Stephanie mcmahon muscle

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With her famous hubby Triple H, the two have welcomed three beautiful baby girls to their family all the while putting in typical 12 hour work days that she seems to shrug off as business as usual. The alarm goes off at 6am. Stephanie began working with Palumbo after sitting in on several nutritional meetings between he and her husband. Literally the day I came home from the hospital after having my second daughter I started on his nutrition program. I gained 80lb with my first pregnancy and that was such a struggle to get the weight off.

I gained another 60 pounds during the next pregnancy.

Stephanie mcmahon muscle

I knew I had to work my butt off to get back in shape. I scramble to eat between meetings, but if I have to I will eat during a meeting. Nutrition is so important to me and its part of my lifestyle. Wondering what kinds of foods she eats? The work day finally wraps up around pm, but business has just begun.

Stephanie mcmahon muscle

DeFranco is recognized as one of the foremost experts in the field of human performance. He trains dozens of professional athletes during their off seasons as well as numerous college football players prior to their NFL Combine and Stephanie mcmahon muscle workouts. I started working out when I was 12 years old learning from my dad and brother. But I was just doing too much and found myself overtraining. He comes out to the house and puts me through a fast paced functional workout.

He likes to have me train in positions with different kinds of weight lo that keep me off balance, forcing me to really use my core. Old wrestling injuries, childhood dance, and being a mother of three created some negative adaptations in her body, which resulted in shoulder, hip, knee and ankle problems. Because of this, my top priority was to get her body functioning and feeling better.

To accomplish this, I started training her like an athlete. The goal was to get her body working as a wholeas opposed to separate parts. The program I deed for Steph, coupled with her consistent hard work and attention to detail, have been a recipe for success. She can now train without limitations, while also being stronger and leaner! This methodology is obviously working as Stephanie is in the best shape of her life.

Stephanie mcmahon muscle

I wanted to set up a training session for myself with DeFranco to feel some of what she has experienced. And the best part is that I keep getting stronger. I love it! How could she find the time to get it all in? And believe it or not her strength coach Joe DeFranco is even more surprised with the intensity Steph is able to bring for each workout.

Yet, being around a person like Stephanie has actually served as motivation for me. I asked Stephanie if she had any tips or words of advice to those women who find it next to impossible to squeeze it all in or be disciplined enough to follow through on a diet and training program.

Put it in your schedule.

Stephanie mcmahon muscle

Make it a priority. Go outside; run around with your. Take a walk. You can even download workouts and diets off the internet. Working out is a great escape from the stress of work and life. Matt Meinrod is a feature writer and columnist for RxMuscle. You can follow him on Twitter MattMeinrod and read his archives online at www. From Joe DeFranco. An average training week for Steph consists of 1 Lower Body strength session1 Upper Body strength session and 1 Full Body strength circuit.

She also Stephanie mcmahon muscle hours of low-intensity cardio spread out throughout the week. I de Steph's programs in 3-week mini cycles, so her workouts are constantly changing. I don't allow her to get bored and she's constantly challenged to break records and "one-up" herself during the 3rd week of each cycle.

This type of system works great for Steph because she's super-competitive and extremely driven. Presenting her with different challenges each week gives purpose to her training. Steph does NOT like to lose Here's one of Steph's recent training weeks NOTE: Every workout is preceded by a comprehensive warm-up that incorporates specific SMR self myofascial release techniques and muscle activation exercises.

Wednesday - Lower Body Strength. Quarter-turn Box Jumps: 4 x 3 each side 24" box. Kettlebell Swings: 3 x Seated Calf Raises : 3 sets, total reps. Heel Walking: 3 x total steps.

Stephanie mcmahon muscle

Thursday - Upper Body Strength. Band Pull-aparts underhand grip : 4 x Single Arm Kettlebell Rows: 3 x 12 each arm. Battle Rope - Backward Circles: 3 x Zottman Curls: 3 x Band Face Pulls : 3 x Sunday - Full Body Circuit. Med Ball Slams x 5. Trap Bar Deadlift x 6. Bench Push-ups x 7. Bodyweight Inverted Rows x 8. REST sec.

Stephanie mcmahon muscle

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