Martian manhunter niece

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Miss Martian isn't related to Jonn in this show or the comics. She isn't even related to him in young justice which is the show responsible for this misconception. The series is inspired by the comics, but the writers doesn't really follow by the book. Cos if they did, we would have a much badass Supergirl.

Martian manhunter niece

That aside, cos they're not related and she's supposed to be Jon's love interested in the series albeit the relationship is kinda forced atm. In Supergirl they are not at all related, so he never kissed his niece. They're not related on the show and they made M'gann older. Because of their familial relationship in the comics I've never been able to get into their romance on the show. They changed a lot of the characters from their comic counterparts for the Martian manhunter niece. Some worked better than others. Yeah, I agree. Their familial relationship is pretty new in the books.

It's not classic. Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian having a familial relationship, honorary or not, was entirely an invention of Young Justice. Since I'm a dork and am trying to look busy, here's a quick rundown of the major versions of M'Gann Martian manhunter niece the last 15 years:. The original that debuted in Teen Titans 37 back in As far as I remember, this version was barely connected to Martian Manhunter at all and didn't meet him until well after she had become a hero.

Young, member of the Teen Titans. The version from Young Justicewho debuted in This version is the biological niece of Martian Manhunter, whose sister broke with social convention and married a White Martian. She followed him to Earth, became his teen sidekick, and The Team. The version from Smallvillewho debuted in Smallville Season 11 Special 1 in She's the last White Martian, sent to Earth as a baby and raised by a human scientist.

She views him as an honorary family member, with the two of them being the last survivors of Mars. Note that this depiction is heavily influenced by Young Justicewhich was the new hotness when it was being published. The one we're talking about, debuting on Supergirl back She's a grown-ass woman, not related to J'onn, and the first female Martian he's met since his wife's murder.

They've got a thing going on. J'onn's "niece", though probably not biologically based on his current origins.

Martian manhunter niece

A young adult who served as the liaison between Nightwing's young adult Titans team and the Justice League in the "New Justice" era. Young adult member of the Justice League who is J'onn's niece and probably not a White Martian since those didn't really exist in Justice League Unlimited. Assuming you take this movie as canonical. I dunno. Either way, they didn't go into detail about her origins. While the idea of M'gann being J'onn's niece was introduced init didn't really "catch on" Martian manhunter niece when it was added to the comics. The version on Supergirl is definitely an outlier with her age and romantic relationship with J'onn, but it wasn't nearly as weird back when she was first introduced.

Yeah, and Mon-El f Aren't there even comics where Supergirl and Superman are a thing? It's not like there's one truth and everyone has to follow it. The same already applied when books are adapted for movies. The same happens for comic books and TV shows. Found the internet! Why did martian manhunter kiss his niece miss Martian in supergirl. Posted by 5 months ago. Click to see spoiler. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Why did they do that.

Continue this thread. Since I'm a dork and am trying to look busy, here's a quick rundown of the major versions of M'Gann over the last 15 years: The original that debuted in Teen Titans 37 back in Mon-El and Kara aren't related. More posts from the supergirlTV community.

Martian manhunter niece

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Martian manhunter niece

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