Sfm pony models

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Sfm pony models

The Vore Pony Pack is finally here! BlueBlaze Model included Posted by paulpeoples 5 years ago Report. Posted by iwillnomu 5 years ago Report. Posted by MihayNoms 5 years ago Report. Posted by StormyGem Sfm pony models years ago Report.

Posted by steelbrony13 5 years ago Report. Posted by BlueBlaze95 5 years ago Report. They were dropped out of the pack for a range of reasons. The description does say "model pack only". I had dropped them for the main reason of, i simply lost motivation for this pack. I've already started work on a much better project which includes blender remakes of the MLP meshes which offer much much more then even these ones do. I do apologize for the lack of images and animations in the pack.

Posted by ViperBits 5 years ago Report. You make me curious! I do realize that modeling is hard and time-demanding, but do you plan to any videos in the near future? It's been going kinda slow in the vore department without your contributions Not to mention that several of your projects did sound extremely promising! Oh man Learn SFM before shouting! That's normal. Both are the folders you need SFM isn't available for Mac bruh, you sounded like you called me stupid.

Sfm pony models

Posted by Dukinu 5 years ago Report. I'm not good to model pack on SFM. Posted by Aces 5 years ago Report. Should mention in the tags they are SFM models. Or the description. Hm, that's a damn shame Is there a NSFW version of these? Haha, sorry!

Sfm pony models

I don't have SFM installed to check it :P. Posted by Maexam2 5 years ago Report. Usermod folders? What's that? Sorry if it's a stupid question but, when you starrt speaking about technical things, to me, you start speaking in greek. Posted by Speedyblupi 5 years ago Report. The default location is "Program files x86 : Steam: steamapps: common: SourceFilmmaker: game: Usermod". If you've renamed or moved folders it will be different, but otherwise that's how to find the usermod folders.

Posted by Sfm pony models 5 years ago Report. Cool new model can you put it in YouTube or dailymotion plz? Posted by sevensix 3 years ago Report. Posted by jpyr15 5 years ago Report. Posted by Shattersilver 5 years ago Report. It's sad to see you leave this project because of how stressful it can be. Posted by Brigandal22 5 years ago Report.

Sorry but once i downloaded i cant see anything. Find the usermod folder Normally at "Program files x86 : Steam: steamapps: common: SourceFilmmaker: game: Usermod"put the models and materials into their corresponding subfolders and you will be able to access them via the SFM program. Posted by SylphSylvia 5 years ago Report. Posted by DarkPinkie 5 years ago Report. Well I guess now is as good time as any to learn to SFM Sad to hear you reached a burnout BlueBlaze, but I hope you the best of luck in future projects. Posted by Raven2damax 5 years ago Report. Posted by silverspec 5 years ago Report.

I've never used Sourcefilmaker before, but I think i'm going to mess with it with this pack. This should fun. Whew; looking forward to what this spawns! Posted by Kristian 5 years ago Report. I tried downloading the mega link and nothing downlo. Can you help me? Posted by galeskydragon 5 years ago Report. Posted by ohblaargag 5 years ago Report. Yay :D I've been waiting for the release of this pack for a while.

I tested out some of the models and as of now they're pretty good. Or is it not possible within source's limitations? SFM actually has a flex size limit unfortunately. I had experimented with a huge belly flex however i could not export it into SFM. Then can you answer me this: How did you SFM images on a gallery? I tried asking Eka that and he said I couldn't. I guess because most of them are just front covers for Videos. Sfm pony models by Sith 5 years ago Report. Anything you make and share is a major plus to me, can't wait to see any new vore animations you can make I enjoy every one of them you make.

I can only assume the good vore art and animations might hopefully pick up by the middle and end of the year. Posted by dudey64 5 years ago Report. Posted by RED1 5 years ago Report. Posted by folomo 5 years ago Report. Thanks for the files. Can you suggest a tutorial for someone interesting in dabbling on SFM? Using SFM has made me appreciate better the hard work you put into the video. Any other pack you would recommend aside from this one?

For example, where can I get the cottage map? The ones I get with Bellysimple are somewhat small Sfm pony models a ponysized meal. Merge the folders with existing folders in that directory. Posted by Creaturedude 5 years ago Report. Can anyone help with installing the pack onto sfm? Very new to it Posted by MarcMoses1 4 years ago Report. Posted by SnivyXD 4 years ago Report. Posted by TakenUsername 4 years ago Report.

OK, so this might sound a little stupid, but is there any way I can put these into Gmod? SFM doesn't really like to work when I use it. Posted by BlueBlaze95 4 years ago Report. There's a link to the gmod version of these models in my blog section :. Thank you, not sure if that was there before and I just didn't notice it.

Posted by VoraciousCutie 4 years ago Report. I had no idea how SFM even worked! I'm pretty proud of it,but it's nowhere near finished yet! I was wondering if anyone could help me out, are they built into the tool somewhere and I'm just blind, or do you have to download some? Posted by Rygami 3 years ago Report.

Sfm pony models

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