Robin and raven love

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It's been years - I mean years until I just recently re-discovered the teen titans show again. And let me just say, I've had a change of heart concerning the romance between Starfire and Robin. And this is coming from someone who actually thought they were cute together when I was a. But now watching this as an adult I think it has something to do with the fact that they're too different to attract. Starfire can be too sensitive and has difficulty in understanding earthly customs.

Robin can be stoic, reserved, and brooding. But somehow I guess they ended up together because "opposites attract" and they were the two most conventionally attractive people on the show. And sure, they have their moments - Robin and raven love, kissing, blushing, etc. But it almost seems like a juvenile romance to me. And all of it, all of it pales in comparison to the relationship between Robin and Raven. To me they seem to have more in common - stoic, overly serious, blaming themselves for problems out of their control, both have a fear toward a certain dominant male figure in their life with Robin, its Slade and with Raven, its Trigon.

But they have their differences - Robin can be a little cocky, more sociable than Raven, etc. But can you picture Raven as Batman's sidekick - I sure can. But most of all, Season 4 especially The End partmade it click for me. When Raven freezes time; why does she do it? To save Robin from an impeding doom and then she unfreezes him to escape Slade with when she could have awakened the other titans as well.

When Raven receives the message from Slade and falls down a building, who's there to catch her in his arms like the classic romantic hero?

Robin and raven love

When Raven's pass comes to haunt her and she acts oddly with the titans, its Robin who shows the most concern. When one of the titans have to go to Hell to save Raven; its Robin who volunteers. And when he finally finds her in the form of a powerless child; he carries her on his back and tries to remain her of who she is. Throughout the Robin and raven love, its Robin who encourages her and empowers her the most and you can really see it.

And when the titans fight against Trigon; its Raven who runs pass all the defeated titans laying on the ground to reach Robin. And at the End part 3, she hugs him saying he was the only one who believed. Not to mention, after the events of Haunted, they have a bond. A BOND. And if you look at Raven's "crushes" like Malchior and Aqualad its a brief infatuation but she does blush and fangirl over him with Starfireyou do notice a similarity to Robin.

Raven is attracted to Malchior because he came to her as a kindred spirit who could empathize with her nature. It may have been manipulation but it was what attracted her to him. Then, Aqualad - who I've always thought sounded and looked a bit like Robin.

I always thought Robin and raven had a more sibling like relationship. Robin being the older brother who's always there for raven and helping her with all of her issues. The reason I ship BBRae is that they really are alike. Raven has such a dark past and in order to hide this she just pushes all of her emotions away.

BB also has a really fucked up childhood from his freak accident to being torn from his parents and being in a group that practically bullied him.

Robin and raven love

BB uses humor to hide all of this and I think that's why he can relate to Raven on a level that no other titan can. Edit: Sorry I didn't use any specific examples it's been a couple years since I've seen the series. I respect your BBRae ship but I don't see a romantic relationship with them. They Robin and raven love for each other deeply, don't get me wrong but they are nothing alike. Sometimes Beast Boy, with the best intentions, tends to get in her space and irritates her. This doesn't make him a good fit for her reserved, stoic nature trust me, introverts everywhere lose valuable energy in engaging with extra-extroverts.

I know from experience. Over the series, BB learns to better understand Raven but never as well as the other Titans. And what about Terra? I thought their romance was stronger since he still believed she was good when it was discovered she was Slade's apprentice and then she gave her life and all.

Also, all the Titans have tragic backstories and although that is a good point, I don't think it should be the sole reason of attraction. U know the Flying Graysons right? I always felt like Robin and Raven were good for each other because their relationship was one of regard. She continually challenged Robin by going into his comfort zone, and even when he let her in sometimes, oftentimes we would see Robin usually trying to figure out what Starfire was all about and vice versa.

Robin and raven love

A unique relationship as well, but one that imo leaves room for desire. Again, I am not bashing ships, I am merely observing from the relationships that I have seen in the series. It is extremely telling of their relationship when the series shows you that Robin and Raven both chose each other to confide in when it came down to the wire. That is why I believe Robin and Raven should have ended up together. For me, it was a more realistic and rewarding relationship for the both of them.

Robin and raven love

I preferred shipping the two birds as Garfield is way too immature for Raven—she deserves better. At the same time I can see how Robin and Raven share more of a caring sibling relationship more than anything, making a romantic one look like incest. I think there are better matches for Raven outside of the TT. Closest match IMO was Malchior, but how unfortunate that it turned out as it did :. Found the internet! Posted by 4 years ago. Anyway, let me know down below what you think.

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Robin and raven love

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