St sabrinas tattoo

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. View Website. Saint Sabrina's began offering body piercing and tattooing services inmaking it one of the Twin Cities' most experienced studios. In we moved into a new facility, one block north of our old location. Our new facility redefines what a piercing and tattoo studio can be, putting the focus on St sabrinas tattoo your piercing and tattoo experience better.

Our four tattoo artists, three piercers and bevy of customer service specialists will assist you with your beauty transformation. Whether you're looking for a classic nostril piercing or a complex ear project, your first tattoo or an entire back piece of tattoo work, our staff will help guide you through the process. We strongly believe that knowledge, skill, and service, combined with a great environment, are essential to a happy and comfortable experience. Will never recommend this place. I went here to get my first tattoo from Mike. The de was small and simple, but he did a great job nonetheless.

They really take care of you here. They make you feel comfortable and talk you through everything to make sure you're content with the process.

St sabrinas tattoo

It took less time than they anticipated, so after it was finished they gave me about half the amount I originally paid back, which I thought was pretty cool. Horrible for custom work!!!! Sabrina's to do a consultation for memorial tattoos we want done our mom is in the final stages of a terminal illness.

St sabrinas tattoo

The des we put together are nothing elaborate, but each component has special meaning. We called to set up an appointment for a consultation, St sabrinas tattoo were told we didn't need one - just come in. We had researched the artists at the shop, and wondered how they could be available for walk-in consultations, but didn't think too much about it.

When we got there, we met with a woman who was going to "price out" our tattoos for us. She was horrible!!!! She did not listen to our ideas at all, and went off on a tangent with her own ideas for our tattoos. She wasn't the "brightest bulb in the box", to begin with, and we were sitting in the lounge area discussing very personal details about our tattoos in front of all of the other customers sitting around waiting. We never St sabrinas tattoo to see or talk to the artists we had chosen to do the work, or discuss their ideas regarding our tattoos - apparently they are higher deities, or something - protected from the commoners.

Well, I am St sabrinas tattoo about to shell out any money when I am not convinced that I am even going to be getting the tattoo that I want! We ended up going to a different shop we had researched, where our questions were answered, and where we actually got to set up a consultation with the artist, himself, to talk through our ideas and make sure we were getting what we wanted. That's the way it should happen!!!! We were very disappointed with St. Sabrina's, and won't be back - nor would we recommend them to anyone else! Go somewhere else Each time, the counter girls were incredibly snotty.

They rolled their eyes and brushed me off just for asking how much longer it would be after I'd waited for over an hour longer than they told me I'd have to. The first time I came here, the girl that "helped" me with my jewelry selection made it clear by her attitude that she thought I was an idiot for inquiring about the pros and cons of a post vs. Sabrina's is one of those shops that likes to adhere to a certain image, and if you don't fit that image, the help will treat you like crap. The "no appointment necessary" deal not only makes St. Sabrina's feel like an assembly line - as you watch hordes of year-old girls troop past you while you wait for hours - but I feel like it encourages the artists to work too quickly.

I was rushed out as soon as my piercings were finished. Making an appointment would actually save you time, because you wouldn't have to wait, you could just show up on time for your appointment. But just try to make an appointment for a piercing! He did both of my piercings, over a six month period in Nate is very friendly a welcome change from the pompous brats behind the counterbut after going to three other shops and seeing how they did things, I decided that I didn't want to go to a piercer anymore that pierces freehand. That's right, they're crooked.

Nate did two piercings on my lower lip, and you can barely tell, but the one on the right is at more of an angle than the one on the left. Also, to any reviewers excited about how clean this place is because they have an autoclave, wear gloves and open packages in front of you: this is standard practice!

Any reputable piercer will do those things, and thoroughly explain aftercare and any questions you may have.

St sabrinas tattoo

If you ever encounter a piercer who doesn't wear gloves, prove to you that his tools are sterile, or doesn't have an autoclave, RUN. My favorite shop. All three of my tattoos have been done by different artists at the shop and have had a great experience every time. The front desk staff is friendly and helpful. The artists are knowledgeable, skilled and do great work.

I get many compliments on my tattoos and am so happy with them. Nate, the only piercer I've seen at Saint Sabrina's, has done amazing work as well, and was happy to help when I came back in with questions. Saint Sabrina's is the best shop I've been to, and I will continue to come to them for work and jewelry.

Top Notch — These guy's are top notch. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff, always up on the latest jewelry, and have a clean and relaxing atmosphere. I have gotten a few piercings and have watched friends get tattoos done, I am always pleased when I leave. Plus they have tasty suckers to munch on while you wait :. Best Experience! Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I went and got my second piercing here third piercing overall and I was torn between two kinds of piercings. I talked to the piercing person and they really helped me decide which one was right for me and alternative ones that I could possibly get.

Jamie is ridiculously awesome so if you can get a piercing by him, do it! I was going to get a rook piercing and Jamie mentioned a Tash rook piercing and I went for the Tash rook, and I love it. I think I like it more than I would've liked a normal rook. Like I said, this is my third piercing overall and the two I got at St.

Sabrina's did not hurt as bad as the one I got at a different place, which is not in the Twin Cities. I cannot wait to go back and get another piercing! St sabrinas tattoo only downside was finding parking, but that has nothing to with the parlor itself. It was clean and never once did feel like I was in dirty place or that the people didn't St sabrinas tattoo what they were doing. Best experience ever! Don't bother — don't bother going here to get original art.

Like another reviewer I went to Saint Sabrina's to see about getting Bleach to work on an idea I had. My wife has terminal cancer and I wanted to get a memorial tattoo. The staff there was not the least bit helpful with de ideas. Not being a graphic artist myself I was not able to walk in the door with a finished de. One of the other artists agreed to reproduce one of my research photos but had no interest in helping me realize my idea.

Bleach was not at all interested in working with me.

St sabrinas tattoo

Everyone was very St sabrinas tattoo, and the place seemed busy and clean. But I would prefer to consult with an artist rather than a go-between. And I did assume I could get some de assistance which turned out to be a mistake. I am very sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your experience when you came to see us. It certainly sounds like we didn't put our best foot forward when it came to trying to help you. You have my most sincere apology. If you would be willing to contact me directly at derek [at] saintsabrinas dot com or at Thank you, Derek Saint Sabirna's.

Best Piercing and Tattooing — I love St. I've gotten 6 tattoos and several piercings at St. Sabrina's and it is always a great experience! All of the staff II have encountered have been friendly and knowledgeable. I always feel comfortable there, whether I'm just shopping for jewelery, getting a quote or getting work done. The environment is bright and clean. Everything I've had done has turned out great! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend St. Sabrina's to a friend and I will be returning myself for a new tattoo in a couple weeks. Thank yo so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review!

Best in the Twin Cities — I was planning to get a piercing done for a long time, and finally got the guts to get my navel pierced. My friend recommended Saint Sabrina's. After scheduling and re-scheduling 3 times which they were soooo awesome about!!

The staff was very friendly and informative. They helped me pick the perfect jewlery for my body and sense of style. They have a great collection and hundreds of types to choose from. They were also very knowledgeable about maintenance and care during the healing process as well.

The rooms were private and very clean. The St sabrinas tattoo that did my piercing, Nate, was very professional and laid back - helping me calm my nerves. The process was very quick and easy. No doubt I'll be coming back soon and recommending Saint Sabrina's to all my friends too!! Definitely my first and only pick! I wasn't in the market for a tattoo at that time but I wanted to check it out for the next tattto I got.

All of the people there were so friendly and welcoming. They were emaculately clean- everything was sterile and opened in front of you so you have no doubts about cleanliness. Cleanliness is next to godliness — Came in two separate times, once for each side of my nose.

They're both amazing and made everything virtually painless. The shop is immaculate and sanitized. Will def be coming back again! There is none better Sabrina's several times for piercings and have only had positive experiences. My first was my tongue piercing years ago and although I am unable to remember the piercer, I do know the experience was quick, clean and painless. Based upon that epxerience, I decided to use St. Sabrina's again for nipple piercings and then a triple naval a month ago.

Not to name drop too much, but Nate is a fantastic piercer and he deserves his name dropped. Nate is professional and amiable, making the piercing experience everything it should be.

St sabrinas tattoo St sabrinas tattoo

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