Naked yoga houston

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What does yoga look like in your mind's eye? Serene people ed in meditation, chanting "Ohm" in between impossibly pretzel-like poses? If so, you might want to put that notion on hold. The ancient practice of yoga has some new variations that might have first-century yogi Patanjali rolling over in his grave or in his current reincarnation Since its meteoric rise in popularity in the Western world over the past 20 years, many forms of yoga have become trendy, including heated Bikram methods and fusion yoga that incorporates ballet or Pilates.

Naked yoga houston

After its beginnings in the field of aerial acrobatics inthe practice grew as a yoga fitness program in New York. There, Travis Shrader and his wife, Sarah, discovered the practice, which uses silk materials like the aerial artists in Cirque de Soleil employ. The silk creates a hammock that hangs suspended three feet off the ground; participants utilize this hammock to work muscle groups free from the compression of gravity. The realigning suspension of this Naked yoga houston of yoga allows the practitioner to invert into upside-down poses and get into deeper stretches in a completely supported environment.

The Shraders became trained in anti-gravity yoga in New York and then decided to return to Texas. When I tested it out, I agreed that it was a lot of fun while also providing a very challenging workout. Poses can be modified to accommodate each person, and the feeling of simply dangling in the air made me feel like a 5-year-old. This is also known as partner, synergy or contact yoga.

Naked yoga houston

It, too, draws inspiration from circus acrobatics — two people get into yoga poses together using balance, inversions, spotting and play. AcroYoga has elements of Thai massage and is meant to cultivate trust, connection and playfulness. It all started in San Francisco in Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer met at a party through mutual friends.

Afterwards, they started doing some casual, playful contact yoga together — Jason held Jenny in a handstand on his hands, and Jenny supported Jason in a therapeutic flying sequence, which uses gravity to release the spine. It's inversion without the effort. Their personal interactions laid the foundation for AcroYogaand they started teaching a partner doubles class in San Francisco. There are now certified AcroYoga instructors around the world. Through a website and Facebook groupAcroYoga devotees get together for classes and unofficial, playful partner yoga sessions that they call "jams.

AcroYoga is very much like social dancing. If you don't know how to dance, you take some lessons before you go to the social dance, so you can learn some moves to practice. Yes, you read that right. There are actually groups that practice yoga in the nude only open to those 18 years and older. Some of us want to feel more comfortable in our own skin. Some enjoy the taboo-breaking thrill of getting naked. It might not come as a surprise that naked yoga devotees are Naked yoga houston male.

Many of its participants self identify as gay, but the groups are usually open to all. Is there ever sexual energy present? The website answers: "Erections are natural and okay, but are not as common as you may think. In yoga, the mind and body are actively practicing yoga and most of your energy is going towards supporting the yoga practice, not an erection.

Naked Yoga seems to be more about feeling comfortable in your own skin and forgiving of your body. Houston classes are offered and Naked yoga houston via the group Facebook. And doing yoga is giving me the extra energy I need to take better care of my body. By Eric Sandler. Workin' and practicin'. What's Eric Eating Episode By CultureMap Staff. Live Music Now. By Johnston Farrow. Movie Review. By Alex Bentley. Weekend Event Planner.

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Naked yoga houston

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Naked yoga houston

All's fair in love and politics. Saving the West End. Rice sustainability study on Galveston Island not so dire: Focus on restoration and coping with disaster. By Shelley Seale. Nov 5,pm. Enlarge Slideshow. Acro Yoga Courtesy of AcroYoga. Nude Yoga Courtesy of Nude Yoga. AcroYoga This is also known as partner, synergy or contact yoga. Read These Next. Serena Williams hits fashion winner while boyfriend Drake fumes. Dashing deer lets romantic side come through with a little edge.

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Naked yoga houston

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