Tera change channel

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Teradek RT wireless FIZ systems combine premium lens control technology with smart de for unparalleled accuracy and dependability on set. Teradek RT motor driver receivers MDR are extraordinarily easy to mount, require little power, and support up to 3-channels for focus, iris, and zoom control. X is an ultra-lightweight, 3-channel receiver for any industry standard camera. The MDR. The LCD screen offers intuitive menus for easily accessing RED camera parameters while motor ports offer complete focus, iris and zoom controls.

ACI remote for wireless camera control. Featuring ft. Combine with a Teradek RT controller Tera change channel an all-in-one camera and lens control solution. Motors are compact, lightweight and operate nearly silently even at the highest speeds. The MOTR. X is the fastest lens control motor in the industry.

Motors are totally silent while the high speed and torque create a feeling of instant responsiveness. X units to be daisy-chained from one unit to the next to reduce cable clutter on your camera. The MK 3. Built to control most cine-style lenses, including PL mount, the MK 3. Autofocus can be easily calibrated with specific lens profiles and enabled by programming any single User Button on CTRL. Teradek RT controllers move your lens with perfect accuracy and offer up to 6 mappable axes and an adjustable fluid feel control knob.

Controllers transmit commands using FHSS over 2. Get critical follow focus information directly on your monitor including lens focal distance, focal length, iris, zoom and more. Additionally, you can control the focus, iris, and zoom of EF and AF lenses using their internal motors. Toggle. Production Streaming. Wireless Lens Control. Color Grading. Production Networking.

Tera change channel

Wireless Broadcast. Wireless Monitoring. Camera Control. Professional Broadcast Encoders and Decoders. Web Streaming. Wireless Color Grading. Orbit PTZ. Accessories s, Cables, Battery Plates, etc. StreamReader Plugin. Watch Overview Video.

Shop Teradek RT. Watch MDR. X Video. Learn about our Upgrade Program. MB receivers are compatible with every camera manufacturer. Watch MOTR. Buy Now. Activate autofocus, and TOF. Watch TOF. Hit your mark. Every single time.

Tera change channel

Precise Control Teradek RT controllers move your lens with perfect accuracy and offer up to 6 mappable axes and an adjustable fluid feel control knob. Watch CTRL. Teradek RT App. Manage your entire Teradek RT system controller, receiver and motors all from the convenience of your smartphone. Create lens maps, change FIZ roles, and even remotely control motors via Bluetooth connection. Anything you can do from the controller can be done via the app.

Tera change channel Tera change channel

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