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He let out a chuckle. I do this one thing that you go crazy over. He nodded, grinning up at you. Your head immediately rolled back, hitting your pillow. You glared at him, making him laugh. You shrugged, smirking mischievously at him.

You groaned, both from pleasure of him fingering you and annoyance at him not giving you your way. And Dom watched you do it, the tightness in his pants growing with every second. And then, after twenty one years on this earth, Dominic Calvert-Lewin walked into your life and turned your whole world upside down.

Dom was so gentle and caring, asking you if everything he was doing was alright. He kissed down your body and his tongue made your nether regions feel things your fingers alone never could. As soon as you gasped, Dom froze his actions, looking up at you. You took a deep breath, nodded your head, and caught your bottom lip between your teeth. You sighed, shutting your eyes for a moment before reopening them with a calmer look and a gentler feel between your legs. Dom continued pushing in when you nodded your head, dipping his head down to capture your lips in his and distract you from the pain.

And, for the most part, it worked! Soon enough, Dom had you moaning his name as he gently caressed your skin and went faster. You found yourself coming undone minutes later, having never felt such pleasure in your life. And, surprising even yourself, not long after Dom found his own climax, you were straddling his waist, begging him for another round.

You smirked, letting his hand wrap around your waist as you tossed a leg over the drivers side and Pleasure yourself tumblr Dom in his seat, your back Pleasure yourself tumblr the steering wheel. You moved your hips against his, pulling in and out of him as his hands curiously found their way up your skirt, gripping your ass.

Your hands rested on his shoulders as you rode him, tightening their grip until your fingernails were practically digging into his skin through his shirt. Watching you get yourself off and reach your climax had Dom reaching his, spilling inside of you. The sudden feeling of being filled up had you gasping, your back accidentally hitting the steering wheel and making the horn blare for only a second. Still, it made you jump before realizing what it was, then laughing as you looked at Dom. As he conversed with a different friend, he heard the conversation you and Joe had as he approached you.

He felt his ears heat up in anger as he thought of the derby coming up in a few days and how aggressive and emotional it got. Your lips were immediately attached to his as soon as the door shut and minutes later, he was slipping into you, groaning as he felt how wet you were.

Your breath caught in your throat as you tried to concentrate on your class, eyes shutting for a moment to try and control your breathing. You had never been so thankful for having your camera and sound turned off. His tongue dug deeper inside you as your eyes tried to glue themselves to your laptop screen, attention span slowly moving from the information on the screen to the feeling between your legs. You gulped once more, forcing yourself to look at the screen but immediately feeling your toes curl when Dom hit your sweet spot. From their position over his shoulders, your legs clenched, eyes rolling to the back of your head.

You immediately shut your laptop, pushing it away so you could give your full attention to your boyfriend and his expert tongue. You felt your eyes roll to the back of your head as your climax found you not too long after, body shuddering underneath Dom before he pulled away from your core and grinned up at you. He gazed around at your closest family and friends, seeing all the smiles and laughs being exchanged and suddenly the weight of the velvet box in the pocket of his dress pants suddenly felt lessened.

When he saw the opportunity to get you alone, he followed you inside the house, catching you sneak up to the balcony in your bedroom to get a moment to yourself. Your eyes met his when he walked onto the balcony behind you, and a sudden smile reappeared on your face. Your breathing immediately halted, eyes widening. I am so insanely proud of you for graduating college and pursuing your Pleasure yourself tumblr.

He got down on one knee, holding the ring out to you, and it seemed like time had stopped. You watched him do so, heart beating the quickest it had ever done, and though you found yourself utterly speechless in the moment, the silent continuous nod you gave Dom gave him the answer he desired. He stood up, smile as wide as could be, and softly grabbed Pleasure yourself tumblr hand, sliding the engagement ring onto your finger and watching you admire it for a second before turning back to him, tears now lining your eyes.

You reached forward to press your lips against his, wishing this perfect day could last forever. You know we have to take care of it for the rest of our lives, right? He had been thinking more and more of you two having a baby in the past few months and finally brought it up, his baby fever getting the most of him. And there would be a little you mixed with a little me just running around the house and giggling and looking cute.

You playfully rolled your eyes, shaking your head. You two were old enough and in love and it would be pretty amazing to have a human that was half you and half Dom running around, with your eyes and his hair. And you two were more in love than ever.

Your giggles filled the room, holding on tightly to him as you thought of your future together. You had no idea how exhausting giving birth could be. When the nurse placed her on your chest for the very first time, you felt an overwhelming feeling come over you. You were so, incredibly happy and grateful to have her in your life and absolutely terrified of anything that could go wrong.

So, you help her close, the baby absolutely calm and quiet in your arms, simply looking up at you in amazement. You looked up at Dom, and saw him already staring at you two with tears in his eyes. He wordlessly nodded, taking hold of the baby and pulling her into his arms. Looking back on it, those first 24 hours with the newborn were his absolute favorite; it felt like you and him and the baby were in your own little bubble, experiencing everything new for the first time, and embracing it all as it came, excited to see what the future held for your little family.

Dcl supporting you while you struggle with mental Pleasure yourself tumblr. Maybe you tell him, that you thought he was going to leave you after he found out? You shook your head wordlessly. You always got quiet when you went through one of those times, an exact opposite to your bubbly personality. He sighed, making his way over to the bed and taking a seat beside your form. Talk to me about it. Tell me how to fix it. Without hesitation, he got under the covers, wrapping you up in his arms and kissing your head. And, it got you thinking.

His heart broke at that. I want you, all of you. Your goofiness, your mental health issues, you waking me up at 3am to get food… I want it all. You knew he was only joking but it made you laugh anyway, lifted your spirits for the first time in days. Anonymous asked: Can you write part two to Dom's jacket one? As smutty as is can get. He was giving you a look. Anonymous asked: hi! Anonymous asked: Giving birth and the first time you and Dom meet your new baby pls x.

Anonymous asked: Dcl supporting you while you struggle with mental health. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked.

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