Rite aid sucks

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Rite aid sucks

See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this may change next time you visit. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. To make a long story short, I put up with the rude, abusive, judgmental, demeaning, dismissive incompetent arrogant RiteAid for years.

Rite aid sucks

Then one of their "people" called my daughter a liar to my face. Not one of them could ever give me a good reason or excuse for that kind of behavior. Do they think they are the only ones who work in an abusive environment? And that gives them the right to be abusive to sick people? I hate RiteAid. A new independent pharmacy opened nearby and I left RiteAid without saying goodbye. I would urge you to do the same. The scariest thing about them is they could kill you or your kids and lie about it. Because I'm on pain medication, they seem to think they have the right or it's their sacred mission to treat me like vermin.

My doctor is very strict but they somehow have the right to refuse to fill my script in the rudest possible way, to lie to me and my doc and I am supposed to smile and thank them. Before I fired RiteAid, I went to the new pharmacy and interviewed the owner and staff. They are so nice! I will never set Rite aid sucks in another RiteAid again. I requested a non-narcotic pain med. It worked for me, so we stuck with it. I don't get drowsy, don't feel groggy the next day, no euphoria, etc.

In July I had surgery for torn ligament in my knee.

Rite aid sucks

I still had some of the mg extended release, but once I started back at work, I didn't take them due to not knowing when the subsequent 'releases' of meds Rite aid sucks occur and how severe. For me the mgs were fine while lying down at home recovering. However they were too strong for my other ailments I took the 50mgs for.

My Dr. Calls me to tell me he did. I had gotten flak from these two hyper-hormonal pharmacy workers. The pharm tech is delivering the news about the confirmation, then calls the pharmacist over, after I tell her that the mgs are different and the prescription is too strong, as they are for two different causes.

As the pharmacist approaches, with blatant disregard, she and the pharm. The pharmacist never acknowledged the fact that I was prescribed two different doses of meds, for two different reasons. They then went to interrogate me: "Why don't you just use the ones you already have? After the tech rolled her eyes in the air, and 20 minutes of trying to get these idiots to realize what they're putting me through for no reason, I walked out.

After that drama, I refused to take anything on the DEA list, as I don't ever want to experience that trauma ever again in life. I went to my Dr. He just suggested I go to another pharmacy, as he was willing to fill the script elsewhere. He also called them to speak with the manager, who to my knowledge has never called him back 6 mos later. I know pretty much everyone in the store and pharmacy and since I'm not an agro type of person, and most are great people - I really like them!

Except for one, a pharmacist's assistant due to her name she's referred to as "Violent" in our house. If you catch my drift. Anyhow, I am a chronic pain sufferer. I am trying to keep that part short and sweet because my conditions are many, enough for me to be permanently disabled which means, I only get worse.

I don't get better. Since this pain started roughly 15 yrs ago, and I am rather young, I don't look the "part" of a invalid, but rather I still am. But regardless of that, it's not something I should have to prove to RiteAid, right?

I'm also very afraid of venturing out of my house by myself. I usually need accompaniment. I feel a little OK in R. It takes a lot to get me to go out if I must. It's torture and it hurts, to boot. I also suffer from anxiety and hbp due to the stress of these things. If you looked at my med list at Rite aid sucks. I not just a 1 med a month refiller, I have like Recently they have new pharmacists in the line-up. I think they are both rather nice even if I disagree with their policies because I pretty much lay the blame of ALL my issues onto Violent.

She is interfering with my meds fills. I know she carries an issue or grudge because besides making getting the refill done once a mo. I just saw a special on those as she shakes her head. I just want to know since when did she become MY doctor? Once she even said to me, as we were counting the days together to prove I was past 28 days "Well no duh" I was just in shock at her snotty response.

I mean this woman HAS to be in her late 60's - 70's, a good 30 yrs older than me and she acts like. The biggest prob I have with her discrimination towards my pain meds is that, legally through the state it says I can refill my pills every 28 days. I drive to R. Only within the past 6 mos. Now what I have at home is none of their business. I could have a hoard of pills that I roll around in on my bed, but I am still legally filling able to fill this script as allowable under law. So she says, "Your doctor says these have to last thirty days", and "Well, yes, they are lasting 30 days however I do not want to come back here tomorrow, so please refill them today!

She really should just fill the meds, nothing else is her business! They've filled those early before and I didn't request it. Why the discrepancy? They are both class C drugs! I have two more minor issues and another story to tell but my hands are now hurting I have CTS and Arthritis as well so just know this - My R. I guess they are their own little country with a crazy dictator.

PS - Rite aid sucks day they refused to fill me only 29 days! I took my script and left, went to Walgreens and they filled then and there, on the 29th day. No questions about what I may or not have at home or how horrid my meds are. I don't like Walgreens as much as R. I don't really like Walgreen's store selections AND it is further away from my house.

I am also going to miss all the nice employees, too. It is a shame that one evil wench must ruin it all. I live in one of the most liberal counties in California. I am transgender and every time I try to refill the SAME hormone prescription at Rite Aid, the pharmacy guys give me snark, whisper among themselves, ask what my diagnosis is, claim that they don't know if they can do it and will have to talk to [my doctor, insurance, anybody].

I have brought in numerous copies of paperwork and put them on the phone with people, but it keeps happening. I complained online and the reply was unsatisfactory and misunderstood like simple reading comprehension error what I had described. Never had a problem like this anywhere else in town. Today I received a phone call that my prescription was ready. My fiance drove 65 miles to pick it up because we are long distance commuters My prescription was not ready and the pharmacist couldn't even tell me when it would be ready.

Rite Aid continuously lies to its customers about the date my prescriptions Rite aid sucks ready. I take a medication every month and as soon as the doctor writes my prescription, I take right away to the Rite Aid I am currently Rite aid sucks with. I dropped my last script off on a Thur. They have records of what I am taking and they should know enough to order ahead to have it in stock. But they continuously let me down. I have read other stories of people with the same problem with Scripts horror stories.

YES you have to count in front of them. YES they make your day miserable. YES they blame it on the vendor. NO they don't care if you go somewhere else. This is a upper management problem. So there have been missing meds among me and my 3 kids always seems to be the schedule 2 meds for ADHD. I could not prove it was the pharmacy and was told their counts are accurate.

It didn't look right so I counted and there were only 15 of the 30 in the bottle. When I called the pharmacy they were rude and said their counts and logs say I got all Walgreens has gone back to accepting express scripts so I will be going there and counting all meds at the counter. I have been going to this RiteAid a year and I am on medications I take daily. I would call or stop in at the pharmacy days ahead to inquire about the refills. They would say they would take care of it but never did.

I would never get my medication in a timely manner. When I would question the employees monthly, they would look at me in a dismissive way. No compassion, no excuses to why my meds were late every single month. The most humiliating experience happen just last night. After telling them a day prior about a needed med, I was assure that they would call the doctor because they said they have to get an updated script. Mind you, that they could have done that weeks ago, seeing that my script is prescribe daily.

They always had me wondering if I would get my medication at all. They even one time transferred my prescription to another RiteAid store without my permission. I notice how they interacted with other customers and it was never the way they interacted with me. You could see in their faces that they didn't want me in their store, let alone treat me as a valued customer. I got upset last night and raised my voice, and the manager sneaked away and call the cops on me! Rite aid sucks was so humiliated. As I was leaving the cops came and one stood in front of me and would not allow me to leave.

He ask for my I. I explain my version, he said that they got a call. The manager states, "She was raising her voice at the workers".

Rite aid sucks

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