Xcom viper fanfic

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I guess I have an actual story on my hands now. The Viper opened her jaws, letting loose a loud hiss as she dodged a crackling black blade. Missing the stab, the Stun Lancer retracted to attempt an overhead swing, but Natasatch easily avoided the telegraphed move and wrapped her amber coils around her opponent.

She forced him to his knees, a smug look plastered on her verpine face. She blinked, the battlefield coming to a pause. With her enhanced senses, she could effortlessly track individual movements Xcom viper fanfic the chaos of the surroundings, so the alien had watched the human seemingly decide that the flora more greatly deserved his bullets than the target in her coils.

The German-accented voice of the team sniper crackled over the radio. Releasing the headless corpse and reflexively giving it a brief hiss, the Viper hurried over to the tall outcropping of rocks that Malcolm also occupied. They both paused to reload their rifles, then Natasatch gave the human a look of concern.

They both looked up, at the overcast grey sky, then back at each other, as Natasatch shot him an incredulous look. Malcolm, already fatigued from the fighting, grew flustered as well. Natasatch turned her attention back to the firefight, peeking her head out and examining the situation. She took a longer moment to line up a shot Xcom viper fanfic the trooper, drilling him between the shoulders as he made a break to safety, releasing an annoyed hiss as she saw her enemy fall.

Malcolm gave a short grunt, and Natasatch tuned him out, focusing more on the enemy ahead than her inexperienced companion at her side. One fact about her nature she could never deny was that Vipers were bred for war. From the tip of her powerful tail muscles to her long, prehensile tongue, Natasatch was an expertly-deed shock soldier, sending enemies scrambling for cover or coughing their lungs up as poison filled their systems.

Xcom viper fanfic

Rather than focus on her origins, XCOM sought to utilize her talents, sending Natasatch into the field only a week and a half after her induction. Of course, being such an easy operation, something had to go wrong. As hers was removed, it stopped the ADVENT soldiers only as long as it needed to lead this faster enemy slightly more. Still, Natasatch learned why the Commander was almost revered by his subordinates, as their flexible tactics allowed the XCOM operatives to scamper unhurt to cover and begin to turn the tables.

With the relay demolished with time to spare, the squad set about to check for any loot and aid or reassure any civilians caught up in the scuffle. Inexperienced in both activities, she sought out her nominal superior, finding Malcolm treating an XCOM operative sitting against a wall. Despite the military rank, the young man seemed no different on duty than off it. He still wore his gray sweater, scarf, and goggles he improperly kept on his forehead, spoke in the same excitable voice, and apart from scanning his surroundings more often, he conducted himself in the same upbeat demeanor, even with bullets flying.

Perhaps that was why he fared better as supporting soldier than a frontline combatant, like her. Seeing Natasatch out of the corner of her eye, the wounded operative instinctively grabbed at her hip and leveled her service pistol at the alien, though she caught herself as the Viper flinched.

She narrowed her eyes, but no harm, no dead birds, like how Malcolm explained. Speaking of her human, he finished the splint on the ankle of his injured compatriot, hefting the woman onto her feet in a support carry. He nodded to Natasatch, who shrugged she really enjoyed that expression in response, and Xcom viper fanfic three of them started on their way back to the Skyranger.

She preferred to err on the side of caution, at least with unknown humans. The young soldier scrunched his olive-skinned face, indignation evident, as the two other humans shared a guffaw between them. The Viper pulled back the corners of her mouth, and she bowed her head wickedly. Her eyes narrowed, and Xcom viper fanfic knew she would not be merciful. The humans heard a series of rapid, shallow exhales as she turned back to the Skyranger ahead, realizing a few moments in this was her alien equivalent of laughing.

Chapter 1 2. This vignette is based on a true story. None of the names were changed to protect the incompetent. Thanks to mediocre-scrubdraws for letting me use their art. That went way better than expected. Turns out both people like reading those little stories, and I also like writing them.

Xcom viper fanfic

A knock on the door broke her concentration. Natasatch pulled her red eyes away from the tablet, looking at the entrance. In a quick motion, she laid the device on her cot, and slithered to the center of the room, a Gremlin drone following each movement. Straightening out the hoodie an engineer told her to wear, she made sure to stand as straight and non-threatening as she could manage before she answered.

The heavy bulkhead beeped, then slid open, and the Viper was greeted with the sight of a familiar human crossing the threshold. Malcolm gave a smile when their eyes met, as he pulled a loaded trolley covered in mismatched boxes and supplies, and Natasatch let herself relax.

Amusingly, he needed to duck to avoid the Gremlin as it accidentally swooped too close to his head. Shooting the drone a frown, he turned his head back to his alien friend. Xcom viper fanfic okay? Keep reading.

Xcom viper fanfic

Get a location, send a few infiltrators ahead to confirm, and then attack when humans were most vulnerable, which was usually extremely early in the morning. Now, as an XCOM soldier, the Viper discovered firsthand why the timing of those attacks were so crucial. When Malcolm awoke her at AM, her verpine physiology meant Natasatch was alert and ready in mere minutes. However, the humans took longer to adapt.

Malcolm almost tripped over the clutter of her room as they departed, and Xcom viper fanfic counted dozens of yawns exchanged between the bleary humans as they shuffled into their gear. They were nodding off on the armory benches, and as they sat down in the Skyranger, and only awakened as the red al lights warned of the imminent engagement.

Lieutenant Mercier, the squad leader, raised her voice. She crossed her arms. Think of it in the same way. The new soldier gave a grunt, deciding his shotgun needed some additional inspection. Malcolm, her human friend, poked her from the side with an elbow. A red glow quickly filled the space, followed by the smell of smoke and distant screams. Unfastening their harnesses, they filed down the rope and into the chaotic night. Sure, it may be a week after I predicted it would be released, and the longest Xcom viper fanfic about words, but I think it all came together quite nicely.

Please, take your time. Proceeding down the row of curtained hospital beds, the Viper came upon Malcolm locked in a heated discussion with an orderly. To her relief, he only sported a few stitches, yet he appeared anything but happy. He explained to her how it was a minor injury, and that he had the proper medical training make that judgement, and that mandatory bedrest was stupid and the reason the last mission deployed soldiers out of their area of expertise.

Grumbling, Malcolm turned to Natasatch, who waited patiently through the whole tirade. His agitation softened as their eyes met. She inhaled, and spoke. She tilted her head, puzzled. The rest of the conversation hit familiar, but comforting points. She pointed out the frequency of his yawns, the early deployment and combat fatigue finally catching up to the young human. Malcolm yawned again. Some time later, Malcom stirred awake. Turning his head, his eyelids opened just a hair, enough to see that a familiar alien face in the same spot.

Malcolm pivoted his head, looking at the electronic clock on the wall. Time for Chapter 5! Guess I have an actual story now. As always, hope you enjoy. He quickly continued up from her forearm to her shoulder, stepping away and extracting his hands. Give it another few days. She shrugged, the sling that carried her healing arm slightly impeding the motion.

Natasatch looked away from Malcolm, observing the somewhat-familiar lab in the bow of the Avenger. This was her third time in the room; the first being her initial biochip removal, the second a week ago for Tygan to help heal the Viper after a rough spot of combat. Got a spark of inspiration from this friendly Viper lady I got thanks to a mod, and before I knew it, I had a thousand words written. I need to post it before I talk myself out of it, no matter how bad an idea it is.

The sudden cacophony of noise and bright light disoriented Natasatch. Shying her eyes and emitting a brief hiss, she dove for cover, making an earnest effort to hide her considerable frame behind her human companion. They huddled around a decorated table, looking at her with faces varying from Xcom viper fanfic to scorn.

Just decided to compile whatever visual representations of my fanfic characters I had together.

Xcom viper fanfic

Both Natasatch and Malcolm Silva exist in-game, and often go on missions side by side. Mal ended up becoming a support, and along with his low aim stat, I developed him into a very useful support and healer. The first artwork is a scene from my original vignette, with a cake and a very confused viper. The second Xcom viper fanfic is shortly before or after, with Malcolm striking a conversation up with Natasatch.

Now that I have a chapter seven and chapter eightI ought to make a better masterpost. And a wonderful guest chapter by sora After an even worse hiatus, the longest arc concludes with chapter eleven and twelve. Thirteen followed afterward. A growing collection of odds and ends ed the cot and storage furniture, the spread of thick floor blankets and soft pillows giving the occupants somewhere to relax. An almost festive arrangements of lights kept the dark and grungy atmosphere at bay and warmed the cool metal walls, just the way the main occupant liked it.

Xcom viper fanfic

No amount of Gremlin surveillance or mandatory chaperones could quell her enjoyment of her impromptu den, and she almost worried that XCOM was spoiling her. Sprawled out among the cushions, she d reading the human history book in her hands, though Natasatch hoped for something more engaging than how dead humans killed each other because they were born in different countries.

Alpha Team Firefight The Viper opened her jaws, letting loose a loud hiss as she dodged a crackling black blade. He audibly sighed over the comms. See this in the app Show more.

Xcom viper fanfic

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