Sex on the first date reddit

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Tell us a story of when you have had sex on the first date. Focus on the lead up. What were your initial messages like? Where was your date? How was your conversation? What was the sequence of events that lead to sex? Male and female perspectives both are welcome! I like your name. It reminds me of indian names, like "dances with wolves". Why is no one banging me out of boredom?

Sex on the first date reddit

I'm not above that kind of treatment. A bar of her choosing on a Wednesday.

Sex on the first date reddit

I asked her to come back to my house to smoke up, she obliged and we listened to music then started making out. One thing le to another and then I couldn't get it up. We go to a bar near her work after she gets off, her friends are celebrating one of their other friends birthday there. We up with them and somehow it's not totally awkward.

We don't talk to much, she tells me to come out side for a smoke, I don't smoke but whateves. She pushes me up against the glass right infront the table where all her friends are. I'm late because of giving date 2 a ride to her car. This one is at Potbellys because she's not old enough to drink. I just tell her about my two other dates and how they went, then about the time I did heroin. I leave for a business meeting and on the way there she asks if she can come over that night. We mostly talk about France and Arrested Development.

Our date is at the Spy museum in DC, it's terrible.

Sex on the first date reddit

It's the worst one I've been to. She says she's going to Pride afterwards and asks me to tag along, it's fun but super hot. We get some apps and wine at a local place. I've got to go to a friends birthday party, she makes it very clear she wants to come. We hang out there for a while then go back to her place. We're friends now, all my friends adore her and she likes them.

We go to a bar, then a club, then she comes back to my house to smoke DMT. I get most of her clothes off and then have to go to the bathroom. My roommates Bf manages to call her ugly really loudly from the other room and she leaves.

Sex on the first date reddit

We get drinks near my house. I tell her about how every girl seems to have sex with my on the first date, she laughs and says "not this girl". She tells me about her other OKC dates I drink too much to drive on purpose and ask her for a ride home. We watch Aziz Ansari Stand up for a while then have sex.

We're friends now, she's cool.

Sex on the first date reddit

Nothing I love more than fooling around with the woman who says there is no way we are going to fool around that night. Probably my all-time favorite was the woman who said, "I'm not just going to let you take me home and tie me up on our first date. What happened to date 6? If you're batting 0. You're ballsy smoking DMT with a new person, that's an experience I reserve for my closest friends.

I was traveling though some of Europe, starting in Amsterdam, so I activated my to mostly find some friends and activity people. On the Thursday I messaged the most handsome man on OKC to see if he was interested in doing something, he gave me two options: Sunday flower show or Friday Irish pub. I picked the Irish pub as it was sooner, I love pubs, it was near me and I love folk music. I meet him there and my heart skipped a beat, he's charming, friendly and eloquent - I wanted him the second I saw him.

We had a drink and talked for an hour or two when he suggests a change of venue, which I was surprised about because he kept moving away from casual physical contact and I thought he wasn't that interested! But the conversation was flowing, friendly and I was having a great time. He give me two options, a music bar for a band, or a wine bar.

I love wine and wanted to keep taking so I picked the wine bar. As it was freezing cold, he pulled me close as we walked and kept my hands warm - I pointed out Dutch houses that I'd move into and complained about dutch steps. Get to the wine bar, it's cozy and warm. Selected a bottle of wine to share, and the conversation continues. I've never felt such chemistry with anyone like this before. We left at around 2am, started walking back to my apartment, stopped and sat on a fence outside a church on a canal. Kissed more and a little forward even for Amsterdam, felt like we sat there forever but I'm not sure how long We get to my apartment and sit on a little timber dock were I try my most subtle suggestion that I don't need to go back there.

So he finally asks me to go home with him, I ask him to tell me why and he tells me, then I tell him to beg me, so he begs me - I giggle and say yes note the asking him to beg was teasing fun, I don't really expect him to beg for sex. However it was not required, I had an amazing night, and pretty much stayed in his apartment for the next few days while he showed me around the city. We're still together LDR and he is visiting me in a little while and I already have tickets Sex on the first date reddit for the end of the year.

We go, the bouncer knows her name - She gives me money so that I will go up on stage and receive a dance where they take the money out of your mouth in a very creative way! She goes up on stage for a similar event except of course the strippers are smart and take her shirt off and start playing with her Here's my address, just come over" Male brain kicks into high gear - instantly hop into car and start driving an hour into toronto Get to her address, it's a dilapidated abondoned looking building Call her, hear a Sex on the first date reddit voice respond Get inside, ask where bathroom is - Come out of the bathroom, walk towards the living room looking for her - hear a voice from the bedroom calling out "where are you???

His lips were firm and warm against hers. In spite of her resolve, she found herself leaning into his kiss. Her tongue snaked out and traced the contours of his mouth. He groaned and parted his lips. She took advantage of the invitation and slid her tongue inside. He tasted like coffee and mint and hot male. It was scary and intoxicating at the same time. His breathing was harsh, his chest brushing hers with each breath he took as they were standing so close together. She could step away at any time. She sensed that this was his way of letting her know that she was in charge.

Anything they did was up to her. Slowly, she slid her hands over his chest, lightly kneading. She could feel the muscles jumping beneath her palms. He was all tense muscles and tendons as she stroked her fingers over his chest before linking them behind his neck.

The action brought her chest tight to his. She swallowed back a moan as her taut, beaded nipples pressed against the solid planes of his chest. He broke their kiss, burying his face in the curve of her neck.

Sex on the first date reddit

His breath was hot against her skin.

Sex on the first date reddit

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