Metal slug female characters

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The 2P character has a hair style that strikingly resembles that of Fio's, and she even wears glasses to go with it. Concept art for dialogue scenes between characters, for the opening stage or between levels according to the Metal Slug official guidebook. Unknown characters drawn Metal slug female characters Max D. Possibly early characters from the same era as those above; the girl is likely an alternate de of the rejected 2P character.

The bottom pictures even depict her with the SV Metal Slug. Ivo speculates Metal slug female characters top-right character is the same as the unused soldier who pops out of tanks from various angles. Note how she goes from cute to serious from left to right. Sophia in various get-up. Otherwise only seen in the Official Guidebook, they were probably unfinished pieces for the Special gallery. Animation tests for the player character; their knife attacks on the left including a fancy reverse kick and mighty punch and entering the Slug on the right.

Probably just the artist getting colourful. Marco as a fire-breathing dragon demon. A stylistic interpretation of the Super Devil mode unlocked in Combat School, which merely turns his skin green and makes his pistol shoot tank shells. The guy resembles Amadeus from Metal Slug 4, but this picture was drawn during the development stage of Metal Slug 1, with six years of gap in the time period between them. A goofy bit of art depicting a bald Morden as an Allen O'Neill-like musclehead. Don't let the appearance deceive you, this "homemaker" is a genuine military professional.

During the Gerhardt City invasion when bullets were raining down everywhere, they led Marco and Tarma through to the city's centre. She looks as if she's about to shove that rocket launcher up someone's ass. But in the game, however, all she really does is to act like The same lady, looking more ghoulish than ever.

Those poor villagers get no respect! Sergeant Allen O'Neil drowning in water. We don't actually see him drown until Metal Slug 2. And this art is suppose to be part of Metal Slug 1's concepts. Now you realize where Allen Jr. Talk about Beauty and the Beast. These characters appear only in the exclusive Another Mission mode, albeit as P. Notably, this is Rumi Aikawa's first appearance, six months before Metal Slug 2 hit arcades. This must have been a really early de of the Slug Tank. The crew is unprotected, no hydraulics that allows the tanks to jump are visible, and there are no armor platings that shield the thre.

Two particularly outrageous early concepts for the Metal Slug, if the Metal Slug Official Guidebook is to be believed. Arts for mission 1 of Metal Slug 1. If you look at the Slug Tank in the pictures, you will notice that its pair of Vulcans are missing, as well as strange barrel sticking out of the rear and missing piece of hardware on top of the turret.

The thre also look weirder. Also, the two things that stick out from the side of the thread shield are missing, too. The early versions look much more cartoonish since most of the parts are round and seperated; the middle image shows some of the exaggerated animations the Slug would have had. The final de is more rigid and tighter looking. Its body armour is based on snap-lock structure, using depleted uranium, ceramics, reinforced plastics, etc. Its contents are shaped by its weight.

Length: mm Width: mm Height: mm Weight: kg Occupant: 1 person. The never-used SV It's more sleek, and has a machine gun and a missile launcher instead of a vulcan. Its cannon's caliber is smaller, and the chassis profile is much lower. The headlights have also moved further to the rear of the top of the turret.

The mineplow is also higher off the ground, and the all-bearing antenna has been changed from being cylindrical shape to a shape that of a cutter. It's implied this would have been Player 2 in the tank-only version of the game, piloted by Michiko Nakajima, based on the story presented in Gamestthough all early footage only shows a recoloured SV The Middle-Son class submarines.

The older variant on top, Middle-Sonhas been used in the final mission of Metal Slug 1 after you fall down the bridge when Morden blows it up. The newer one below, Middle-Sonis seen in the first mission as a derelict submarine. At the top-left is the old de of Type-2 Di Cokka. To its right is a very funky de of it that got scrapped. The final de is on the bottom; it shows how close the tank looked like M3 Lee battle tank used by the Americans during World War II. In the Official Guidebook there's an inset for the KT, which survived long enough to get a full set of sprites its chassis based on the bottom de, while its turret uses the top-left de but never got used.

Based off its animations it behaved much the same way as the Di Cokka. Early top and final bottom concepts of the Type-2B Melty Honey. The first picture shows the Melty Honey as a battle tank. The second and third images makes it resemble a fire-support vehicle, with its open-top crew compartment. The difference between the second and third des is that the third has the spikes on its front armor, while the one does not.

These were deployed en masse in remote locations. When the general's coup d'etre was issued, it was assumed the Regular Army would advance Metal slug female characters the border where they had very little firepower to work with; the Bull Chan was deed for guerrilla-like warfare. Early top and final bottom concepts of the Type-4 Girida-O battle tank. A defensive tank with robust armour and a long-range cannon. Deed for strengthening the defensive power of each Rebel base. However, their high cost of production means only a few have gotten deployed. Early top and final bottom concepts of the Type-5 Iron Iso assault tank.

Anti-aircraft gun. There was suppose to be another AFV for the Rebellion deated as "Type-6" which serves as an anti-aircraft vehicle. But it seems that it was scrapped due to the fact that there were no controllable aircraft for the players in Metal Slug 1.

Another mobile ack-ack gun that never made it into the game. Early top and final bottom concepts of the Tani-Oh, the level 3 boss from Metal Slug 1. The first picture shows a blocky tank with three turrets and a lot of and barrels. The second image shows a huge tank with just a huge turret with a huge gun.

Metal slug female characters

The third shows a huge turret mounted on its chassis that has even more smaller turrets with cannons mounted on it. It also has guns located on the side of its chassis. Note the difference in armaments between the old and new Metal slug female characters. The old one carried an anti-aircraft cannon on the back instead of a cruise missile. The new de also has a longer barrel for the gun, as well as twin auxiliary guns below it. Mineplow has been added to the new de, and the new turret now resembles that of the Girida-O's. A tourism and sight-seeing ship from Ronbertburg City that Rebel Army weaponised with Metal slug female characters shipbuilding.

Can carry a staggering of soldiers. H Panzer tank, which is definitely not in the game. Early top-left and final rest concepts of the R-Shobu. The first and second pictures make the damned thing look like 's toy, while the fourth makes it look like a joke, and the third making it much more respectable than others. Notice how the aircraft looks considerably different by comparing the fourth picture to the others.

Early des for the Flying Tara and Eaca-B when they had unique models, a dive-bomber and a fighter-bomber respectively. In-game the two planes use the same graphic; see below. Flying Tara and Eaca-B are single-seat battle bombs that share the same de, and serve as the Rebel Army's air forces. Early top and final bottom concepts of the Hairbuster Riberts, level 2 boss from Metal Slug 1 and level 5 mini-boss from Metal Slug 3.

Not much has changed in de, except that the two engines located on its wings were replaced with a single engine that is placed on top of the aircraft. If all UFOs come from space I mean, all the UFOs that come to Earth end up crashing or exploding, right? If you look at the whole universe, I wonder how many UFO accidents there are every year? By the way, we're clones with telepathy!

Oh, I see! A schematic for an alien UFO. UFOs do tie into Satiko Suzuki's bio, apparently, but how much space stuff had they planned at this point? I have Gundam spin-offs, maybe? But I do know that there was a seperate project for developing a spin-off of Metal Slug 1 that was going to include these robots. However, the project was cancelled due to lack of interest from the staffs due to the fact that Metal Slug 1 was suppose to be World War II oriented, not sci-fi.

The arts are for the first mission of Metal Slug 1. However, you don't actually see the flak cannons mounted on the stonehe in the game.

Metal slug female characters

Middle-Son missile submarine. The hull looks slightly different from the one used in the first mission of Metal Slug 1. Art for mission 1 of Metal Slug 1.

Metal slug female characters

That's the wing of the crashed-landed Tetsuyuki gunship that you fight as the boss. Notice how many things are different, including the wingspan and the wooden platforms that you use in the game to climb up to the wing. Art for mission 3 of Metal Slug 1. That tank is not suppose to be there, let alone exist, in the game.

Note that the gun turret in the picture is not in the game, but just a pile of sandbags blocking the entrance. Art for mission 4 of Metal Slug 1. Sure, they had that shack in the game, but no machine gun was mounted in one, either.

Metal slug female characters

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