My girlfriend wants me to wear panties

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I didn't know that, maybe I will then. I think the reason it unsettles me is because, while we can all pretend we think you're a man, when you start talking about wearing panties as-a-man we read you as CAMAB trans. So, rather than 'man trying to please women', its read as 'trans woman trying to please cis women' which is I feel sick. Not that you've done anything, just. I think she wants to make me a sissy even though she says it will turn her on. I have to decide tonight if I am going to wear her panties.

I will do it and see how it goes. But some day, in a few weeks, will you bring up the topic of transmisogyny with her for me? I will tell you how it goes tonight ok? Hi, just have to say I disagree. I know this post is a bit old, but I'm here because recently my girlfriend of a little over a year wanted me to wear women's underwear.

Now, by no means am I not masculine. I am openly bisexual, as is she. Never have I wanted to be a woman, or be seen as a woman. However, she just likes the thought of me, a masculine man, wearing women's underwear. I certainly wouldn't say it's transphobic at all, as I invite the idea that women and men's clothes shouldn't be entirely gendered, and people should be free to wear what they want without being labeled as "transexual" or "gay" or anything. A man should be able to, if he chooses, be completely straight and still be able to wear whatever undergarments he chooses.

That's my opinion. Some comments are so dumb and some don't even understand. A girl would no better than to ask me to wear some damn panties or anything female. Sexual Health.

My girlfriend wants me to wear panties

Share Facebook. Girls, my girlfriend wants me to wear panties? Add Opinion. Heck, no! My boyfriend was blessed with a pretty sizable booty and I was not. Why would I want to let him ruin my cute undies?

My girlfriend wants me to wear panties

Personally, I've just never understood the appeal of having a guy wear girl's clothing. I mean, it's cute when a guy hands you his T-shirt and says, "Wear this," when you're getting ready for bed or something, but to have it go the other way around? More power to the girls that enjoy that, though, I guess.

My girlfriend wants me to wear panties

I have a tranny fantasy and would like my boyfriend to wear a skirt while I blow him LauraMarx Yoda. I hate when this stuff is framed in terms of men-trying-to-please-women. Show All Show Less. TweetiByrd Xper 7. I think that could turn out to be very fun for you both. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. My girlfriend wants me to wear panties what should I do?

Girls, Is it ok for a guy to wear panties? Girls, How to get your girlfriend to make you wear her panties without directly telling her? My girlfriend likes to go commando wearing skirts and I don't like other guys looking at her? Sort Girls First Guys First. I made my boyfriend wear my bra once as a joke. We were playing a sex game one night and it told us to switch clothes. I thought it was funny because he used the cups of my bra as pockets and stuffed marshmallows and cookies in them and started talking about how much food he could steal from the cafeteria at his college it's buffet style, but you can't take any of the food with you.

But to seriously have my guy in my panties? No, wouldn't want that. It might be fun for a joke or novelty, but other than that no. If it gets her excited wheres the harm? Claireluvskaren opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 6. Nope, I like them to be themselves. And definitely not to dress like a sissy. ArabianPwincess opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Oh boy these answers could get interesting Pass me the popcorn!

I like my men in boxers TangerineFire1 Yoda. Some one needs some big boy panties! Betwyn 2K opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. The guys I date wouldn't fit into my panties Itsreal Xper 4. Marsupilami 66 opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 5.

My girlfriend wants me to wear panties

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My girlfriend wants me to wear panties

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Why Does My Girlfriend Want Me in Womens Panties All The Time