Vampire diaries sexiest scenes damon and elena

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In fact, we found so many we had to cut our list way down. Here are some highlights according to us. One of our favorite twists of Season 3 is that Stefan and Klaus were once close enough to be brothers. And we get to see the hotness back in the 20s when they were dressed up in tuxes and putting their arms around each other taking pictures together.

Vampire diaries sexiest scenes damon and elena

This is one utterly sexy bromance. When Ric and Damon had that falling out after Damon killed him, it was very hard on us. We love that it takes the ghost of Mason Lockwood to bring these two back together. Ian Somerhalder and Matt Davis look so damn cute in this make-up scene, it had to make our list. In this episode, we love their dynamic.

We hope he smiles a lot more in the second half of the season. Mayor Lockwood brought him into town but Sheriff Forbes was determined to drive him out. Unfortunately, he did some serious damage to his daughter before he was discovered. Tyler had been so worried about Caroline after she snuck out of his bedroom after they were together for the first time. So hot.

Vampire diaries sexiest scenes damon and elena

One of the surprises of Season 3 is how beautifully badass Ripper Stefan turned out to be. He was sexy, sarcastic, and completely mesmerizing. But it was after Klaus gave him his freedom that Stefan may have reached a whole new level of hotness. The Hybrid thought he had everything handled.

Vampire diaries sexiest scenes damon and elena

Then Stefan called him and let him know that his one step ahead days were over — he has his family. There are several Damon and Elena moments on this list. Our temperatures shot through the roof. All right, we admit it. We love it when Damon tries to get tough with Elena.

She and Alaric are trying to track down Stefan which le them to the mountains of Tennessee and a pack of werewolves. Yeah, not very smart, right? He totally backs down. Even though Damon thought he had good reasons to take a break from Mystic Falls, he cares too much about Elena to stay away for long. And she was in some real trouble while he was away. This is another instance of one of the guys carrying the girl away to safety. Actually, he needs her blood to help turn werewolves into hybrids.

So he has her in some hospital siphoning the blood out of her system. After Damon scares Klaus off with threats of Mikael, he finds Elena in the hospital, picks her up and carries her out of the hospital. And Elena knew he would. Not only does he feel something when he catches Elena but you can see Elena feeling it too.

Who knows what it is that makes Stefan react that way, but we loved it. This kiss was sheer hotness. Yes, she already kissed him but she thought he was dying. But even hotter than imaging how that kiss will be is when Damon pushes Katherine away. When Caroline sees Tyler with Slutty Sophie, she can no longer hold her jealousy in check and compels her to leave. So sexy. We have to give serious thanks to both Candice Accola and Michael Trevino for making us care so much about this relationship.

Our hearts may have actually ached for them. When Stefan does speak, we really thought he was about to give Elena up to Klaus. And that makes this one of our favorite scenes of season 3. In a fury, he throws his glass at the fireplace.

We always survive. Trust me. You know that. Damon was at his most vulnerable and it was up to Elena to be his strength. And then that damn Katherine calls interrupting what should have been a kiss. Regardless, it tops our list as the sexiest moment of this first part of Season 3. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. He talks about his season three experience.

In Season 2, we explore the journeys of the women in the program, either through their own service or through their family affiliations. Four of those…. I will freely admit I got a little misty in episode eight as John told Sara why he loved her, and later that he wanted her despite what he might forfeit, and then at the end when he…. Hands down, one of the best surprises of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness is that the serial killer this season has been front and center alongside the cast as a fully-formed character.

Last season, she was assertive and deadly and fairly annoyed with the world. And like I promised you, everything would Vampire diaries sexiest scenes damon and elena, was, and is alright. I went to the Killjoys source, series creator Michelle Lovretta, who wrote the last episode, to break down that delicious finale…. Who can you trust? If this episode of The Catch was any indication, the answer is just about nobody. Both Quincannon and Jesse refuse to give up on what they each think is rightfully theirs.

While Jesse is struggling to face the consequences of his actions, Quincannon has laid his past demons to rest and is hellbent on moving forward and putting Annville on the map again. Despite a…. Oh, Supergirl. That ending was cold. When Vampire diaries sexiest scenes damon and elena episode moves at this unforgiving pace, there is no chance for a breather nor is there a respite from the information….

Shoot outs. Fake outs. And long-awaited revelations. I have to admit though, just for a second, the lyrics popped into my…. Well, they kiss three times but the last one is the best one — and it means something. The Charles and Rosa dynamic was also great. Username or Address. Remember Me. Got it! TV GoodnessDecember 8, What do you think are the sexiest moments from The Vampire Diaries Season 3? TV Goodness. Related posts. Kara HowlandAugust 5, Tina CharlesJanuary 4, Follow Us. Recaps What They Said.

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Vampire diaries sexiest scenes damon and elena

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'The Vampire Diaries' season 5 scoop: Sexy Damon and Elena scenes