Volleyball girls in short shorts

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Do they really allow for that much more flexibility? I've always wondered this but I don't care because their shorts are usually hot, but I saw this post in another subreddit:. Guys playing competitive volleyball, all of them have on longer basketball style shorts.

So why do volleyball girls wear such tiny shorts? I don't see women in the WNBA wearing tiny shorts. It's a conscious decision to make the sport more marketable. More viewers is more money. Not necessarily, but you see guys wearing tight clothing in other sports like swimming or even skiing races.

Better leg movement. Fair point but then why don't men's volleyball teams wear similar garments?

Volleyball girls in short shorts

Surely if they did they would have better leg movement. It makes sense to me that cheerleader outfits may have originated from volleyball uniforms or vice versa. The girls who do cheer but are a little more tom-boy would probably also do volleyball. And the uniform would just then need a small skirt or maybe a crop top but the shorts could be the same.

My friends growing up who did cheer wore volleyball shorts under their skirts so that seems to make sense. Yeah I just don't get it. Like even in other high movement sports, like tennis for instance, most women wear skirts with something underneath or they wear a longer form of shorts. I know there's the whole phenomenon of "Beach volleyball" in which participants play in bathing suits because they're at a beach, which is usually more casual It just seems odd to me.

And again, as a heterosexual male I am not complaining, I love the volleyball girl outfits, but they just seem so extremely sexual to me I don't understand why they are so widely accepted. Found the internet!

Why do Girls Volleyball teams wear tiny shorts? Posted by 2 years ago.

Volleyball girls in short shorts

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Volleyball girls in short shorts

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Volleyball girls in short shorts

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