Spin the bottle sex stories

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Spin the bottle sex stories

I am 28 years old, and living in NYC. Nobody is interested in that. I just want to say that I have had many sex encounters in my life before marriage and after marriage. Now by that you can understand that how I am. Here I am going to share one of the true incidents, which happened to me before my marriage. Nodoubt there were many incidents happened to me before marriage, but this is one of the best, and I would like to share it with you. I was in college, and at that time I was having a crush on one of group mate. She was best friend of mine in the whole group, or I can say I was the best friend of her.

She knew it that I am having crush on her, but she never took me seriously as I was flirting with all the beautiful and hot girls around me. I was always fantasizing about her during my masturbation. She got married, and gone to London forever with her hubby.

We were still in touch but not as much as before. After Spin the bottle sex stories she was a married girl now, and i should not disturb her in her life, so I decided to stay away from her. But still was dreaming about her, and thinking about her. I used to like all those girls who were looking like her or who has something similar of hers. I was still the same. Though I was missing her like anything, but my flirt nature was not in my control. I was having girl friends after that also.

Now the thing came when this all happened, and changed our lives. Her Spin the bottle sex stories was Monica. Monica and I were having an affair from quite some time, and we were happy with our sex life as well. We were trying all the new things to make our sex life more exciting. Once we planned to go somewhere out, out of station or out of country. We planned to go to London in the summer. After such a long time I have seen Riya, and she was looking so hot and so gorgeous.

In few seconds I got lost in to the flashback and missed those moments, which we had spent together. We hugged eachother tightly. Oh god what a hug it was. I met Raj for the first time. But I was noticing one thing that he could not take his eyes off to Monica.

He was often taking the chance to see Monica, and her low neck top by which her big valley was totally visible. I and Monica were very free, plus we were in London, so there was need of any restriction or something. We reached at her home, it was quite small house compared to ours in India, but was such beautifully maintained two bedrooms flat.

Riya asked us to get freshen up, and take rest. We did the same, and after that had a wonderful dinner made by Riya. Till now Riya was also in her shorts and sleevless t shirt, and her top was also low neck. I could see the starting of her boobs, and realised that her size has got increased after the marriage.

Spin the bottle sex stories

She was looking super sexy in that black sleevless top and in danim shorts. I was just admiring her, and suddenly Monica came from back, and hugged me tightly, and gave me a kiss on the chick and then greets. Next day morning in London it was such beautiful morning. It was a sunny day. From the morning I was feeling some kind of excitement in my heart. Monica was still sleeping. I came out of my room, and Spin the bottle sex stories Riya was making tea in the kitchen.

She was looking fabulous in the morning. Is she stills the same or change. So I just wished her good morning, and she replied the same with a beautiful smile, and asked me about my sleep. We were having our tea and then Monica and Raj came into the kitchen. After that we all had our break fast, and planned to go somewhere out to visit London.

It was such a wonderful sunny day, and we went to many places of London. It was such beautiful city to explore. At evening we all were tired, so had dinner at the nearest restaurant, and came back home. I and Monica changed got freshen up and changed our cloths in some night wears. I was wearing my loose grey t-shirt and black short, and Monica in her loose pink top and pajamas. Raj was in her night suit, and Riya was in her loose light blue t-shirt and white shorts. Mann Do you drink? Beer or Vodka? I replied with a smile, and till then Monica and Riya both were out of their rooms, and now we all were in the sitting area.

Spin the bottle sex stories

We all sat down on the floor, and Riya chose to have beer, so I gave her a chilled beer. I touched her fingers by giving her the beer, and they were too soft. We all sat in the circle, and were having our drinks. I and Raj were on the opposite sides, Riya was at my right, and Monica was on my left. I and Raj were having beer first, and then we started to have vodka, till now Riya had completed her first bottle, and I could sense that she was little bit drunk till now by her eyes.

Monica had already completed her two pegs of vodka, but still she was better than Riya. So now I made four pegs for all of us, we toss for the great day and great life and then took the first sip.

Spin the bottle sex stories

We were chatting on general topics, and Riya was supporting me on those topics. But Monica was silent, she was not interfering in it, she was just spinning one of my empty beer bottle and was thinking something.

Spin the bottle sex stories

Mann I am feeling bored finally Monica told me. What happened to you love? What do you want then? By seeing this Riya gave me a smile and Raj was just looking at Monica with his lustful eyes only. Monica suggested. And we all got agreed to it. Before that I made one more peg for all of us. Till now Riya and Monica were drunk, and Raj was near to.

Spin the bottle sex stories

I was still in concious. It was my turn, and I had selected truth. The first question, and that also on the topic of sex, that was too much for me, but as it was a game so I answered her correctly, and then spin the bottle, and bottle gone to Raj. He also selected the truth. So I asked him that had he girl friend before marriage?

But surprisingly she chose to dare, and Monica had to give her the dare so she asked her to kiss Raj infront of us, as Riya was a shy girl, so it was a big thing for her. It was not long, but it was a kiss. We all clapped on her dare, and then made one more peg on her kiss. Till now we had completed five bottles of beer and one bottle of vodka. Alcohol has started to show its effect, but still I was quite concious. Monica was always ready to kiss me, and we kissed eachother. He removed his shirt instantly.

We all were thinking that what to give to Riya, as now nobody was taking truth and everybody was going for dare only. Kiss Mann and suddenly Raj told to Riya. We all got shocked by his words; I thought that now I am totally drunk as I could hear my own fantasy. But I was not drunk and Raj really said that, and by hearing that Monica was jumping high and encouraging Riya to do it. I and Riya were still in shock.

Nodoubt I was the most excited in all, but shocked as well. Riya was hesitating alot, but Raj asked him to do it as this is the game, and she has to follow the rules. This was totally unexpected for both of us, but then also Spin the bottle sex stories came closer to me. Raj said again, and Monica was supporting her. Our hearts were running like a fast train. She closed her eyes, and came close to me. I could smell her. It was so beautiful smell of hers.

Spin the bottle sex stories

She came more close to me, and our lips touched. But by just that touch she opened her eyes, and got back at her place. Now Raj was annoyed. He asked her to play the game properly. I think Raj was more interested than me. Riya obeyed him, and again came close to me. Raj and Monica was starring at us, and Riya kissed me.

Spin the bottle sex stories

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