Sasunaru hard lemon

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His blond hair seemed to be bright into the dark hallway and his eyes shimmered in the deepest ocean blue tones as he turned on the light. His whiskered face turned into a bleakly grimace as he felt cool air crawling up his back making him shiver. He stepped into his kitchen and opened his fridge. Bu…no way!! His stomach growled and he as now totally devastated. The coldness and the hunger kept him awake a long time. Suddenly he heard a knock o his door. He opened it and looked out. He was a lil taller than Naruto, his skin was pale and his onyx eyes were checking Naruto from head to toe.

Sasunaru hard lemon

What are you doing here anyway? He gave it to the blond, who ripped it open. Than he realized that Sasuke still stood into his front door. Sasuke sat down on the table, while Naruto pulled out two bowls and placed them onto the table. He barely touched his bowl but moved it away from him. Thanks teme! He went into his bedroom and sat down on the bed. After a while Naruto had dozen off and lay onto his bed now. He was snoring lightly and dreaming of ramen as he felt something warm behind him. He opened his eyes and turned around just to find himself face to face with Sasuke.

A deep blush made his face bright red. The truth was that he liked Sasuke, a lot, even if he was a total jerk sometimes, he always admired him.

Sasunaru hard lemon

Naruto gulped but nodded and just closed his Sasunaru hard lemon. He was too nervous even if he thought, he never felt as comfortable as in Sasukes arms. The raven lay there, a few inches away from him, and staring right at his whiskered face. Something hard…. He looked up again, seeing Sasuke blushing even more. As he looked at Naruto again, the blond was only a few inches away from him, slightly blushed, with eyes sparkling full of emotions.

Just a moment later Sasuke felt a warm pair of hands beneath his shirt, on his chest, trailing his body, softly getting known the pale muscular stomach of the raven, whose breathing got deeper and more exciting every second. Sasukes eyes shot open as he felt on of the tanned hands slowly getting down his v-muscle, sliding into his boxers, stroking over his erected member. The blond began to move his hand up and down, feeling the raven tense up, closing his eyes and moaning lightly.

He started to tighten the grip, gaining gasps from the pale teen next to him. Naruto suddenly felt arms wrapping around him, approaching him nearer. He looked straight into Sasukes face. His bangs were sticking to his face from the sweat, his eyes half closed, his lips slightly Sasunaru hard lemon, and small gasps were escaping his throat. The blonds eyes closed and he parted his lips, hoping Sasuke would get the hint. He got it and pushed his tongue right thru the blonds lips, ravishing his mouth, moaning deeply from the still bumping hand on his shaft.

The blonds movements got faster and the Uchiha just kept moaning into the kiss until the blond broke the kiss and looked right into the charcoal eyes, which gazed at him half closed. Sasuke took Narutos head into his hands and approached him near, giving him a passionate kiss on his lips.

The raven fell back on his back and kept panting hard, as he gazed over to the blond. He had pulled his hand out of Sasukes pants and looked at the sticky, whitish liquid on his hands. He rolled over so that he was on the blonds top, who now gazed at the raven with shimmering eyes. He lowered his head and kissed the blond with passion. He unzipped the blonds orange jacket, his hand wandered down his sides, getting under the black shirt the blond wore beneath his orange jacket, tracing the blonds stomach with his smooth but pestering touches.

They sat up together, still with their lips together Naruto let his loose jacket slide from his arms, just to grab and pull on Sasukes blue shirt. They parted their lips just to get rid of their shirts and continued the kiss even more passionate and wet. The raven traced down the blonds neck with his tongue, stopping on the blonds collarbone, where he started to suck on the tanned flesh. The blond moaned and tilted his head to give the ebony haired teen a better access.

Sasunaru hard lemon

His hands were buried into the dark mane while Sasukes were trailing down Narutos body, exploring every inch of it. The pale teen stopped at Narutos stomach, tracing the seal mark with his fingers, than kissing every inch of the tanned belly, plugging is tongue into he blonds belly button.

Naruto moaned deeply, the soft touches of the raven haired boy nearly made him going crazy. Attaining the orange seam, Sasuke unzipped the blondes pants, ripping them down and grabbing back onto the tanned hip. The blond felt his boxers getting ripped down and something wet tipping his dripping erection. He lifted his head, seeing Sasuke licking the top of his throbbing member, slowly tracing the vein with his wet muscle. Naruto gasped as the older teen took the tip of his shaft into his mouth, sucking lightly, letting his tongue trickle the hard limb.

The raven smirked as he heard the blond moan deeply when he took his shaft fully into his mouth, letting his tongue swirl up the whole length. The tanned boys grip got compacter and the raven felt a light pulling on his hair. Suddenly he lifted his hands, holding three fingers in front of Narutos mouth. The blond took his hands away from the sweaty black mane and took hold of Sasukes hand. He slowly licked over the fingers, then engulfing all of them.

As Sasuke felt his fingers into the wet, warm cave he moaned, creating a vibration on the youngers erection. The blond buckled his hip cause of the incredible feeling, nearly gagging Sasuke. The older teen pulled away, gaining a disappointed grunt from the blond teen. He got up to face Naruto, who still sucked on the ravens fingers. Sasuke wiped sweaty blond wisps of hair out of Narutos forehead. He unzipped the pale teens pants and ripped them down along with his boxers. The finger pushed in and out, but started to feel good. Sasuke parted their lips and looked at Naruto, who seemed to have accustomed to the one finger, so he added a second, feeling the blond tense up.

He made scissoring movements to stretch the blonds circular muscle, kissing the blond lightly down his neck. After a while the raven added the third and last finger. The azure eyes teared up and Naruto gasped, closing his eyes. His fingers began to move in and out, and after a lil time, Naruto enjoyed the feeling and was pushing down on the ravens hand. Naruto arched his back, he felt a enormous heat floating over his body and small electric pulses running up and down his spine. He threw Sasunaru hard lemon head back and found himself screaming Sasunaru hard lemon of pleasure.

The raven tried to keep the exact point in his mind and removed his fingers. The blond grunted annoyed from the loss feeling but suddenly looked a little nervous as Sasuke positioned himself in front of the blonds entrance. He leaned down and kissed HIS blond and thrust into the tight entrance. He moaned at the incredible sensation but looked down at the blond. Naruto teared up at the sudden intrusion. Bursts of pain were blurring his senses and he inhaled sharply and tensed up immediately.

Sasuke leaned down to the exposed blond and kissed away his tears. After a while Naruto felt the pain dull away and just a tinge still being felt. He moved his hip a little to get adjusted to the feeling. He nodded to show Sasuke that he could move. The raven pulled his length out and pushed it right back in, moaning at the sensation.

Sasunaru hard lemon

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