Masou gakuen hxh yuri

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Hide Up. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Masou Gakuen HxH. Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. s 2 [1] 2 ยป. The Aldia yuri moment though. Poor Scarlet though, think she bit off more than she can chew. Damn it, cliffhanger. Oh well, "that" constest.

It wouldn't be complete without one of "that" contest, right? LOL Perfect timing. Aine surely need someone to talk with at the moment. So the attack is for inviting Aine? What a perfect timing. Why do I always get annoyed at the last name "Fairchild"? Lol at the part where Scarlet almost did the hybrid heart thing with the mc.

And that lesbian scene was pretty fucking great. All the budget went to the toungue twisting and turning lmao. I actually kinda like Scarlet, but of course, her hostility towards Yurishia is probably caused by some sort of misunderstanding, probably. Typical date at the beginning of the episode with a couple of the girls thirsting for Kizuna's dick. Looks like Scarlet is on bad terms with Yurishia, and I guess the bad guys are trying to go after Aine. That yuri moment though I have spoken. This made me laugh so much Well, I'm not complaining. They showed what the viewers need to know, that Aine is afraid of her lost memories, and seeing more of my favorite girls is always a good thing.

Speaking of which, I think that the flashback from Aldea and Gravel's first battle is also original content. If it is, maybe the staff are also fans of those two. I mean, they have been cutting a few scenes since the first episode, but this is the first time they added something new. They could have cut Vatlantis scenes so they could fit Aine's Heart Hybrid this episode, but instead they choose to cut a ecchi scene featuring the main girl for Masou gakuen hxh yuri sake of adding original content featuring the antagonists. Yes, I know those two are going to side with the heroes in the future, but unless the staff is already planning a second season they will be antagonists until the end of the anime.

Best scene? Obviously the hot yuri scene. Scarlet does have nice tits, but she's Masou gakuen hxh yuri bratty. Plus Yurishia's are better. XD Holy fuck, that Grabel x Aldea scene was hot as fuck! XD They'll need more power to stop them. And more teasing of Aine's past HaXXspetten said: thebrentinator24 said: That yuri moment though That yuri scene between Grabel x Aldea was so hot!

Scarlet is too much of a brat to be likable, tbh. Bad news is based on next episode's title, it will end Vol 3 in the next episode. I'm worried that it will go for anime original ending. This anime is clearly trying too hard. Even more characters introduced.

Masou gakuen hxh yuri

Alright episode. Ohh, yuri! That dance will haunt me, ballers. AmnesiA-chan said: This made me laugh so much Yuri scene is indeed hot. I enjoyed seeing Scarlet as Yurishia's rival, moreover, Aine was really cute eating with a sulky face, one more step to be the best girl, but what drew the most attention in the episode was really the yuri scene, adaptation is being very liberal, I hope to see the BD with extra scenes moreover.

Even the protagonist got excited, or not much. Second time now they got completely destroyed. Think it's time to perform daily orgies and be prepared so they don't get trashed again. Yuri is love Yuri is life. Everyone got their ass kicked so hard lol. The yuri scene had better animation than the rest of the episode xD And I don't like Scarlet. She is annoying. I liked their contest, but Scarlet is very annoying. Nice to see the whole budget went on boobs this episode. Best epsidoe so far. Not going to lie, i enjoyed the hell out of this episode. Anyone catch the phallic fountain?

Yuri scene. Now this is what I'm talkin' about. Easily the best thing to happen so far, not that there was any competition. Lol they all get wrecked. Scarlet has better oppai than yurishia though ;D. Railen said: this episode sets this "anime" official as hentai, no Masou gakuen hxh yuri for discussion lol.

Seem that perverts regret nothing, good to know. Grabel x Aldea lesbian love Scarlet's hairless cameltoe was something else.

Masou gakuen hxh yuri

Is it just me or is Aine one of those interdimensinonal bitches, but she doesn't know it yet? Amazing episode and Wonderful, now my ecchi meter broke again, fucking eye candy almost thinking am watching a hentai with the yuri moment! How tragically for everyone tho, now everyone is beaten down, what will happen next time?

Masou gakuen hxh yuri

Damn, dat yuri scene. I see they made quite a few changes to the OP to reflect what's going on. Replaced one of the scenes with an image of Aldea and Grabel. The panorama of Aine's translucent face showing the Tokyo float in the background now shows the enemy capital. A couple other details too that I don't remember off the top of my head. Guess they're making it pretty clear that Aine and her Hybrid gear are actually from the other world.

They seem to know quite a bit about her. I know people aren't really in it for the story, but I'm pretty interested in it. Because Aine being from the other world raises shit lo of questions. It makes you wonder what the truth behind Kizuna's mother is.

The other world seemed to know exactly who Aine was and knew what her gear was. They also refer to it as megitech armor and everyone on their side is wayyyy more powerful than the earth side. So how did Kizuna's mother invent the HH gear? Did Aine bring a key to it with her?

Did the mom already know about the other world and not mention everything? Did Masou gakuen hxh yuri somehow steal the technology? Was she perhaps from the other world as well working as a scientist and made her way over before the sister was even born? I mean I love my deliciously lewd tiddies and ass, but the mystery behind the story has me hooked too.

Scarlet's de and figure is nice. Too bad she kinda fucking annoying, lol. Also, sees her two teammates downed from enemy. How 2 Fight in Animes Damn, they got wiped out quick. Ooh Aine's munching face is very cute, I like it. Sylvia is too adorable! WTF is Gilgamesh doing here?

Masou gakuen hxh yuri

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