Male painted toenails

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Male painted toenails

I have been painting my toes for the last 4 to 5 years, and I love the look. I was just curious what other men do the same. If this has already been asked I apologize in advance as I am new to this site. HappyinHeels 4 posts. Cali 27 posts.

Male painted toenails

Stoney 18 posts. VirginHeels 4 posts. December 26, I can finally post to this topic. After me not asking wife if I can paint my toenails for some time, she offered right before Christmas. So far we are both enjoying. I was thinking a light blue. April 21, I had a man with his girlfriend once ask me why I had heels on I told him. He then asked why I painted my toenails. I told him "to blow your mind, is it working? April 20, There are other similar thre. I always liked polish, for decades and decades. In the 70' and 80's it Male painted toenails part of a pre-game ritual to paint my toe nails red I led several leagues in battin.

Just repainted mine. I love the look too, my wife doesn't care that I wear it. I paint hers for her most of the time. Sometimes we wear the same color. Some times you will get that weird looking stare but I have had more likes and encouragement. I know what you mean there Heelster about the old er.

I keep mine covered to avoid the toweling that would come if the guys see it. I led several leagues in batting average. About 8 years ago I started to get pedicures when my hand was in a cast for months. Male painted toenails with clear, then a rose tint. Had a pedicure today. I enjoy having color as an extension of my personality and wear high heel open toes shoes. I known now for my heels and my nails. I've even been given containers of nail polish by people at work.

I don't have reds or pinks, but new colors, dark colors, metallics, sparkles, I'm a little wild for someone my age. Hi Stoney etc allI get mine professionally painted. Have them done in color about half the time, for the rest I'm generally wearing clear polish. My preferred colors are blues and grays. That's awesome to hear. I too paint my wife's toes, but she is more into the natural tones. As I like the bright eye catching color. At first she was against it, but now it is no big deal. I only get good comments, never had anyone say anything thing ugly to me. It might be cause I am 6'2" lbs.

I once was asked why I color my fingernails. That got a laugh, too. I never did really answer the Male painted toenails, but that was satisfactory! The real answer would be just a boring, "Cuz I like it. It's my body art. I don't do tattoos, which are permanent. Nail polish is temporary. I can change it or go colorless. I can have fun with it, with bright colors or metallic or glitter or nail art.

Or I can keep it subdued. I actually ran short of time the other day and wore my nails "bare! This is, to me, an interesting thread, with similarity to the "what made you want to Feel free to have a laugh at my expense for this next - I even wonder about myself sometimes.

I'm still somewhat cautious, even fretful, about showing my painted toes in public, but I have absolutely no problem whatever showing the largeish and colorful tattoo I had done on my lower calf not too long ago. I have some color shifting nail polish I need to put it on and post pictures. Here is what I have on for now. I paint my toenails sometimes. It started years ago when I had some tendon problems and had casts on both legs.

Nothing puts your toes on display like having your legs in casts. My wife thought it would be fun to paint my nails to match the casts, with green toes on the foot with the blue cast and blue toes on the leg with the green cast. I got the casts changed after a few weeks to purple, and we painted my toes purple to match.

When the casts came off, the color on the toes stayed. Now I mostly use light gray or silver. I get lots of compliments, and never a negative comment.

Male painted toenails

I'm a trans woman but i have been doing my toes in polish way back, including when i was pretending to be a guy. I get pedicures about every weeks. Nice looking pedi. I had my pedi in bright red last Friday and today I matched my fingers with a red gel polish from Sally Hansen. The red color shouts, "Look at me".

My favorite color for my toenails is silver, but I sometimes do a deep blue, and lately a slightly rosey-pink near skin color which I also do on my hands from time to time. The brand I tend to use most is 'Sally Hansen complete salon manicure' nail polish.

That polish is really easy to apply and lasts for weeks on my toes without much fuss. Its a bit more expensive, but is worth it. It has never fully recovered, all these years later it looks mostly better, but still a bit 'unhealthy' I guess is the best word to use, and just never grows out to completely match the look of my other big toe.

So I just started to paint my toe nails to hide it, and now I never go without polish on them. I have painting my toenails for the last couple of years. A nice coat of polish really makes a nice pair of open toe or peep toe heels look fabulous.

I prefer purples, fushia metalics and pearl blue metalics. I keep my toes polished year around changing the colour with Male painted toenails seasons. Wear wedges as much as I can. Cali ILNP. The color is called Birefringence. I got them from Amazon, they have several other colors which I have bought all of them if get a chance check them out.

Male painted toenails

I looked into the nail color and got these five. To late for my last pedicure - yesterday, so next pedicure I will try the holographic one. Cali I am sure you will love them as much as I do. They look soon much better in person, my photos don't show the color shifting so well.

Male painted toenails

Your right Stoney, the packaging is great. I was surprise that these are "hand made in Las Vegas". I thought what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. To show the color shift you need a video, which they do have links to on their website. Even though I just had a pedi with bi-color toes, I cant wait to try these out.

Four toes are Birefringence Hthe accent toe nail Ice House. Several of the women the salon was going to look at the site and get some of their polish. Thanks Stoney for telling me about it. Two photos to show the color shift. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. Just curious what other men paint their toes. Share More sharing options Followers 0. Recommended Posts.

Male painted toenails

Stoney Posted April 19, Posted April 19, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Replies 85 Created 4 yr Last Reply Sep Top Posters In This Topic 4 27 18 4. Popular Posts Spareheels December 26, Cali April 21, Cali April 20, Posted Images. Heelster Posted April 20, Posted April 20, edited. It's been discussed. I don't. Can't have coworkers seeing such oddities if a sock pops a whole. Not sure the wife would appreciate it. Not sure I'm inclined to either.

Male painted toenails

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