a bra

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